Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Have You Ever?

Hello my lovely readers...
ok so yes...i blogged twice in a week =o! yes im starting to blog more =D so yey but i got no time for vlogs cos my windows movie maker is being rlly slow and wont let me edit =/ but this blog isnt about the game "have u ever..." its actaully a response to amy's blog "A Ramble...?"
basically ive been reflecting alot on d things i wanna change and i was reading amy's blog and some of the qs rlly struck me...

  1. ever felt that you wanted to be normal? and not reach some high standards that everyone expects you to?
  2. ever wanted to be just you, no questions asked?
  3. ever felt that time was flying by too fast...that days were going by without you knowing what was said?
ok so basically ive been rlly thinking bout these things how like time is rlly passing quickly! how like i cant even remember the Y4J live-in and it was only 2mnths ago and it rlly seems far away but wen i look at it in school time it feels like nothing...i mean i still feel like i just started school and that we r stil in d beginning chapters of the sylabii but in actual fact the 1st term is almost over and christmas is literally round the corner!!! i think i need to take things slower ppl...cos im being too fast..i need to calm down and reflect on my days rather then counting down the end of agrees :P XD?
ok also...qs 1 rllllly struck me cos like i realised that some ppl expect us to be like these rlly holy ppl and if not all holy atleast like hv these rlly high standards and stuff..and ok its d right thing to gonna start confusing u here...but tbh i dont think we can just be wat ppl want us to has to come from us....let me give an example...
peppina is a christian with a drinking problem...u cant just tell peppina stop drinking cos thats not wat jesus thought us..ok u can tell her but i doubt shell listen...u hv to help her cut down and to do it in prayer and if peppina's prayer life isnt rlly grand its gonna be harder for her to stop cos she's not rlly relying on God is she?
whilst giving another example....
if roberto prays constantly and is at a constant with God than its less likely for him to end up with a drinking problem like peppina did
speaking for myself...i believe my standards reflect my relationship with God...i tend not to show my standards but yet conscience that im keeping dont judge a person u cant judge by cover xP
so yes i believe...that wat we do is all a reflection of our prayer i might sound like hypocrite but yes i no i am...we all are....no1 keeps to everything they say...u r a hypocrite as much as i am(i might be more of one thou) xD im sry..if u dont like it-dont read anymore :P
so going on to amy's 2nd qs...i believe that u should always be yourself...and dont be wat others try tell u is urself and if you dont like that...then start listening to wat ppl say is right...and pray...prayer=relationship with God=defines your christian character =)
Thats me for the day!

Signing out with everlasting cuddles and blessings! xxx

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Extreme Make Over 2

Ello loved ones!
ok so lets get down to it shall we =P till now d decision is that im most probably not going abroad this summer cos d prices of d dance trip went up so ive decided that God just rlly doesnt want me to do it this yr for ye that im buying a gud fon ^^ which makes me a happy panda and ill be actually getting christmas prezzies this yr and not jsut money to save up..cos like for d last yr ive saved everything to go up to ss or like this yr im taking a yr off and jsut staying in sunny malta and saving up some money but livign life with d rest and not jsut saving everythin..decided i need a break =)
Other news...ive decided this is new yr is gonna be a yr of change..halli my changes started yset but still....2009 is gonna be my random yr were if i wanna do something im jsut gonna up and do it...being a silly teen ftw ^^ meanign gud crazy hairstyles and piercings and like things God asks me to do lfet right n centre...this yr kai is gonna be a fool..any1 wants to join :P?
this leads ur to our lovely hair...i changed my hair yest...ill put a pic up at the end..tis very sexy and grand =D it was kinda random...ive wanted to do it for a long time but never got down to do it and one day i jsut sed "wat d single...i dont care about my appearance atm..lets go for it" and wat do u no? it turned out quite gorgeous ^^ so yey =D
also...i went bk to st.mikes...was rlly fun and hilarious..i had a marriage concelling session with karl and ms.C...and wat struck me is my teachers told me ive become quiet =S it seems ive become more concervative and im not sure i liked wat i haerd =/ so ye im debating and wracking my brain on that statement a bit now =)
other than that i think things r fine...all my other appliances are healthy-ish xD and my grades r fine...execpt pure maths..but thats cos my teacher is a joke and im soon starting pl so ill be fine =) but i think thats it!

yes that is blue ur seeing in my hair :P

Signing off with blue cuddles and blessings! xxx

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Falling on dark times...

Ello loved ones...
well its me again..not so famous today tbh...yest was a gr8 day but turned out to be utterly horrible
Thing is (ok im gonna just vent out and put myself out there) i hv work right? its from 6-10 on fridays to sundays...and i dont mind it like..but d problem is after that i wanna go out..u no a whole week of work and no fun isnt gud for u so i wanna just relax a i end up out at 10.30/11 and i hv tp be home by 12 which is kinda stressful cos it means i just get an hr...and my mum gets all pissy cos she has to come for me late and shit so that doesnt help...but of course d tip of d ice burg yest. was that my buttons on my fon broke...and as some of u saving up..i need 1000euros by d time july comes along cos i wanna go to a dance school abroad for a bit and im already tight in getting d money as it like having to buy a new mobile is gonna make it worse..but atleast...tnx to paula..she is letting me borrow her old one till christmas so atleast ill get a mobile for christmas...but its still pissing off u no wat i mean?
also some other things happened but i dont wanna rlly talk bout that...and im also missing d fact that im not at d live-in of d youths this weekend =/...i missing u guys alot ok? dont forget bout me!!! i still love u all very much and ur still family to me...its jsut like i went abroad now or something
anyhu...welll i think thats my blabbing done...hope u ppl r all ok!!

Signing out with loving but emo blessings and cuddles xxx

Sunday, October 19, 2008

10 Things I Hate About You

Ello ello ello
welll nothing going on rlly in my life atm....lots of time to think though. Loving JC its like im on a learning holiday xD d only think i hate r d stairs cos i hv to stay going from d basement to d 4th floor and by d second floor i get tired xD my fav. classes are language of philosophy simply cos he lets me take my coffee during d lesson <3 color="#ff0000">logic of philosophy cos its so much fun to work d stuff out xD but anyhu...d purpose of d blog today is cos ive been reflecting on little things ive found out bout myself over d yrs...i came up with 40 constant things that are part of me and how i react to things or wat i like or dont...bla bla bla but im only gonna write 10 cos it reminded me of d film "10 thing i hate bout u" which ive loved since it came out (in 1999) and it was my first to many heath ledger films that i grew to love xD but anyhu...some might no all these points and to others it might be lets get to no kai XD and if u like them i might add some more later xD... *drum role*

  1. I love dancing ---if u dont no that boy u rlly dont no me xD
  2. I constantly change my mind
  3. I trust a lot of ppl with small secrets yet only 1 or 2 with big secrets (if 1 or 2)
  4. I dislike show offs and ppl hu over exacerate/ dramatise things
  5. When I write I always try to put a bit of truth from my life into the story
  6. I'm scared of the dark, bees & cats, yet i love kitten but i wont bring any of them close to my face
  7. I don't really wear make-up, its more like if i feel like ill wear
  8. I hate it when ppl mess up my hair when its up...when its down i dont mind but if its pulled back it honestly frustrates me
  9. I'm alergic to tuna and skimmed milk xD
  10. I constantly look at them time --cant stay without knowing d time

So there u hv it 10 random things bout me xD hate them or love them-there is more were that came from, but anyhu i leave u now with my motto ;

"never regret anything cos everything happens for a reason =)"

Signing out with 10 cuddles and 10 blessings xxx

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Fresh Term

Hello children! as Dez would put it =P hehe *shout out to Dez all d way in spain* hehe

ok so....i hv a reason for not writing in my blog and d reason is i dont like my blog its being mean to me =( some how my settings changed and i cant fix it!...all my link are at d bottom and d only thing that shows ontop r my vlogs and my posts...i just want my side links bk on my side but my blog wont let me :'( help me fix it!!! PLS!

tears aside....I PASSED MALTESE! im very happy bout that and because i passed maltese im off to JC hands-down no-qs-asked xD i dunno if id say im rlly excited bout it cos i dont rlly think i am =/ i hv a phobia of new ppl XD unless ive heard all bout a new person im most likely to be extremely quite around them and i dont like being quiet especially at d type of student in ur class hu asks all d stupid qs and makes every1 go "oh come on!" XD yes thats me *glee* also not excited cos i hv to start busing it to school =( which is not fun at all....especially since d bus schedule be on time for a lecture at 9 i hv to catch d bus at 8 =/ d times are ridiculous so yes...any offers :P XD?!!? i no most my blog viewers hv cars now so ha! *guilt trip flying ur way* =p especially u UNI ppl :P XD another reason i dont wanna start school is d obvious..i dont wanna work or study bla bla bla but to be totally honest im just a tad--ok maybe a bit more than a tad- bit scared of d lifestyle at JC..its not gonna be easy and its gonna kinda suck but hopefully ill get stronger through it =D (with d aid of my friends prayers for me o=)) teehee

anyhu...ive also decided that i MUST do a yr studying abroad...prefarably anywere on d british isle xD so if any1 has heard of anything pls tell me =D

on to sicker sick yet again...horrible cold =(...and its pissing me off cos im never fully not sick and its bloody annoying! this summer has been hilarious concerning my d matter of 3 mnths my health insurance has bounced and they refuse to pay anything that concerns my sicknesses xD cos im always sick and making them lose lots of moneys xD which i find hilarious but insomma...other than sicknesses i must say this happened to be an awesome summer...last summer rocked too and i havent decided which one is better tbh cos i had an o-level summer last yr too (well u can put it that way) cos i spent from june-august always hanging out with d ppl hu had finished their o's so like i got a taste of their full time summer and it was awesome =D but anyhu..i keep rambling...i shouldnt xD
so..ill be off now =) gonna put in some fotos of dr.john's bday...OH! btw i started writing a song..and for d first time EVER im making my own tune to it-not getting some instrument-playing person to make d tune..infact im making d tune off of my bass =D im actually getting a bit better at bass which is gud =) considering im teaching myself xD but off!

signing out with end of summer cuddles and blessings! xxx

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1yr anniversary

hey guys! well..i missed my 1 yr anniversary with my blog by 3days XD *woopsy* just wantewd to make a quick studying like mad atm cos tom i hv my malt. resit...PRAYERS R GREATLY APPRECIATED!! and i still dont belong to a school yet xD...JC r waiting for me to pass maltese and im on d waiting list for DLS...they hv to fon on thurs..if not..its JC..or well..naxxar if i dont get my maltese...which i think ill get..i got my revision of paper today...they rlly praised my writing but they didnt change my mark :/ cos they r silly XD..apparently my literature was d problem...hence ive been studying loads...err...Y4J live-in coming up in beg. a new email addy...its taken from Job 5:7 if u were wondering *Achie<3* im making an ss video but its taking abit long..still hv to put up my pics XD *facebook<3* oh and btw i was thinking...cos like i decided to read d bible from Genesis to Revelation and like im getting abda qs cos im not understand certain things...wat dop u think if i post my qs here and u ans them for me not getting many comments so i dont actually no hu is reading my blog..hence im asking d little viewers that i hv be4 actually doing it so....comment and tell me watch think :)..btw tnx sara for d notes..ur an angel :) GBU!

Signing out with 1yr cuddles and blessings! xxx

Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Streaks...

hello my people!

ok well..i havent blogged in a while but like ive hardly been on d comp as it is...u might think im lying but like even wen im online im hardly ever actually at d comp XD but anyhu....i just wanted to blog about d amazing weekend i had last week =) i was told to blog it not vlog it due to d fact that i havent blogged in a long time hehe..
so here it goes
well it actually started fromt Thurs...due to d fact that i dont hv school/work/anything weekend like...never ends..except on monday and thurs morning xD--its d only time im actually doing something that i dont wanna do but last thurs d community ppl came bk from d famous outreach xD yes i didnt go but im ok with it cos i learnt alot while staying here hehe but anyway..i decided to go to community that night cos i wanted to hear bout all d experiences and stuff =) and it was kick ass and after we went to mc d's (as per usual) were i got to indulge in a doughnut *yum* ^^ and it was tres fun cos i hadnt been to mc d's in quite a while...
On Friday...i decided to go with d community ppl to watch...*drum-role* Wall-E ....d most adorablestestest film in d world!!! go watch it! SO CUTE!..i had seen part of it on d comp but it brings out more cuteness at d cinema xD and and..then we all went to d Mustard Seed...cos im cool like that o=) and after i went with Rache and Achie and Debz to Rache's house..were Bob joined us and we went out again to meet d community ppl once again xD due to our boringness of staying home...well we go home at around 3.30 after that xD and ell...we went to sleep at around...5 xD weeeeeeeeeee
Saturday morning..i was woken up by a very inconsiderate Achie who jumped on me while Rache put her alarm near my ear so i'd hear that blessed noise and wake up xD but anyhu....i stayed a bit on d comp then while Debz went out with her family and Achie and Rache stayed making sandwiches and at 12 some friends came over so we'd watch d EXTENDED version of Lords of The Rings..the 3rd one xD which was hilarious and we ordered from pizza hut and Achie and Rache got offended cos no1 wanted their sandwiches...but anyhu... at around 6 i walked home trying to c how im gonna get to youth mass and beer fest at d same time xD and luckily for me i have friends with cars =D and i gots a lift with matt *tnx* and i gots to go to youh mass and beer fest and spent another amazing night with d community ppls =D teehee...
On Sunday morning..woke up at 8 to be at Valletta at meet my oh so lovable friend Cettina!! =D and we ventured to Tarxien to paint some walls at her Aunts orphanage place hehe and it was very enjoyable =D *tnx Cett* i then began my journey to Valletta and then to San Gwann at around...2 XD and then i came home..did my hw and it was off to my aunt's to c my family cos i hadn't seen them in a rlly long time =/ and wats funny was i hadn't seen my baby cuz in 3 months and i thought she forgot me but she didnt and she gave me a hug and a kiss and stayed loving me =D and as usual..she cried at d glimpse of my brother xD i find it so hilarious xD but anyhu..then me n mig drove off to Wardija to go to Anna's house were Steve n his family are living atm and we had a nice long swim there and i spent yet another evening with d community ppl =D and if i hadnt had pl on monday morning i would hv had an amazing monday too with y4j and buon cafe after xD never been done be4 lol but anyhu..i wrote too much so im off now cos Rache came xD she says hi...<3>
Signing off with cool blessings and cuddles! xxx

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Should I be saying sry?

hey guys..long time no blog xD
well...last update on outreach...tom is outreach xD and im still not allowed to go..seems like this wasd just a lesson in humility but im not giving up till 10 am tom xD but anyhu...i got my results and from the looks of it im off to de la salle if im lucky but if im not its JC xD not gonna bother for SAC cos they dont hv the subjects i want...oh and btw...if uve taken chem A-level or maths or both together...pls leave me a comment on how u found them cos like i want to c if im making the right choice hehe
On a less schoolish season finished last week hehe and i must say i enjoyed mine mostly..obviously..cos like it was mine xD and open bar and cool hehe so some time this wek im gonna try make a vlog full of stuff that went on between end june beginning july cos im cool hehe *btw i still vlog..i just dont put them up herei leave them on my and i also vlog on*
anyway...ull be happy to no that ive finally calmed down xD for those of u hu know wat ive ben up to this summer will no that ive gone a little over d top and ive come bk down to earth and calmed down a bit was needed as it was going way too far...probably most of u dont no wat im talking bout but and nod ppl SMILE-AND-NOD XD
well i think thats its for today..i cant promise u that ill be blogging more frequently but itll be on my msn wen i do! cos like i hv a resit cos i got a 6 and i needed a 5 (for 5 marks more i would hv made it) *tries not to swear* so ye im busy studying and going to pl again bla bla bla but off
Signing out with 5 cuddles and 6 blessings! xxx

Sunday, June 22, 2008

a week later...

hey guys...a week has passed since my last outreach thing and i just wanted to update u xD...ok so if i want i hv d moeny for outreach...praise God d moeny has turned up but unfortunately i m still stuck in malta due to d fact that my parents concent is out d window atm and unless they let me i can forget yes....God isnt making this any easier for me xD and i dont blame him hehe...taking a step in faith requires yes...

prayers are requested :D hehe
on a easier season has begun and i've attended my first social this yr..which was of st.aloy...brilliant i must say..and i must admit...y4j ppl r taking over every social this yr xD its hilarious...there r atleast 5 y4j ppl going to almost every social :D heeh cos we rock ^^ but that aside...i rlly enjoyed it :) so lets c if the other social will beat this one xD

oh and also i finally no wat God wants me to do in life..its hard..and im keeping it to myself for now..but id like to be kept in ur prayers pls cos its quite hard for me to do hehe..ill leave u now :P

Signing off with hard cuddles and blessings xxxx

Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Outreach or not to Outreach?

That is the qs xD hehe
hi guys! sry i havent blogged in ages but im lazy so leave me alone xP so basically yest. i went to community right? and i rlly enjoyed myself but like wen John was saying like wats happening next week and he talked abuot rehersals i was like, "i should be there" and like its weird cos i always had it in mind to come to outreach but i never rlly concidered it cos of money issues...then mike started bugging me about it :P XD and like telling me to stop being negative..and then on d way home i saw this billboard saying, "expect the unexpected" xD so im like "ok God...its up to u-u want me to having faith that u will provide" so ok guys..i need ur prayers! cos im thinking i hv to go xD and nothing will stop me cos im being positive :D hehe weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so prayers! and any donations will be greatly appreciated but i doubt there will be XD but hey...cant a girl dream :P o=)
in other news...the 747 videos began last week...for any1 hu wishes to go and also im addicted to gossip girl XD im watching d last episode and next week i think ill either start lost or heros...not sure....any comments :P XD and summers gr8 btw for any of u hu r still studying :P HANG IN THERE XD ur in me prayers ;)
oh! and also...this week i was going through my sms' cos like i need to delete alot xD cos i hv absolutely no space and i was reading through d messages and there were some rlly sweet ones and i rlly wanna thank u all for u sms cos they r rlly swt :) and it reminded me of how gr8 my friends are =) and also i had some sms from troubled friends and stuff and i realised how things rlly hv changed and hekk it makes me think how God has such an effect on our take a minute to look bk on how God has rlly changed u just in this past yr :) *minute of thinking* off hunnies xD
Signing out with Blessing blessings and cuddles xD xxxx

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello beautiful ppl!! :D

Im in a good mood ^^ XD weeeee...ok sorry i haven't blogged or vlogged in a while but as u know i've had exams and stuff..but now i finish in 2days so i hv some time since d last 2weks were my most hectic..blehh xD but anyhu..onto my new addiction :O!! addicted to SHOPPING! XD ive gone shopping like 3 times in d last week xD seriously..and not any shopping...clothes and shoe shopping ^^ seriously..its a rlly gud stress reliever!! and rlly fun :) i bought loadsa stuff ^^ weeeeee hehe oh and i did my nails again..this week red n blk..rlly nice n classy xD and..hmmm...but can i tell u? i never liked shopping xD but i dont no wat happened! XD i mean seriously...i went 2yrs with d same clothes and id go shopping only cos i seriously didnt hv anything nice to wear anymore xD but now its like loving it! XD im a bit mad ta...u can ask brooks or ach or zoe *fish* XD im going rlly mad...i think its cos im so excited that summer is i fel like it already started xD weeeee...oh and and...cos my bday is on sunday im even more excited cos i get my ID weeee i think i dont rlly care about being 16 or getting prezzies or anything..i think my best present will be my ID xD no use in explaining y xD but stilll weeee..oh btw for u community ppl ill be seing u this week :D so yey hehe oh and happy bday to joe n maria angela and fran and steve! <3 color="#33ffff">brooks' mummy puit me in a good mood too xD :P *brooks* XD

ok now im off!

Signing out with shopping cuddles and blessings! xxxx

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello lovelies...ive only got 10mins left be4 i go bk to studying so idecided to blog! cos my last vlog sucked *didnt put it up* so ye..hmmm..i dont think many ppl read this anymore so like killing time co sim bored xD but for those of u hu that im going a bit mental xD till now ive done 3 o-levels in 2 weeks and now starting from tom ill hv 8exams (4 o-levels) in a matter of 5days..but thats matsec for u i guess :S i went out during d week which made me ahppy this week ^^ XD it was fun :) took off alot of stress..ppl do it! XD but i was watching grey's hooked on it atm...and like this song came up and im like..WOW its rlly old..i used to listen to it wen i was young and insomma i looked it up and i found out its of lifehouse (same band hu did "everything"-song ofr d mime i was in) so wat a coincidence is that!?!? XD but anyhu..ill put it up now cos its rlly nice...d words on d video r rlly swt but put more emphesis on d song..its rlly pretty ^^ i missed it and it rlly relaxes me :) oh and d spelling in d video is horrible xD and then they say im bad! pfft!..but anyhu..shouting out to brooks matt pawlu kikka joe mar fran sue benny cos bdays sake xD cant rem. anymore..but those i know had or r having their bdays in may :) so yes xD hehe
ok so ill leave u ^^ and im missing community atm :( and and....if u have godtv go watch it at 11pm (everyday) xD u wont regret it :)

Signing out with madening cuddles and blessings xxx

Monday, April 28, 2008

Away From the sun??

Hey guys n girls...well i didn't feel like vlogging today so i've decided to write a blog :) hehe well its very Christiany i think :S hehe well...i was listenign to 3doors down a few days ago and i realised how like there lyrics are actually christian and its like...they were hurt by there community...and i was talking to my bro and he was like "i think they left their community or they were hurt by them" like it shows in some songs..but anyhu..i think one of their songs rlly applys to me atm and i dont want to put much detail into it..ill just drop off the lyrics and the vid..if i find one and like..u tell can do the maths i guess...

It's down to this
I've got to make this life make sense
Can anyone tell what I've done
I miss the life
I miss the colours of the world
Can anyone tell where I am

'Cause now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines into the darkest place
I'm so far down, away from the sun again
Away from the sun again

I'm over this
I'm tired of living in the dark
Can anyone see me down here
The feeling's gone
There's nothing left to lift me up
Back into the world I know

And now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines into the darkest place
I'm so far down, away from the sun
That shines to light the way for me
To find my way back into the arms
That care about the ones like me
I'm so far down, away from the sun again

It's down to this
I've got to make this life make sense
And now I can't tell what I've done

And now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines to light the way for me

'Cause now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines into the darkest place
I'm so far down, away from the sun
That shines to light the way for me
To find my way back into the arms
That care about the ones like me
I'm so far down, away from the sun again

Oh no...
I'm gone...

[found a gud vid..says it all..kinda]

oh and say hello to d part of a channel..we repesent 7days of the week via d 7 colours of the rainbow ^^ hehe im friday--representing yellow ^^..we're starting it up in summer btw...

Signing out with the Son's cuddles and blessings xxx

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The interview

Hello my loved ones! well...i've decided that only special vlogs are gonna be posted on my blog hehe like this one :D its hilarious and u'll love it ^^ im gonna be blogging soon...just as this vlog dies down which is in around 3/4days...i wanna give a big thanks to my surpris guest ;) thank you so much! the idea was gr8! hehe and if any1 has any other fun ideas pls tell me :) and also if any1 had more qs...ill be happy to answer xD ;) I LOVE MY SPECIAL GUEST :D hehe MWA

Signing out with more vlogging cuddles and blessings xxx

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

K.A.I Vlogs!

Hey ppl! decided i dont wanna stay uplaoding my vlogs they r up on youtube on go enjoy :P and comment..n if ur not a you tube user u can always come bk here n comment here :P cos u love me n u want to do that :P XD

Signing off with K.A.I Vlogging blessings and cuddles xxx

Saturday, April 19, 2008

2nd vlog^^

Hey guys...second vlog up :) im loving vlogging its really fun! :D enjoy ^^

Signing out with 2nd vlogging cuddles and blessings xxx

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My first Vlog!

yey ok ppl i started vloggin :D hehe..hope u like it..its rlly fun xD n easier than blogs...but it takes d same amount of time XD so here it is...

Signing out with vlogging blessings and cuddles! xxx

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wat's up?

Hello my children!!
Well ive decided to post today cos i just CANT study..ive tried 3 diff. mind just WONT work today! n it needs a break jahasra..ive been working it everyday for a yr now xD so..i decided to check out how my studies are going instead..and well im almost done...and im rlly happy cos i feel quite prepared and like im on schedule..but i rlly need to focus more cos im forgeting alot :/ but anyhu...i finally finished school...i officially never hv to go to school again..though im going tom cos i need some help in a chapter of chemistry xD but anyhu..last few days were rlly fun and i got closer to more was fun :) *more pics of end of school on my hi5/facebook but videos only on facebook*
Hmmm..wat else must i say? im dying to go out! hehe im only allowed out once a week now and its sooo not enough wen im being such a loner cos of studies n stuff :/..and im rlly going mental..but im happy its almost over 45days!! wooot!! thats a bit for me ok :P
In other news..ive decided that i want to become a teacher or a psycologist so im happy i hv a goal now :D hehe and btw! im job hunting atm! so if u no of any vacancies pls contact me :) or if u hv a pretty job or no of some1 put in a gud word for me ;) hehe
I've also started drums n bass again..ive found some time to zvoga in them thnx to my rekindling by pete n a shout out to him for always being there ^^ xD now ill talk bout my weekends :) im enjoying my weekends quite a bit meeting a lot of new ppl and making friends quickly *shout out to maria, dee, san anton ppl n ofcourse d spank crew xD* hehe its rlly fun and im actually doing something fun in d weekends not just d same thing over n over offence to *socializing* xD
but baby cuz is now 2 ^^ hehe her bday was this weekend :D she's just d sweetest kuccla ull ever c! but is petrified of my bro so its rlly funny..every time he comes near matter wat an amazing mood she's in shell start crying and pull away form him xD its funny..
Shout out to simon too for his happiness :)

n to all my community friends..i rlly miss u guys n havent seen most of u in ages!! wont be able to make it to outreach cos of a lot of things :/ its become like it shows God doesnt want me there this yr :( but anyhu..atleast im still off to SS so yey hehe oh oh oh!! btw..i sang in mass this weekend ^^ hehe it was fun and i got some rlly encouraging commetns :) hehe tnx u all!! so ye..thats basically wats been up in my life..and also a BIG shout out to my boy Jesus ^^ for giving me amazing talents which i love using for Him :D hehe guys im dying to start dancing again! at y4j last weekend i just fell in love with dancing through worship again! amazing experience! ^^ and then sunday opened my eyes to how much ive always loved singing! hehe and also i was on God tube yest. and i found this guy called Coffey and man..he is just amazing! i fell in love with his style of music!! He rlly inspired me! :D hehe..and below there is a song that i think is sung at both y4j n community so like i wanted to show how he just makes it so much cooler :D hehe obviously no offence..i just think he is rlly cool xD and also there is another song of rihanna..umrella which he makes into a christian song..rlly worth seeing..its pretty :) ok ill leave u now! btw i hv my english oral today and my german listening on friday so prayers r requested!! :D hehe

Signing off with nice cuddles and blessings :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've been looking for love in another's eyes
Searching for water, but I come up dry
Thought that I could find
Happiness in the world's applause
Peace of mind in a worthy cause
Take me back, take me back
Go to trust in the simple truth
Got to trust all I really need is
YouI'm coming back toYou
The only thing I know worth living for
Will You take this heart and make it more likeYou
I give it back to You
It's obvious no one could love me more
I'm Yours,I'm coming coming back!

ok i didnt write that xD im not that gud:P its from a song i heard rlly struck me like..cos like last night i put on my ipod n shuffle n like this was s first song that came up..n i rlly felt like d first par. was wat ive been doing..n then it hit me that d chorus is wat i need to like ye...hehe...most of u might not no wat d hell im talking bout but a few of u no..basically i fell...and grazed everywere (im meaning spiritually) and by God's grace i finally got up with friends n daddy's help too..tnx guys ;) n im coming bk ^^ so yey hehe..i learnt my lesson and wat i need to do now so like coming coming bk :D hehe..ill leave u with d actual song now ^^

Signing out with forward cuddles and blessings xxx

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A day in the life of the Karls with Achie on the side...

No Joe I'm not mentioning you cos ur an ass and didn't come xP
Today i decided to finally blog about school..cos we soon leaving n it felt right to leave a typical day of memories...
so i decided to go to school xD and Karl didn't sit near for those of u hu dont no karl, he is a friend from school hu i do mad things with insomma...i spent most of d day just drawing during d lessons n writing school leavings..n well i normally draw ppl n today i drew a girl..n as usual karl judges her to tell me if she is pretty telling me if she is do-able or not xD....n i gave her pretty eyes n i nice chest so she was do-able xD..jahasra...but after small break Karl finally cae to sit near me..and as usual there was alot of raping..dw i raped him ;) xD..actually molested..cos d thing is i grab his ass and boobs alot xD...they r sexy ok xP hehe..and also i mind raped him abiut with d aid of kelly :D hehe..its our thing :P but anyhu...d conversations that me and karl had were hillarious...cos like between lessons martha was trying to learn how to punch karl n i decided to try too..and since just be4 that i bit his hand n found out he hadnt washed his hands..i was a bit pissed off cos i had a horrible taste in my mouth xD so anyhu..i decided to punch him...n i won :D meaning i hd d hardest punch then during lessons i stayed punching him n he thought me how to punch properly xD..another conversation was about his nads..YES bout his nads...cos at a point i tryed to punch his nads but apparently wen a guy sits his nads sink xD so he explained to me d whole situation about nads...quite interesting xD we also talked about rowin atkinson..or however u spell it and he shouted out orifice xD n then i sed hardcock..n for something stupid reason he sed haemoglobin :S yes THATS how weird karl is xD we also talked bout how stupid achie is for writing 1999-200 on my school leaving xD..look at it properly n ull realise how stupid it is xD and all at a point i randomly go "Karl..if i touch iu will u scream?" n he gave me a wtf? look..i love that lok xD..cos i was planning on grabing his ass..but d teacher was annoying n i didnt want a telling off xD..then..during I.T..of course...karl had to be a smart ass and made a pop up say karla is a man instead of error xD and Achie shows her stupidity wen he did another popup saying something like "joelikeshavingsoup" n she read it shaving soup instead of likes having soup :P xD but we love Karl..we do :P but miskin...he is silly xD..n has a small cock :P well i say he does but i personally dont no xD ah! we also had a discussion on how i buried my mouse..cos this weekend my mous died..n i told him i buried him in an empty butter container...n he burst out laughing saying.."i can't blieve its not mouse" xD yes we r that sick xD and also at another point i decided to give karl d show him im about to rape him..and for once he didnt gat scared and just sed "we're going to d bathroom ejja xD" that was funny hehe...this probably sounds rlly stupid to every1 but i wanted to write me its my blog leave me alone xP ALSO i must say i had a recess with paws :) which was swt cos i hadnt done that in ages..and we protested...its a thing we do...a grp of us just sit in d middle of d play gorud were d teachers walk n sing or do something and we called it our Tribe of protesting xD..n Karl threw a bottle at me during our protest but luckily he missed me but hit achie instead xD i laughed and pointed at her o=) of d teachers had a paw on her bag so me n paws freaked out..cps well..her nickname is paws :) hehe...also..after break..wen we came in our class we found most of d chairs of d other classs in our class and an extra teachers desk..and a desk with an underdesk...which wasnt normal cos our class is d only one without underdesks in it we werent d only ones hu went crazy xD and David came in all pissed off cos they were from his class and he sed he was gonna report us to d "kunsil" xD hillarious boy he is that one xD ..teachers also went our physics teacher was suppost to say(while reading a qs"2 trolley rubed together after colliding" nd she sed lawyers instead of trolley...if u play it bk it sounds hillarious xD and with our perverted minds it sounded worse..also..we had italian exchange students today..some were asian :S and i must say...asians speak funny italian xD and last but not least...we will learn d result of this tom...during our random moments in d chemistry lesson..d person i am...decided to make a sentence perverted by crossing out "liberating" and writing "lubricating on a pst d idiot that i am...i gave d pst ppr in cos i 4got wat i wrote n i had finished d ppr God knows wat she is gonna say tom xD..well its Karl's past ppr so il lblame it on him xD luv u karl :P...anyhu..ill leave u now :D hope u had a nice laugh sry there r no pics of dat day..but we cant take our cameras yet xD oh and i no this doesnt sound like me..but its a prt of hu i am..i just dont show this side to every1 xD

Signing off with hillariously freaky cuddles n blessings xxx

Thursday, March 27, 2008


ah...hello my children hehe...well Spring has arrived...doom doom doom....well i love spring cos its like pretty and there is lots of sun but fresh breezes too so u dont get too hot but still get tanned xD but unfortunately my spring will be spent inside cos of my silly exams next month :O ehh but other than d weather i dont rlly like spring close friends now y xD lets just put it this way shall we? its mating season xD and that sounds so wrong! hehe but not gonna be bloggin much unless i rlly hv something to say cos like im getting rlly busy n stuff n im not even having much time for hillary's letters :( ehh...but im excited ta cos like this summer is gonna rock :D hehe this post is so for nothing jahasra but i felt i needed to blog a bit hehe...oh btw i kinda almost broke my toes yest xD cos we went on a hike n i was playing this game n Glenn bashed into me n hit my toe n it was hurting n wen i got home i took off my shoe n there was blood allover my sock n my toe nail chipped from d middle n i cant wear most shoes for now...i hv to stay in flip flops which freeze my toes but anyhu! x'tamel!! anyhu...comments r going down again pfft :P hehe n every1 loves my new hair for any of u that havent seen it yet hehe..its very smexi :D
ill leave u with a pretty comedy now :) in honour of drea hehe

Signing out with spring's warm cuddles n blessings xxx

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What if its Him?

hey guys n i havent been myself...i mean everythings normal ta but i just felt like i wasnt being myself...n insomma i was talking to Jesus bout it and i was telling him no he is there..n i no he loves me...n i no he knows me more than any1...and like i no d basics...but there is still something missing n for these past 2 weeks ive been trying to find this missing something! n its been killing me...n thats y i havent been me...n insomma i called this thing my missing link..thats y on my pm on msn it was *missing link*...and insomma at first i thought i found it was basically d solution of one of my problems atm...but it wasnt working at all...i mean i still hv this problem n i thought that d missing link was d answer to this problem which i thought will soon be coming..n didnt...n today iwas talking to Achie on msn and telling her im confused...cos like she n bob r d only one's i rlly talked bout it to...n she sent me this link of this funny clip on you tube to cheer me up...n i just knew that with this link something was gonna happen..i knw God wouldn't let this opportunity pass...and sure enough he didnt...after i laughed a bit at this clip...d first song on d side struck i clicked on was called..God speaking..and i was like ok?...i no uve been speaking to me lately..but wat this bout?..n like He told me to be silent n c i did..n im telling u by d end of it i was just crying...n calling out to God! it just rlly impressed me guys...n it just clicked...wat i was missing was God's Love...i had d knowledge..but i didnt hv d love!...its like u hv d equation but u also need a solution kinda thing...n hekk it clciked...n its so amazing!...u no tom he is gonna give his only son for us again!!..guys u dont no how happy im feeling atm...i found my missing link but its as if i found God again! God rlly loves me guys...n it rlly makes me smile now..n like u no He rlly nows us? d song it says...
have u ever heard a love song that set ur spirit free?
have u ever watched a sunrise and felt u could not breathe?
What if its Him? wat if it's God speaking?
have u ever cried a tear that u could not explain?
have u ever met a stranger that already knew ur name?
...and hekk it struck me..n later it expalins how he just uses anything to show us that he loves us...and hekk he just uses anything that he nows will strike us to show us that he loves us..and he wouldnt be able to do this unless he rlly knew u would no how to get d attention of ur best to show them that u need them...or a "code" between u 2 cos u no eachother...n God does d same..n d more we get close to him d more he shows us...cos we get to no him so its like more a best friend "code thing" and its so cool!! ah im rlly blabbing!! ill just leave u to d song now hehe...enjoy...

Signing out with lovable cuddles and blessings!! xxx

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


NO I AM NOT BEING VAIN :P..i just want u to remember my long hair^^ i feel so refreshed guys...but i miss playing with my hair!! hehe for u saying wth is she taking meaning i just cut my beautiful long hair and boy did it came didnt come like d pic i sent most of u..cos its much shorter...but its a like how i originally wanted it :D hehe its lighter too hehe...ah i just stayed describing my hair..i was gonna to a be4 n after thing but i decided to leave u in suspence till u all c me so i just did a be4 pic :) cos im a special teaser :P so anyhu...going on wat i wanted to say...well hillary's hair came pretty :) it would hv been prettier but we ran out of time xD well insomma not prettier but straighter...her hair is a monster!!! i swear i think it fought bk a couple of doesnt like being brushed xD well anyhu...going on to meeting of that night...well d thing is i went to d very bk during worship n behind me there was this girl crying...cos i was were no1 can c u like...n i felt God telling me to go talk to her but i chickened out :( but then i saw cett i knew it was God talking cos wen u dont do something and God rlly wants it done He gets some1 else to do it...and insomma then i went near ach n paws...yes i moved alot during d meeting xD and insomma i felt God tell me to go talk to some1 so like i did since i didn't do d first thing and at first i thought it was for nothing but then i realised that d person learnt from wat i told them :) so that made me happy :) but then again...i went somewere else to worship n again..i felt God ask me to do something and im like come on! y me!! i mean God only started to talk to me properly like a mnth ago n sometimes He just doesnt stop..i mean i cant complain..its cute but like wow! hehe..n insomma i felt weird doing wat he asked so i decided it wasnt from Him n left it at that..but i knew i would be d only person hu could rlly do this so it was like eating me inside..u no how? n insomma d talk came n we all sat n d talk was bout how we should always obey wat God asks us to do..n i didnt no d talk was bout this and i was like illa! God has been doing this with me threwout d whole meeting xD..n insomma d talk finished n it was rlly nice! proset sam! n insomma after d talk they said any1 hu never gave there life to God properly get up if u want n d person near u will pray with u...n i just lloked at this person n God sed go now! n i just shot out of my place cos i was all jazzed up botu doing wat God wanted and insomma i prayed with this person n she told me some things n we prayed together n it felt so good working for God n i love listening to Him its so cool!! i mean ive been waiting for Him to speak to me for 2 n a half yrs! n boy was it worth d wait!! oh n d next day i met d person that i had to do something to but didnt hv d guts to..n i did it hehe :D so i felt better :) hehe..its so cool guys :D anyhu..i talked anough xD so ill leave u put a pic of my new hair style..or not to put a pic :S..hmmm...maybe tom :P
Signing out with hairy cuddles n blessings!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Saloon xD

hey guys n girlies...well today i want to talk bout last weekend cos i forgot to xD actually my past 3 weekends :O including this one hehe...well 2weekends ago Zoe decided to come to my house cos she is pretty hehe :) n insomma i did her hair n we hd some good girl talk :D nd we got all dressed up at went to y4j..last weekend...i ended up with Zoe Mina and Hillary at my door xD and we decided to call my room d saloon xD so last sat. i did mina's hair and adjusted hillary's ^^ and Zoe did their make was fun yes..very fun...we hd lots of laughs which Hillary wasn't a part of cos i gave her my letter so she went into her own bubble on my bed and just heard random words from wat we were talking bout like "CONSTIPATION" XD cos d thing is Mina was reading my bio notes on my desk n i was doing digestion n stuff and it was on d page of constipation so i told them wats it is...and at d end i sed "and thats d definition of constipation" and that was all hillary heard..and we all ended up in fits obviously xD..wat else...ah yes...poor Zoe was trying to tell us bout her dream...but me n hillary were talking bout d letter so u could imagine how alone Zoe felt with only Mina hearing her xD but was fun :D...n now this weekend im gonna hv Hillary behind my door to do her hair XD so yes..ive become a hairdresser xD..i should start charging *evil grin* hehe..well its better than studying be4 going out so i cant rlly complain xD this was such a random and completely diff. post from all my others..but anyhu xD..wat else do i hv to say?

im feeling like a real loner hardly going out...n i rlly dont feel like actually...ill honestly be happy with just a close friend being on msn and i talk to them a bit xD..i think all d studying is making me mental..or im just a weirdo xD...but im missing cuddles atm...i need AFFECTION!!! hehe ma..this post is hillarious ta! xD...btw i need ur prayers guys!...i need patience like rlly badly!! and kalmanti xD...seriously! thank God for Jesus hu is making shut my mouth im being random..ahjar i go! XD
Signing out with random cuddles and blessings!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Daddy :D

Hehe...u guys probably think im mental..or am craving family..first with friends as siblings then im feeling like a mum and now this xD..well i just wanted to talk bout this rlly cute experience i had yest...well d thing is...only recently hv a started seeing the Lord as my dad, i mean He has always been my best friend and my Saviour but i could never c Him as my dad. but anyhu...ok i wanna tell this as a story cos its prettier! xP..excuse d here we go...

She climbed into her warm soft bed as she started thinking of Him. She thought to herself, "I'm in a romantic mood, i think ill read His love poems be4 i drift off." She opened the drawer and took out the book. She placed it on her quilt and stood up in her bed. She was confused on where to look for a romantic passage in such a book so she looked it up in the index. She looked throught some passages but nothing that she really like and just as she was going to loose hope she found was a pinky section called "daily devo" and its titled was [Prince charming has arrived]. This made her laugh of course since just a few days ago she had given up on the whole marriage scene but to her surprise this wasn't wat she thought it was. She read throught it and something rlly struck her from it;
"Day and night, He pursues you, demonstrating His love for you.
You want flowers? He created them!
Love letters? Read His Word...
To know you're worthy of love? He sent Jesus to die so you could live happily ever after with him! In more ways than you can imagine, God's telling you that He loves you. DON'T MISS OUT!"
She reflected on this and a thought came in her head, "since God is my dad, my best friend and also my lover...y shouldn't He sleep with me?"(side note: pls dont think of it some sick perverted thing cos i didnt) so she moved herself to d side and opened her quilt and whispered, "Jesus time for bed" ^^ she then slowly placed the quilt over her and imagined Him in His robes stood up on d wall of her bed and getting into her bed. She then imagined herself placing her head on his warm soft side as she gently whispered, "Goodnight Jesus" and drifted off to sleep....
That night was the best night ever, she slept so peacefully in God's presence and her dreams {for the first time ever} had God involved in them. She was a happy little penguin ^^
hehe and thats my story...and fyi...the only guy mentioned in this story in Jesus so dont get any thoughts concerning the begining piece. Now u no how im gonna go to slep every night telling u its amazing..u should all try it one day :)
Oh and btw...alot of ppl read my blog ive heard but no1 rlly comments..some feed bk would be only takes 5 mins to takes atleast 30mins to write blogs like i write being honest :P
Wat else i gotta say? hmmm...ah getting my mock far i havent failed anything...n these r mocks so im hppy hehe and oh! i went to uni today xD...with school...saw Cett...lets make a shout out to Cett hehe just for the hell of it made me think...and i rlly dont wanna go to Uni now xD i mean i dont mind 6th form but just doesnt seem right for me yet..i mean ive always wanted to study in a dance academy but i was getting unsed to d fact that that wont happen...but hu knows things change hehe...d 2 videos underneath r rlly nice...d first one is hilarious and fun..i love it :D its rlly jumpy and i love listening to d second one hehe..i love these bands..first is audio adrenaline and the next one is planetshakers...very nice :D hehe btw d first video needs extra volume..n listen to d chorus lyrics well they r so much fun :D hehe

Signing off with daddy cuddles and blessings xxx

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Black to white to..grey?

Hello my keeping it wether u like it or not :P anyhu...welll to get d record straight, what I'm going to say is not effecting my motherly love! XD no what i'm about to say isn't coming from pms or from something that depressed me..and pls don't ask why...i'm gonna try explain it as best i can ok?
So basically i've made a final decision..I'm not getting married...yes its final. its not a cry wolf...and dont bother convincing me...its not gonna happen, ppl hu normally say it cos they don't think they can keep a commitment or there isn't someone out there for them...and i no that if i had to get married those things wouldnt hv been an issue. i just know guys..i was rlly thinking bout life n how i imagine myself in d yrs to come...i honestly think ill end up like a female "dr.john" if u no wat i mean...for those hu dont...basically remain single for d rest of my life and take care of my youths which to him are his children u no?...ive always thought bout doing that and somehow it just feels so much nicer to me than getting married i odnt no if God is just laughing at me cos he begs to differ or if He is smiling at me and teeling me..she finally understood it.
Now for those hu know me well wont think ill last without a guy or for sex in d future for that matter...but i honestly cant give a crap bout anything at peace and i like being this way...i dont care if in d future i do actaully meet some1 but if i do he is gonna hv alot of convincing to do cos im quite sure d only man out there for me is my future roomie and best friend..Jesus...and no im not becoming a nun! :P xD and id like to say sry to ach for ruining out white dresses plan xD but off...wat a surprise i gave u didnt i? kinda reminds me bout d first she was sure bout God (like i was bout not getting married) then all d sins came and she got confused (like me i got confused thinking i should) and at her last bit she finally got bk to her senses and ran to jesus ( like my post today)
i leave u my loves

Signing off with peaceful blessings and cuddles xxx

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Hello children!! im hving to post from my dad's comp cos my internet connection is being lazy today and doesnt want to love d conection downstairs..miskin i wore him out xD....well for those wondering y i put a pick of spinola bay on my post...u can continue wondering..that pic is for one person XD they no hu they going diving!! :D hehe well i want to go diving...there! at that bay!!! how random i must sound xD
but basically i wanted to talk bout something that happened to me at d lenten one of d days i was in praise upstairs..and at one point i felt like readin d bible...but i didnt hv one so i borrowed bob's...n i love his bible cos normally it gives me pretty readings! but it didnt want to give me pretty reading so i got all annoyed but suddenly like i just felt something saying david...n im like david...then i realised no! daniel!! im looking up daniel in d index....and im like daniel..daniel...daniel..and it hit..daniel 6! im like..but i never read daniel...wat could possibly be in a book i never read?..but i opened it on daniel 6 and im looking at it...and d title hits.... DANIEL IN D LIONS DEN!! but ive never actaully read it..i just heard bout i read it..and im like wat on earth does this hv to do with me?? and insomma its been racking my brain lately and i told hillary bout it..n somthing she sed just made it all click!! shes like its bout trusting God and letting him do wat He needs to do..or something like that..cant rem. xD n it totally made sense guys!! it rlly did!! u c lately some thigns hv been really ruining my singleness and my mission for d moment...and i didnt no how to get rid of them and it just clicked..i hv to leave them with God and just let him take them and let Him do wat He gotta do u no? hehe i feel smart now that i figured it out XD..well i think thats all i had to write..
no its not XD guys..i realised something..i love writing!! as in stories!! i just love it..i wrote a story to hillary today and i jst fell in love with writing it...i mean i got so into it that i just zoned out into d was sooooo cool!!! i wanna be a writer guys!!! i love it so much!!! one day ill write a story just for my bloggers to enjoy :) hehe...C!!! another motherly feature!...making stories for her kids ;) XD i rlly wanna no y God is making me such a mother XD...probably showing me how i do hv to get married xD which im starting to think might not be suck a bad idea :D hehe gbu u all my children!!
Signing out with lion cuddles and blessings

Friday, February 29, 2008

Minus or plus? :S

Hello my children!! hehe..yes im gonna start saying that on my blog too :P guys im having my first not-so-happy single moment which im happy that i didnt come early but 2mnths later..well almost 3 mnths but anyhu xD
so im not missing a guy or am feeling alone...thats not me anymore..i dont do that cos i find it offence..but hekk i dont not feeling like "me" atm..i dont think it has anything to do with my single life but hekk i dont feel like im myself feeling quite left out cos i dont no were i shuld be..i mean thats been coming to me for a while now but hekk...i dont no my place and were God wants me to work..and i no he wants me to work cos he keeps sending ppl at me..and i love i honestly love it...i just love helping ppl so much!!! but hekk i dont no...there is something so not right with me atm...i think i no wat it is but cant rlly say it cos i dont no how :S hehe all i ask from u is ur prayers...just pray for me to focus and concentrate pls :D...
On a nicer note..hehe..i finished my mocs :D WOOOT!! hehe and and D MIME CAME AMAZING!!!!!!!! it was so weird...for d first time ever...all i did during d mime was PRAY and it was so cool...d only thing i remember i was doing was tearing Zoe's t-shirt cos it wouldnt come off xD otherwise..i dont think it was me...i dont remember walking..i dont no how i did! cos my shoe was sliding off but hekk it just went it to place somehow...i feel like some1 was totally guiding me :D hehe so cool..guys we hv to work for God cos He really wants us to and its so cooooooooool!!!! :D hehe
anyhu i leave u children!!...i post pretty video for u to enjoy..
p.s...d drummer looks like gruppetta over here xD

for d lyrics...which i never read...but ill read now ...

Signing out with working cuddles and blessings!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Motherly love :)

Hello my lovely coming up with d weirdest blog aren't i xD..well its cos of d reason that im about to write...well do u remember my post on was bout how im gonna take my time as single as an adventure.(d last one of jan. 4 those hu arent frequent readers)..well till then its been one amazing adventure...

1.)ive helped loads of ppl
2.)getting closer to discovering my calling
3.)learning how to put others be4 me
4.)got a new hrt :D
5.)realised some things that need changes *kisses*
6.)made new friends and got old friends bk
7.)gained convidence and lost some pride
d list goes on xD but this weekend i discovered something new motherly love hehe...well...rem. how i was last week with slum i couldnt sleep cos i was so worried bout d slummers and how every moment i was able to go c them i was there??...well this week something happened as well..u c i realised that im not coming to d first 2 lenten talks :( so i wont b seeing d dance so i went to c their rehersals on sat. and be4 i went i was all excited as if i was a mother going to c her child perform at their first concert or something..n wen i went there and just saw them dancing i felt so proud of each and every person there!!! and its so amazing!! and like all throughout this weekened youths have been coming up to me with their queries and problems n situations n stuff and i just enjoyed helping them and worry bout them and praying for them...n for any1 reading this hu i tried helping this that im praying 4 u!!! and its so weird cos like this weekend some1 rlly hurt me(d person should no hu they r n if they dont they r stupid xD) and its weird cos ive grown quite close this person over d months and hekk even though they hurt soon as they told me they were not ok i worried and i 4got all bout y they hurt me and all i wanted to do was help in everyway possible...i felt like d person was one of my children..but its weird cos i dont want kids..i dont want a family..but Jesus is making me think otherwise xD n its weird cos i dont worry but since i got my new hrt ive really started worrying bout ppl n loving them more hehe...and like even today..ive felt down all day cos i felt helpless cos of d fact that i cant go help set up at d church for d talks or go help be4 d talks cos of mocks...these exams r getting in d way of me helping!!! GRRRRR!! i wanna help with everything and every1...its like i have all this urge in d world to just help n love its killing me!! hehe and its such a motherly feeling hekk...atm im seeing every1 as my children and its so cute :) hehe...u must probably think im totally mad...but this journey is quite funny and im happy that i can share it with u ppl hehe :)

Signing off with motherly cuddles and blessings xxx

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

King of Hearts??

Hey i no d pic is sucky but i dont got a scanner so bear with it...i drew it hehe...dont tell me how gud it is pls...i dont wanna hear it cos ill get all proud n i dont want that..i did it to explain something and to thank God for doing something for me :) hehe so...d reason for this pic is cos this weekend i gave my hrt to Jesus it all started on Friday night at after a little time of worship n reflection i decided i need to open my bible but i was like im not gonna just randomly open it im gonna look for something and then find something i find first i looked up giving then surrendering and then im like wait no! im having problems with affairs of d hrt atm so ill look up hrt..and i found giving ur hrt to Jesus and i was like cool ill read it...and basically it sed how we shuold give our hrt up and stuff and i was like ye cool i need to do so sick of all this confusion i need a fresh start i was there look at d Eucharist and im thinking..ok..hrm.."God i wanna do this but i kinda dont no how" and i stayed looking in d bible to try n find a clue and im like ok..i cant figure it out...and i got frustrated so i went outside for some fresh air cos i was also hungry so then i decided to go eat with a few others...i wanted to get some help on this one so like i asked Achie then Zoe n then Bob...n like ach sed to just say it and Zoe sed like imagine ur giving it and Bob sed just do it xD
so insomma sat. night came and d plan was to go to d slum at 6 spend time with them and then at 6.30 make my way up to y4j with some others...but d thing is at 7 d archbishop was coming n like i wanted to c Him and so i did hehe..n then Bex gave us a lift up to y4j and i was worried that they would hv finished worship n i wouldnt be able to give my hrt on Sat...but luckily worship was extra long that day..n like i went to d bk and i sat down a bit and just started talking to God and stuff and like then im like i wanna get up and WORSHIP cos God is i got up and i started worshiping and then i just started imagining a bit...and i imagined my hrt like all dirty n blkened and bruised and i imagined myself taking it out and giving it up and like then i imagine God hugging me...and hekk at that moment i got a rush of tinglyness in my hands and hekk it went up my arms and i just couldnt help but spread my hand as far as possible in praise and it was just amazing..i cnt even describe it! just so amazing i truly felt God's Love....and thats how i gave my hrt to Jesus hehe....n they say God isnt real?!?! PFFT!! XD off

Signing out with heartful cuddles n blessings! xxx

Sunday, February 17, 2008

To mission or not to mission??

Hey guys...Slum survivors over and all the slummers r either asleep or having a nice wanted warm shower d time which i spent with them it occured to me that all i wanted to do was help out. i mean i went everyday and made it a point to stay for a while and hekk i rly enjoyed just being with the slummers hehe....and d thing is at night i couldn't help but think bout how they r doing and if they r ok..infact im dead tired cos i didnt sleep well these past 2 nights, i was actually thinking of staying with them last night cos Cara had suggested it XD...and insomma it occured to me like if i enjoyed helping them and stuff like that y have i never considered any form of missionary work and stuff like that?.well probably cos i cant live without so much food..not cos like omg i cant live..but cos i hv a low blood pressure and if i dont hv a swt or something every so often ill faint or feel horrible basically..and probably another reason would be that i get sick rlly quickly..and i dont think ill survive w/o a proper bathroom xD hehe i pee too much xD ask my school friends and theyll tell u how much i pee XD guys pray 4 me...God knows wats gonna happen ta..its just i havent recieved and sms' from Him telling me wat gonna happen XD hehe
Well i think im off to sleep now cos im dead tired and im falling asleep on d keyboard xD...well sleep until my baby cousin comes over and starts screaming in my ear xD hehe

Signing out with tired cuddles and blessings

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hello my loves..well i must obviously say Happy Valentine's day or S.A.D hehe..that makes me laugh and also a BIG SHOUT OUT to PAWS!!! Happy bday pupa!! mwa!!...well i want to start off with saying something bout valentine's day...ur probably gonna think im gonna moan bout it..but actually i am but not in d way u think...well i think valentine's day is rlly swt and i think its rlly swt for couple u hekk and like i dont feel all sad and stuff cos im single...i mean imbilli...u day im not gonna be single and ill be enjoying d day y d hell r so many ppl depressed today!?!? i mean day ull be loving this feast like just ignore it...its not that much of a big deal rlly...single or watever...

also... i want to encourage ALL OF YOU to go visit d baystreet slum this weekend hehe which will be on d roof of bay...its running through d whole weekend..d event is called Slum survivor..and a few of y4j's youths r gonna be living in slum conditions on d roof of baystreet...and all this is to save money for d ppl in Kenya so go with ur money box :D XD other new (yes im being a journalist XD) IN THE HOUSE!!! is coming up...i.e..d Y4J lenten talks r running from the 25th Feb till 1st March form 8-9...rlly amazing guys!!! seriously...and get 7euros with u to buy y4j's first album hehe!! :D and also d mime will be taking place on d thurs of d lenten talks so probably community ppl wont come c it cos of annointing XP meanies!! XP hehe

i dont think there is any other news...ah yes...there is d healing service in Qrendi on 7.30 :D hehe...and other than that..i dont think anything else...ok so thats it i think :S PRAY PRAY PRAY cos God is doing big things atm :D BIG BIG BIG...guys EXPECT BIG!!!!

Signing out with BIG cuddles and blessings xxx

Monday, February 11, 2008


Hey guys and girls!! well 4 those hu know me well enough..ur gonna be amased or think im crying wolf..and for those hu dont know me much this is a chance for u to get to know me...
so..ur probably thinking oh God kai feels liek getting off..or somthing like that well ur wrong!!...its actually something so diff!
so lately i ve been thinking bout getting off but not wanting it but understanding d meaning of it and how God wanted us to use it...and how ive used it in such a wrong way
ok so basically there isnt any point of hiding it...last yr i went kiss-crazy and hit d record of guys i got off not vry proud of it but i did it..mhemmx tamel..and i mean last yr my mind was revolved alot (until soul survivor) around kissing and like most of my goal for 2007 were getting off with diff. ppl or in diff. ways...and wen i look bk and i think i actually suceeded i feel sick at myself...and think have i rlly just wasted this precious thing that God gave us?...i mean no offence to any1 i kissed ta xD dont take it personal...but far as i can recall in d yr 2007 i got off with around 15 some of u might say illa wat a bit...x'ageb...and some might say *cough* whore *cough*..i dont rlly care..past is past..and for me it was too much especially since out of those only 4 were actually boyfriends of guys i was dating...but enough gossiping buot myself..i just wanted to give u a picture of how i was ok..emfesise on d WAS!!! lol..any hu by d time s.s came around i realised wat i was doing wrong and prevented it hehe...until my next bf came along..and i must admit..compared to a normal bf i did restrict myself which is a very gud start i personally think...but anyhu..recently ive been going into getting off being d centre again...but i havent taken any action to it yet,..which i intend on NOT doing..and infact instead ive been discovering wat a kiss should rlly mean..and not in d way like u get those chain emails xD like if he kisses u here he means this...bla bla bla..that bull a kiss should be a sign of love...and it shouldnt be wasted on some random excesse hormoned guy u meet in pv...or girl for that reason..cos i forget that guys read this too xD....a kiss to an extent shouldnt even be given to a guy ur just dating/seeing..i mean i think a true kiss should be saved for a bf that has become ur best friend...and should be given at a perfect time and not just at a very romantic and one thing im proud of is that every 'first kiss' ive had with a bf has always had a senes of romance in it...guys a kiss is a gift from God to show a person that u love them...and not some guy in pv that u want next time u htink..uff i wanna get off!! think of my post and say patient..jesus is preparing some1 for me..i should save this for them...and for all those lip-virgins XD out there dont fret!!! and dont waste ur first patient..guys i rlly believe that God is preparing soem1 out there for each and every1 of us...and i mean seriously preparing...making them either into a gentlemen hu will treat u like a princess or a tru woman of God who will protect u in everyway she knows how...
basically i wanna say that ive decided to calm down on everything atm and i wanted to show u how God is showing me new things threw my singleness and im rlly appreciating them..and sharing them with u took GUTS to say wat i sed ok!!
Signign off with kissable cuddles and blessings :P