Friday, August 21, 2009

Books that are of real.

So, after some time of messing up and just rummaging through old scripts, by the grace of God I've started a new one.

I'm only in the first chapter here but to be honest till now it looks quite nice (:
Very curious to just skip to the end and see what happens but hey thats just in my nature.
All I know is that I've put the romance novels away for a while and this seems to be quite the adventure story.
Who knows? Maybe they'll be a little bit of romance at the end.
But to be honest, I'm happy, I couldn't care less about that stuff at the moment, living everyday as it comes in the freedom of Christ.
I've handed over the pen to a new author.
He's name is Jesus.
I hope you like He's writing, 'cause I know I'm sure as hell enjoying it (:

Signing out with cheering cuddles and blessings xxx