Sunday, February 24, 2008

Motherly love :)

Hello my lovely coming up with d weirdest blog aren't i xD..well its cos of d reason that im about to write...well do u remember my post on was bout how im gonna take my time as single as an adventure.(d last one of jan. 4 those hu arent frequent readers)..well till then its been one amazing adventure...

1.)ive helped loads of ppl
2.)getting closer to discovering my calling
3.)learning how to put others be4 me
4.)got a new hrt :D
5.)realised some things that need changes *kisses*
6.)made new friends and got old friends bk
7.)gained convidence and lost some pride
d list goes on xD but this weekend i discovered something new motherly love hehe...well...rem. how i was last week with slum i couldnt sleep cos i was so worried bout d slummers and how every moment i was able to go c them i was there??...well this week something happened as well..u c i realised that im not coming to d first 2 lenten talks :( so i wont b seeing d dance so i went to c their rehersals on sat. and be4 i went i was all excited as if i was a mother going to c her child perform at their first concert or something..n wen i went there and just saw them dancing i felt so proud of each and every person there!!! and its so amazing!! and like all throughout this weekened youths have been coming up to me with their queries and problems n situations n stuff and i just enjoyed helping them and worry bout them and praying for them...n for any1 reading this hu i tried helping this that im praying 4 u!!! and its so weird cos like this weekend some1 rlly hurt me(d person should no hu they r n if they dont they r stupid xD) and its weird cos ive grown quite close this person over d months and hekk even though they hurt soon as they told me they were not ok i worried and i 4got all bout y they hurt me and all i wanted to do was help in everyway possible...i felt like d person was one of my children..but its weird cos i dont want kids..i dont want a family..but Jesus is making me think otherwise xD n its weird cos i dont worry but since i got my new hrt ive really started worrying bout ppl n loving them more hehe...and like even today..ive felt down all day cos i felt helpless cos of d fact that i cant go help set up at d church for d talks or go help be4 d talks cos of mocks...these exams r getting in d way of me helping!!! GRRRRR!! i wanna help with everything and every1...its like i have all this urge in d world to just help n love its killing me!! hehe and its such a motherly feeling hekk...atm im seeing every1 as my children and its so cute :) hehe...u must probably think im totally mad...but this journey is quite funny and im happy that i can share it with u ppl hehe :)

Signing off with motherly cuddles and blessings xxx


Simon said...

not totally mad, just slightly mad, and who isn't?
its a nice thing that u care a lot about people, and personally i do think u will eventually have kids of your own u can share this gift with...come on...what would the world be like without 1 or 2 mini Karlas running around?

Anonymous said...

your biological clock is ticking? xD


a little odd, to say the least, but you mean well enough...

ahhh child, no need to rush your personal growth so much xD
you've gota good 30 years till cancer kicks in (in the state the world's in) and thats enough tiime to relax the pace xD

take care dear...
and stop judging me xD

Matt said...

great to see helping out means so much to you, i know what it means it be committed to these things, and how good it can make you feel...a dn how studies can get in the way.. meh


Zoe said...

tihi so proud of my buwtifuwl babyy (lol ok..i call every1 my baby but kai's still my mummy) mwwaaa x

H1llz said...

Hey! Been meaning to comment on this xD It was such a sweet post! ^^ Your photo with your mummy is adorable btw!

I'm sure you'll end up with a family one day, you're such a loving person it's inevitable that you'll have kids of your own one day (baby Kais how cuteee <3).

Anyway, it's lovely that you're getting such strong caring vibes, and feeling the need to help out and stuff :] And you did get to see the dance on the opening night after all! =]

Keep up the posts luv xxxx