Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Fresh Term

Hello children! as Dez would put it =P hehe *shout out to Dez all d way in spain* hehe

ok so....i hv a reason for not writing in my blog and d reason is i dont like my blog its being mean to me =( some how my settings changed and i cant fix it!...all my link are at d bottom and d only thing that shows ontop r my vlogs and my posts...i just want my side links bk on my side but my blog wont let me :'( help me fix it!!! PLS!

tears aside....I PASSED MALTESE! im very happy bout that and because i passed maltese im off to JC hands-down no-qs-asked xD i dunno if id say im rlly excited bout it cos i dont rlly think i am =/ i hv a phobia of new ppl XD unless ive heard all bout a new person im most likely to be extremely quite around them and i dont like being quiet especially at d type of student in ur class hu asks all d stupid qs and makes every1 go "oh come on!" XD yes thats me *glee* also not excited cos i hv to start busing it to school =( which is not fun at all....especially since d bus schedule be on time for a lecture at 9 i hv to catch d bus at 8 =/ d times are ridiculous so yes...any offers :P XD?!!? i no most my blog viewers hv cars now so ha! *guilt trip flying ur way* =p especially u UNI ppl :P XD another reason i dont wanna start school is d obvious..i dont wanna work or study bla bla bla but to be totally honest im just a tad--ok maybe a bit more than a tad- bit scared of d lifestyle at JC..its not gonna be easy and its gonna kinda suck but hopefully ill get stronger through it =D (with d aid of my friends prayers for me o=)) teehee

anyhu...ive also decided that i MUST do a yr studying abroad...prefarably anywere on d british isle xD so if any1 has heard of anything pls tell me =D

on to sicker sick yet again...horrible cold =(...and its pissing me off cos im never fully not sick and its bloody annoying! this summer has been hilarious concerning my d matter of 3 mnths my health insurance has bounced and they refuse to pay anything that concerns my sicknesses xD cos im always sick and making them lose lots of moneys xD which i find hilarious but insomma...other than sicknesses i must say this happened to be an awesome summer...last summer rocked too and i havent decided which one is better tbh cos i had an o-level summer last yr too (well u can put it that way) cos i spent from june-august always hanging out with d ppl hu had finished their o's so like i got a taste of their full time summer and it was awesome =D but anyhu..i keep rambling...i shouldnt xD
so..ill be off now =) gonna put in some fotos of dr.john's bday...OH! btw i started writing a song..and for d first time EVER im making my own tune to it-not getting some instrument-playing person to make d tune..infact im making d tune off of my bass =D im actually getting a bit better at bass which is gud =) considering im teaching myself xD but off!

signing out with end of summer cuddles and blessings! xxx


Simon said...

well i guess if i have nothing to do and our time table match i could pass for you on my way down from bugibba....
i think the insurance bouncing is funny as
and yes i will be praying for u...
and dont lie to us...i never saw u as a quiet go on...go rock jc

mc said...

ahh kai wb missed ur blogs... im gona strt seeing u at skul now :D XD