Saturday, April 19, 2008

2nd vlog^^

Hey guys...second vlog up :) im loving vlogging its really fun! :D enjoy ^^

Signing out with 2nd vlogging cuddles and blessings xxx


Cheesus said...

Lool, you hate green, but all your text is green?
(Shun the non-beleiver, bright/lime green ftw xD)

Still pointless, but meh... Less pointless then the last xD

Mr. Nude said...

Hey Kai - Im talkin to you on msn right now =P Nice Vlog - a bit wierd but funny on the whole lool
How about...SPANK is Awesome Vlog for a name =D =P

Brooks said...

Lol Kai u could make it as a presenter - u have the PRESENTER GIFT =p XD Im rly enjoying ur vlogs karla so keep on doing it hehe U rly like to repeat words dont u? =p (but i admit it gives more effect haha)....vlog....vlog....vlog.....VLOOOOOOOGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! Muhahaha
Tc Vlogenter/presevlog(sry me feeling random) (vlog + presenter XD) dearest lol xxxx

Rob said...

hey kai!
u mentioned me XD preparing the talk atm hehe, d vlogs r kick ass, very enjoyable, well done XD
Good bless =)

Rob said...

i ment God bless not Good bless ok? =P nd bdw feel special it takes a lot 4 me 2 comment XD

Chrissy said...

that was entertaining.
Very entertaining xD

keep vlogging =D
*subscribes to you on youtube because i loveee youtube plus it's easier to watch/comment there*

god bless =D

maxi said...

karlaaaaa !! yey u mentioned the me and limeeeeness..dude i loved the effect u did wen u sed something bout achie and like suddenly there was xeba lime everywhere...well good !!..haha have u noticed how many times u sed anywho?! XDXDXD WOOO UR GREAT ! luffff uuuuu!! keep vlogging..and as for a name..hrmm..I DNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ..haha

maria angela said...

lool what a cutie u are kai!!! xD how swwt haha xD tenx matiee =P lool man ure funny ta!! i'll come to ur blogs during olevels to av a break and watch somethin funny like ur vlogs =P
God blss uuuu
viva l-vlogness xD

Simon said...

oh my again....
The only reason I'm enjoying it is cause i can do other stuff while listening to your randomness.
gd luck with the exams kai my dear....
and where's my penguiin card :(

Simon said...

hi again, just wanted to let u know, even though I can do other things while listening to your vlog, sometimes u just captivate me...and therefore, I over cooked my microwave popcorn to a black mass of melted muck :(
thanks kai :P

BeCk said...

hey im rly enjoying ur vlogs seriously they rly entertaining XD keep it up :)

Tom said...

bitch keeps stealing my mannerisms xD
ffs... i'm judging you now, you phrase theif xD
go l2SPELL xP
<3 love tom

maria angela said...

lool while i was studyin maths i realized something - how to spell vlog with ur calculator lool xD put the brackets )(and then press log xD hahaa aint i brainy?? XP

* Paula * said...

u said Drama Queen and u didn't mention me pfft :( but i still luv you :) ...XXXXXXX i'm really enjoying your vlogssss they COOLIOUS :p

MC said...

Vlogness lol i like dem kai... very amusing. they make me laugh... which i need to do due to the fact that i hv exams cumin up hence ive gone bananas lol anyways hope u vlog more :D:D:D:D:D tc gbu xxx