Sunday, June 26, 2011

For Whoever Might still be reading...

So its been a while since I've blogged, this year has been honestly crazy!
I thought I'd have time to get back into it after my 1st semester exams but once those were over it seemed like 2nd semester exams were already there!! I've been getting loads of comments during the months I haven't been blogging and I've decided it's time to start blogging regularly again...I'm not sure HOW regularly but I think I'm gonna try post my thoughts on this blog.
I learnt so much this year that I feel its the right thing to do =)
Share the answers that I've discovered about my doubts!
Theology is really having an effect on me and well for whoever is still reading...I think I'm really going to start getting back into this so stayed tuned (:

Monday, November 29, 2010


So lately I've been learning a lot of small things that i don't want to forget or things I'd like to adapt to my life and I don't want to forget them so i've decided to jot the down here seeing as I doubt anyone reads blogs anymore I think its the best place to write them were they can remain rather personal and at the same time might touch someone (:

so today's lesson:

I became accustomed to looking at the big picture and looking at what God wanted for my future and just seeking out the goal and just preparing for that and I never realized that I need to work for the now not the future so I've decided to take God on a day by day basis by praying for people on the spot, instead of forgetting to do it later and reading the bible because I feel like instead of waiting till I have time to have a whole quiet time session.
Yes, I'm gonna try work on the now. Do everything there and then and stop delaying things.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Things

I'm trying out new things with this blog. Ive been a bit created, ive tried the updating on my life, ive tried the random things that happen to me that can only happen to me. Now I trying something else...
this morning a bunch of my friends went up to soul survivor and for the first time in 3 years i didnt join them, and as weird as it feels to be in malta in what i had completely forgotten is the busiest week of the year, yes i am actually ok with this.
Im hanging out with people i dont often spend time with and im doing things i dont normally do. Ive decided that every new and awesome thing i do i shall write. So yes, ill be updating this post regularly (:

Day 1:
Playstation 3 at Petes :D
watched 21 XD
Selling energy saving lights at a camera shop xD
Actually walking it home :o
spring cleaning! XD

Day 2:
i touched over 70 cameras and honestly learnt too much if its possible xD
Shopping and hafna bonding with vanessa ^^
i bought jeggings. 'nough said XD
oh and awesome shoes :D
got some really pretty visions at community ^^

sold 10 cameras this week ^^
i changed my first diaper! XD
got to star gaze in the middle of the sea ^^
got to sing-a-long with christian music coming from the boat next to us who just happened to have a boat full of australian christians xD
played with kiddies all day :D
took some awesome pics (:
slept on the boat

Day 4
first dive of the year!! :D so grand ^^
saw 5 star fish
caught my first octopus ever xD
collected shells ^^
almost caught a fish XD
saw flying fish :D
changed more diapers xD
sailed home (:
watched ss on God tv XD
slept at val :D

Day 5
woke up and made friends with Val's mum xD
made pear bread which came amazing (Y)
finally watched repo men
had a mini ss ministry session in my living room :D

Day 6
xeba cameras yet again! XD
went up to bugibba and studied with van all day ^^
bbq at becky's! :D

so yes...a nice random week full of activities and i enjoyed every second of it ^^ <3

signing out.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

"This is the first day of the rest of my life"

This is the first day of the rest of my life. As I walk through those doors I know there is no turning back. I've left everything behind. I have no regrets. Moving to New York was the best decision I have ever made. My opportunity has finally come and I'm not wasting one minute of it on doubt.
I burst through the doors and stand with my head held high and a smirk on my face. The spotlight reaches me and I wait as I see all the heads turn to face me. They've found me. Thousands of people sitting with their heads turned, looking at me. Waiting. Expecting.
I open my mouth and the lyrics jump out onto the floor and rush to the stage. They fill the room with an excitement and joy that lifts everyones spirit. I start walking down the aisle, looking at the faces of those watching me. Some look confused, probably wondering why I've started from the back entrance instead of on stage. But what is a show without spontaneity ?
I'm reaching the climax of my song. I've reached the stage. I start walking up the stairs. My eyes haven't left the audience. I walk towards centre-stage. My song is finishing. I must woe them again. They will remember my name after this show! I will not be forgotten. I look down. I've reached centre-stage. I slowly look back up at the audience and sing the highest and loudest note I have ever sung in my whole life. I stop. I smile. I try to catch my breathe and wait. A few moments of silence.
A sea of people rise and applaud me. I am taken aback by the volume of screams and claps coming from the audience. I've never sung in front of thousands of people before. The lights go off and the curtains close in front of me. I take a minute to absorb everything that has just went on. I heard the hustle and bustle of people grabbing their coats and slowly making their way to the nearest exits.
I take my last deep breath and begin to walk towards the backstage. I am greeted and congratulated by millions of pearly white teeth on all those smiling faces. I've done well. I know.
After a good amount of time thanking people, I finally make my way up to my dressing room. I sit at my make-up desk and stare at the girl who was once too scared to even sing in front of her own mother. She's still hidden behind all that foundation and those false eyelashes, but she's finally almost gone. I've come a long way since then and with this major opportunity, many more will come. So I say ,"Hello!" to fame and "Goodbye." to fear and the life I used to lead.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, as some of you might know, 2 weeks after my dear Ellie was brought to me she was taken away and was re-given to me 2 weeks later after being analyzed and fixed by a technician! so yes...even thought i've had my beautiful laptop for a month, she's only actually been at me for 2 weeks now. I am just full of luck aren't I?
Also, for those of you who have not heard yet, I passed all my A-levels! yes yes awesome I know BUT [ yes there is ALWAYS a but with me] I didn't get into uni because I am 2 points under...yes funny isn't it? It has to be me right? There is always a catch when it comes to my life isn't there xD
Want to know what tops it all off? Today was the only day i got off work in the whole summer [excluding weekends] so I could go to the student advisor to see if there is anything I could do about my "narrow fail" so I got all excited about spending a few minutes talking to the advisor and off to the beach to enjoy my day off but ALAS! Little did I realise that half of Malta decided that they want to know what they're going to do in life today [and I thought I was the only person who didn't know that yet, silly me]. So yes, I picked a number (166) and sat my ass down and opened up my book and began reading when i heard the number 23 being called out and I thought oh dear I'm going to be here for an hour or two but I said it's ok I'm a patient person and I've got my book - I'm settled. Little did I know that my 2 hours turned into 7 and a half most wasteful hours of my life ><
To top that, my mum came in the last half hour and was moaning for she had to wait half an hour for what ending up being a 5 minute conversation with an advisor who had a cold and sneezed in my face >< \Mother felt bad for me afterwards so she took me to the point for a bit of retail therapy but of course there is another BUT! 5 minutes after I got into the point I start seeing people rush out...why you ask? a fire drill! And they were closing early 'cos of it.
Laugh, honestly, it's freaking hilarious at how much bordering bad luck I've had this last week ><
So I say to myself, how far can my patience take me? How much longer is God going to test my patience?

Any bets?