Monday, April 28, 2008

Away From the sun??

Hey guys n girls...well i didn't feel like vlogging today so i've decided to write a blog :) hehe well its very Christiany i think :S hehe well...i was listenign to 3doors down a few days ago and i realised how like there lyrics are actually christian and its like...they were hurt by there community...and i was talking to my bro and he was like "i think they left their community or they were hurt by them" like it shows in some songs..but anyhu..i think one of their songs rlly applys to me atm and i dont want to put much detail into it..ill just drop off the lyrics and the vid..if i find one and like..u tell can do the maths i guess...

It's down to this
I've got to make this life make sense
Can anyone tell what I've done
I miss the life
I miss the colours of the world
Can anyone tell where I am

'Cause now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines into the darkest place
I'm so far down, away from the sun again
Away from the sun again

I'm over this
I'm tired of living in the dark
Can anyone see me down here
The feeling's gone
There's nothing left to lift me up
Back into the world I know

And now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines into the darkest place
I'm so far down, away from the sun
That shines to light the way for me
To find my way back into the arms
That care about the ones like me
I'm so far down, away from the sun again

It's down to this
I've got to make this life make sense
And now I can't tell what I've done

And now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines to light the way for me

'Cause now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines into the darkest place
I'm so far down, away from the sun
That shines to light the way for me
To find my way back into the arms
That care about the ones like me
I'm so far down, away from the sun again

Oh no...
I'm gone...

[found a gud vid..says it all..kinda]

oh and say hello to d part of a channel..we repesent 7days of the week via d 7 colours of the rainbow ^^ hehe im friday--representing yellow ^^..we're starting it up in summer btw...

Signing out with the Son's cuddles and blessings xxx

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The interview

Hello my loved ones! well...i've decided that only special vlogs are gonna be posted on my blog hehe like this one :D its hilarious and u'll love it ^^ im gonna be blogging soon...just as this vlog dies down which is in around 3/4days...i wanna give a big thanks to my surpris guest ;) thank you so much! the idea was gr8! hehe and if any1 has any other fun ideas pls tell me :) and also if any1 had more qs...ill be happy to answer xD ;) I LOVE MY SPECIAL GUEST :D hehe MWA

Signing out with more vlogging cuddles and blessings xxx

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

K.A.I Vlogs!

Hey ppl! decided i dont wanna stay uplaoding my vlogs they r up on youtube on go enjoy :P and comment..n if ur not a you tube user u can always come bk here n comment here :P cos u love me n u want to do that :P XD

Signing off with K.A.I Vlogging blessings and cuddles xxx

Saturday, April 19, 2008

2nd vlog^^

Hey guys...second vlog up :) im loving vlogging its really fun! :D enjoy ^^

Signing out with 2nd vlogging cuddles and blessings xxx

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My first Vlog!

yey ok ppl i started vloggin :D hehe..hope u like it..its rlly fun xD n easier than blogs...but it takes d same amount of time XD so here it is...

Signing out with vlogging blessings and cuddles! xxx

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wat's up?

Hello my children!!
Well ive decided to post today cos i just CANT study..ive tried 3 diff. mind just WONT work today! n it needs a break jahasra..ive been working it everyday for a yr now xD so..i decided to check out how my studies are going instead..and well im almost done...and im rlly happy cos i feel quite prepared and like im on schedule..but i rlly need to focus more cos im forgeting alot :/ but anyhu...i finally finished school...i officially never hv to go to school again..though im going tom cos i need some help in a chapter of chemistry xD but anyhu..last few days were rlly fun and i got closer to more was fun :) *more pics of end of school on my hi5/facebook but videos only on facebook*
Hmmm..wat else must i say? im dying to go out! hehe im only allowed out once a week now and its sooo not enough wen im being such a loner cos of studies n stuff :/..and im rlly going mental..but im happy its almost over 45days!! wooot!! thats a bit for me ok :P
In other news..ive decided that i want to become a teacher or a psycologist so im happy i hv a goal now :D hehe and btw! im job hunting atm! so if u no of any vacancies pls contact me :) or if u hv a pretty job or no of some1 put in a gud word for me ;) hehe
I've also started drums n bass again..ive found some time to zvoga in them thnx to my rekindling by pete n a shout out to him for always being there ^^ xD now ill talk bout my weekends :) im enjoying my weekends quite a bit meeting a lot of new ppl and making friends quickly *shout out to maria, dee, san anton ppl n ofcourse d spank crew xD* hehe its rlly fun and im actually doing something fun in d weekends not just d same thing over n over offence to *socializing* xD
but baby cuz is now 2 ^^ hehe her bday was this weekend :D she's just d sweetest kuccla ull ever c! but is petrified of my bro so its rlly funny..every time he comes near matter wat an amazing mood she's in shell start crying and pull away form him xD its funny..
Shout out to simon too for his happiness :)

n to all my community friends..i rlly miss u guys n havent seen most of u in ages!! wont be able to make it to outreach cos of a lot of things :/ its become like it shows God doesnt want me there this yr :( but anyhu..atleast im still off to SS so yey hehe oh oh oh!! btw..i sang in mass this weekend ^^ hehe it was fun and i got some rlly encouraging commetns :) hehe tnx u all!! so ye..thats basically wats been up in my life..and also a BIG shout out to my boy Jesus ^^ for giving me amazing talents which i love using for Him :D hehe guys im dying to start dancing again! at y4j last weekend i just fell in love with dancing through worship again! amazing experience! ^^ and then sunday opened my eyes to how much ive always loved singing! hehe and also i was on God tube yest. and i found this guy called Coffey and man..he is just amazing! i fell in love with his style of music!! He rlly inspired me! :D hehe..and below there is a song that i think is sung at both y4j n community so like i wanted to show how he just makes it so much cooler :D hehe obviously no offence..i just think he is rlly cool xD and also there is another song of rihanna..umrella which he makes into a christian song..rlly worth seeing..its pretty :) ok ill leave u now! btw i hv my english oral today and my german listening on friday so prayers r requested!! :D hehe

Signing off with nice cuddles and blessings :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've been looking for love in another's eyes
Searching for water, but I come up dry
Thought that I could find
Happiness in the world's applause
Peace of mind in a worthy cause
Take me back, take me back
Go to trust in the simple truth
Got to trust all I really need is
YouI'm coming back toYou
The only thing I know worth living for
Will You take this heart and make it more likeYou
I give it back to You
It's obvious no one could love me more
I'm Yours,I'm coming coming back!

ok i didnt write that xD im not that gud:P its from a song i heard rlly struck me like..cos like last night i put on my ipod n shuffle n like this was s first song that came up..n i rlly felt like d first par. was wat ive been doing..n then it hit me that d chorus is wat i need to like ye...hehe...most of u might not no wat d hell im talking bout but a few of u no..basically i fell...and grazed everywere (im meaning spiritually) and by God's grace i finally got up with friends n daddy's help too..tnx guys ;) n im coming bk ^^ so yey hehe..i learnt my lesson and wat i need to do now so like coming coming bk :D hehe..ill leave u with d actual song now ^^

Signing out with forward cuddles and blessings xxx

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A day in the life of the Karls with Achie on the side...

No Joe I'm not mentioning you cos ur an ass and didn't come xP
Today i decided to finally blog about school..cos we soon leaving n it felt right to leave a typical day of memories...
so i decided to go to school xD and Karl didn't sit near for those of u hu dont no karl, he is a friend from school hu i do mad things with insomma...i spent most of d day just drawing during d lessons n writing school leavings..n well i normally draw ppl n today i drew a girl..n as usual karl judges her to tell me if she is pretty telling me if she is do-able or not xD....n i gave her pretty eyes n i nice chest so she was do-able xD..jahasra...but after small break Karl finally cae to sit near me..and as usual there was alot of raping..dw i raped him ;) xD..actually molested..cos d thing is i grab his ass and boobs alot xD...they r sexy ok xP hehe..and also i mind raped him abiut with d aid of kelly :D hehe..its our thing :P but anyhu...d conversations that me and karl had were hillarious...cos like between lessons martha was trying to learn how to punch karl n i decided to try too..and since just be4 that i bit his hand n found out he hadnt washed his hands..i was a bit pissed off cos i had a horrible taste in my mouth xD so anyhu..i decided to punch him...n i won :D meaning i hd d hardest punch then during lessons i stayed punching him n he thought me how to punch properly xD..another conversation was about his nads..YES bout his nads...cos at a point i tryed to punch his nads but apparently wen a guy sits his nads sink xD so he explained to me d whole situation about nads...quite interesting xD we also talked about rowin atkinson..or however u spell it and he shouted out orifice xD n then i sed hardcock..n for something stupid reason he sed haemoglobin :S yes THATS how weird karl is xD we also talked bout how stupid achie is for writing 1999-200 on my school leaving xD..look at it properly n ull realise how stupid it is xD and all at a point i randomly go "Karl..if i touch iu will u scream?" n he gave me a wtf? look..i love that lok xD..cos i was planning on grabing his ass..but d teacher was annoying n i didnt want a telling off xD..then..during I.T..of course...karl had to be a smart ass and made a pop up say karla is a man instead of error xD and Achie shows her stupidity wen he did another popup saying something like "joelikeshavingsoup" n she read it shaving soup instead of likes having soup :P xD but we love Karl..we do :P but miskin...he is silly xD..n has a small cock :P well i say he does but i personally dont no xD ah! we also had a discussion on how i buried my mouse..cos this weekend my mous died..n i told him i buried him in an empty butter container...n he burst out laughing saying.."i can't blieve its not mouse" xD yes we r that sick xD and also at another point i decided to give karl d show him im about to rape him..and for once he didnt gat scared and just sed "we're going to d bathroom ejja xD" that was funny hehe...this probably sounds rlly stupid to every1 but i wanted to write me its my blog leave me alone xP ALSO i must say i had a recess with paws :) which was swt cos i hadnt done that in ages..and we protested...its a thing we do...a grp of us just sit in d middle of d play gorud were d teachers walk n sing or do something and we called it our Tribe of protesting xD..n Karl threw a bottle at me during our protest but luckily he missed me but hit achie instead xD i laughed and pointed at her o=) of d teachers had a paw on her bag so me n paws freaked out..cps well..her nickname is paws :) hehe...also..after break..wen we came in our class we found most of d chairs of d other classs in our class and an extra teachers desk..and a desk with an underdesk...which wasnt normal cos our class is d only one without underdesks in it we werent d only ones hu went crazy xD and David came in all pissed off cos they were from his class and he sed he was gonna report us to d "kunsil" xD hillarious boy he is that one xD ..teachers also went our physics teacher was suppost to say(while reading a qs"2 trolley rubed together after colliding" nd she sed lawyers instead of trolley...if u play it bk it sounds hillarious xD and with our perverted minds it sounded worse..also..we had italian exchange students today..some were asian :S and i must say...asians speak funny italian xD and last but not least...we will learn d result of this tom...during our random moments in d chemistry lesson..d person i am...decided to make a sentence perverted by crossing out "liberating" and writing "lubricating on a pst d idiot that i am...i gave d pst ppr in cos i 4got wat i wrote n i had finished d ppr God knows wat she is gonna say tom xD..well its Karl's past ppr so il lblame it on him xD luv u karl :P...anyhu..ill leave u now :D hope u had a nice laugh sry there r no pics of dat day..but we cant take our cameras yet xD oh and i no this doesnt sound like me..but its a prt of hu i am..i just dont show this side to every1 xD

Signing off with hillariously freaky cuddles n blessings xxx