Saturday, November 8, 2008

Falling on dark times...

Ello loved ones...
well its me again..not so famous today tbh...yest was a gr8 day but turned out to be utterly horrible
Thing is (ok im gonna just vent out and put myself out there) i hv work right? its from 6-10 on fridays to sundays...and i dont mind it like..but d problem is after that i wanna go out..u no a whole week of work and no fun isnt gud for u so i wanna just relax a i end up out at 10.30/11 and i hv tp be home by 12 which is kinda stressful cos it means i just get an hr...and my mum gets all pissy cos she has to come for me late and shit so that doesnt help...but of course d tip of d ice burg yest. was that my buttons on my fon broke...and as some of u saving up..i need 1000euros by d time july comes along cos i wanna go to a dance school abroad for a bit and im already tight in getting d money as it like having to buy a new mobile is gonna make it worse..but atleast...tnx to paula..she is letting me borrow her old one till christmas so atleast ill get a mobile for christmas...but its still pissing off u no wat i mean?
also some other things happened but i dont wanna rlly talk bout that...and im also missing d fact that im not at d live-in of d youths this weekend =/...i missing u guys alot ok? dont forget bout me!!! i still love u all very much and ur still family to me...its jsut like i went abroad now or something
anyhu...welll i think thats my blabbing done...hope u ppl r all ok!!

Signing out with loving but emo blessings and cuddles xxx


Simon said...

Hey Kai...this is me at the weekend not forgetting about u :)
smile kai...
money?...pxxt..God is Greater than money and you know it. Why worry?

Karl said...

Hey kai dude your not alone wid regards to money problems lol im working my ass off this year cause i need balla money i think i told u why insomma. But it will be worth saving up and sacrificing both for me with my stuff and you for your dancing course!

p.s dont go all emo alright!

*Flashes Chest*

Take Care


Rachie said...

you worry me.

Amy said...

hey pupa

nothing is impossible with god, keep gng

i believe in you xxx

nessa said...

never ever ever ever forget about you. :( not possible..naqa :(
Also, You know kai that if God wants you there he's gna give you the money, if he doesnt want you there he'll either tell you or if u dnt listen..take ure money (hilarious God we have ;) ). Just pray that His will is done. in the meantime: xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx