Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Outreach or not to Outreach?

That is the qs xD hehe
hi guys! sry i havent blogged in ages but im lazy so leave me alone xP so basically yest. i went to community right? and i rlly enjoyed myself but like wen John was saying like wats happening next week and he talked abuot rehersals i was like, "i should be there" and like its weird cos i always had it in mind to come to outreach but i never rlly concidered it cos of money issues...then mike started bugging me about it :P XD and like telling me to stop being negative..and then on d way home i saw this billboard saying, "expect the unexpected" xD so im like "ok God...its up to u-u want me to having faith that u will provide" so ok guys..i need ur prayers! cos im thinking i hv to go xD and nothing will stop me cos im being positive :D hehe weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so prayers! and any donations will be greatly appreciated but i doubt there will be XD but hey...cant a girl dream :P o=)
in other news...the 747 videos began last week...for any1 hu wishes to go and also im addicted to gossip girl XD im watching d last episode and next week i think ill either start lost or heros...not sure....any comments :P XD and summers gr8 btw for any of u hu r still studying :P HANG IN THERE XD ur in me prayers ;)
oh! and also...this week i was going through my sms' cos like i need to delete alot xD cos i hv absolutely no space and i was reading through d messages and there were some rlly sweet ones and i rlly wanna thank u all for u sms cos they r rlly swt :) and it reminded me of how gr8 my friends are =) and also i had some sms from troubled friends and stuff and i realised how things rlly hv changed and hekk it makes me think how God has such an effect on our take a minute to look bk on how God has rlly changed u just in this past yr :) *minute of thinking* off hunnies xD
Signing out with Blessing blessings and cuddles xD xxxx


Simon said...

hey kai...donations may come up quite surprisingly unexpected
keep praying and if its God;'s will, you'll find a way, (or rather He will) trust me on this.
We have a swim to plan btw