Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello beautiful ppl!! :D

Im in a good mood ^^ XD weeeee...ok sorry i haven't blogged or vlogged in a while but as u know i've had exams and stuff..but now i finish in 2days so i hv some time since d last 2weks were my most hectic..blehh xD but anyhu..onto my new addiction :O!! addicted to SHOPPING! XD ive gone shopping like 3 times in d last week xD seriously..and not any shopping...clothes and shoe shopping ^^ seriously..its a rlly gud stress reliever!! and rlly fun :) i bought loadsa stuff ^^ weeeeee hehe oh and i did my nails again..this week red n blk..rlly nice n classy xD and..hmmm...but can i tell u? i never liked shopping xD but i dont no wat happened! XD i mean seriously...i went 2yrs with d same clothes and id go shopping only cos i seriously didnt hv anything nice to wear anymore xD but now its like loving it! XD im a bit mad ta...u can ask brooks or ach or zoe *fish* XD im going rlly mad...i think its cos im so excited that summer is i fel like it already started xD weeeee...oh and and...cos my bday is on sunday im even more excited cos i get my ID weeee i think i dont rlly care about being 16 or getting prezzies or anything..i think my best present will be my ID xD no use in explaining y xD but stilll weeee..oh btw for u community ppl ill be seing u this week :D so yey hehe oh and happy bday to joe n maria angela and fran and steve! <3 color="#33ffff">brooks' mummy puit me in a good mood too xD :P *brooks* XD

ok now im off!

Signing out with shopping cuddles and blessings! xxxx


Rachie said...

stop calling me body parts i don't even have please :P

andddd, be careful u dnt waste all ur flusies. And wth do u want for ur bday?!! with all this shopping ur doing wat on earth should i buy u?

maria angela said...

yaay shes back haha xD thanks deariee and u too!!!! :D:D lool maaa i knoww shoppings nice man!! haha xD xxxxxxxx

Zoe said...

agreesss with ach :P!! i dnt have tat body part!! and i still have doubts about brooks XD LOL anyway u mad??? i didnt know XD
and about shopping i started to love it too lately!! i mean i tottally hated it b4 with a passion but now ill be like YAY shopping my fav shop is peacocks atm XD

Amy said...

i like your good mood =)

Brooks said...

Aw Zoe, watch urself! Just cause u stuff ur chest wid tissues *sticks out tongue* - Lol Kai I rly can't see how my mum put u in a good mood, she was her usual hyper and excited self (depressing for me XD) haha and please refrain from calling me the parts of the body that zoe is likely to have XD Ciao kai xxxxx God bless

Simon said...

body parts...i can make an uducated guess....well....its always special getting the id...until the guy shows u the be ready for it.
see ya tomorrow kai

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