Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Saloon xD

hey guys n girlies...well today i want to talk bout last weekend cos i forgot to xD actually my past 3 weekends :O including this one hehe...well 2weekends ago Zoe decided to come to my house cos she is pretty hehe :) n insomma i did her hair n we hd some good girl talk :D nd we got all dressed up at went to y4j..last weekend...i ended up with Zoe Mina and Hillary at my door xD and we decided to call my room d saloon xD so last sat. i did mina's hair and adjusted hillary's ^^ and Zoe did their make was fun yes..very fun...we hd lots of laughs which Hillary wasn't a part of cos i gave her my letter so she went into her own bubble on my bed and just heard random words from wat we were talking bout like "CONSTIPATION" XD cos d thing is Mina was reading my bio notes on my desk n i was doing digestion n stuff and it was on d page of constipation so i told them wats it is...and at d end i sed "and thats d definition of constipation" and that was all hillary heard..and we all ended up in fits obviously xD..wat else...ah yes...poor Zoe was trying to tell us bout her dream...but me n hillary were talking bout d letter so u could imagine how alone Zoe felt with only Mina hearing her xD but was fun :D...n now this weekend im gonna hv Hillary behind my door to do her hair XD so yes..ive become a hairdresser xD..i should start charging *evil grin* hehe..well its better than studying be4 going out so i cant rlly complain xD this was such a random and completely diff. post from all my others..but anyhu xD..wat else do i hv to say?

im feeling like a real loner hardly going out...n i rlly dont feel like actually...ill honestly be happy with just a close friend being on msn and i talk to them a bit xD..i think all d studying is making me mental..or im just a weirdo xD...but im missing cuddles atm...i need AFFECTION!!! hehe ma..this post is hillarious ta! xD...btw i need ur prayers guys!...i need patience like rlly badly!! and kalmanti xD...seriously! thank God for Jesus hu is making shut my mouth im being random..ahjar i go! XD
Signing out with random cuddles and blessings!


Chrissy said...

No wonder you all looked so pretty last Sat =P
Gbu =) xxxx

Simon said...

if u start charging for hair, im gonna start changing for drawings *evil grin right back*
random posts are needed once in a while to lighten the whole feel of the blog.
and know what u mean bout the cuddles....come on strong. :P

H1llz said...

Wheee that was such a super duper weekend xD And I'm sorry but why were you talking about constipation ajmaaa =P One second I'm all happy reading my letter and being antisocial, then I get interrupted to listen to you talk about faeces dxxx ;] Ajma how much I enjoyed myself that day =D

Issa hopefully I'll still be allowed today since atm everyone's pissed off at me here 'cuz of my key -.-'
You're in my prayers, as always :] And I always have hugs available ^^ hobbok Kai xxxx

R.T said...

YEY! have been waiting for this post for like ages! Now i'll steal the photos.. muhahahaha
I'll post my reply sometime soon..
oh and btw studying turns people a bit mental so I understand you :P
thanks for making me pretty last sat! :)

God Bless

Rachie said...

*mentions the thing kai told her not to :P* loser.. we need to talk.

Matt said...

You are so weird...

...yes I realise I'm not one to talk