Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Extreme Make Over 2

Ello loved ones!
ok so lets get down to it shall we =P till now d decision is that im most probably not going abroad this summer cos d prices of d dance trip went up so ive decided that God just rlly doesnt want me to do it this yr for ye that im buying a gud fon ^^ which makes me a happy panda and ill be actually getting christmas prezzies this yr and not jsut money to save up..cos like for d last yr ive saved everything to go up to ss or like this yr im taking a yr off and jsut staying in sunny malta and saving up some money but livign life with d rest and not jsut saving everythin..decided i need a break =)
Other news...ive decided this is new yr is gonna be a yr of change..halli my changes started yset but still....2009 is gonna be my random yr were if i wanna do something im jsut gonna up and do it...being a silly teen ftw ^^ meanign gud crazy hairstyles and piercings and like things God asks me to do lfet right n centre...this yr kai is gonna be a fool..any1 wants to join :P?
this leads ur to our lovely hair...i changed my hair yest...ill put a pic up at the end..tis very sexy and grand =D it was kinda random...ive wanted to do it for a long time but never got down to do it and one day i jsut sed "wat d single...i dont care about my appearance atm..lets go for it" and wat do u no? it turned out quite gorgeous ^^ so yey =D
also...i went bk to st.mikes...was rlly fun and hilarious..i had a marriage concelling session with karl and ms.C...and wat struck me is my teachers told me ive become quiet =S it seems ive become more concervative and im not sure i liked wat i haerd =/ so ye im debating and wracking my brain on that statement a bit now =)
other than that i think things r fine...all my other appliances are healthy-ish xD and my grades r fine...execpt pure maths..but thats cos my teacher is a joke and im soon starting pl so ill be fine =) but i think thats it!

yes that is blue ur seeing in my hair :P

Signing off with blue cuddles and blessings! xxx


Simon said...

breing on the random ness!

BeCk said...

ooo lovin the hair kai :) well done

rache said...

i was there for randomness ^^ mwaaa