Wednesday, September 16, 2009

12 Days of Summer

Taken from the famous "The 12 Days Of Christmas" I have summed up my summer...

1 Funeral
2 Break-ups
3 Nights in a hospital bed
4 Hospital visits
5 Mourning people in my house
6 Sunny days spent at the beach out of all summer
7 Working days at Hilton
8 Day vacation - cancelled
9 Weeks of recovery from an operation
10 Approximate full days that I've seen my brother all summer
11 Weeks of studying for a resit
12 Sick visits from the doctor

I write this list out of psycotic humour...go with it

Signing off with 12 cuddles and blessings xxx

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The List

ok so today i was looking at my list of things to do in '09, and realised that a lot of things change. Basically in January I write a list of things that i want to do throughout the year, I do this because otherwise I'll do nothing xD Insomma, today I was looking at it and after ticking off a lot of things I realised that a lot of things I actually don't want to do anymore or found out I can't do this year anyway. Through all this I realised how easily things change and how you just have to seize the moment 'cos so much changes so fast its incredible!So yes, I'm determined on finishing my list as soon as possible and keep my septemebr extremely full xD Oh and I'm employed xD with yellow pages <3> end this blog i just want to ask...
Anyone want to go canoe-ing with me o=)?

Signing off with lists full of cuddles and blessings!