Monday, February 2, 2009

Google searches!!

ok so i decided to get down to this googley thing uber busy today but a mood of working so here it goes!

Karla needs medication. [dont u dare laugh xP]
Karla looks like barbie. [other karlas r sexy awesome :P]
Karla says, "Ooooh, pretty!" [omc so me xD]
Karla wants to getcha some lovin' [believe me, that was 1 of d least rude xD...go check 4urself]
Karla does some floor excersizes. [there is a karla on d show hi-5 XD]
Karla hates cameras. [i find that so contradictory to me]
Karla asks Gravitation what he wants to do with their planet. [ok..all karlas r weird]
Karla likes to sleep in d nude. [hilarious XD]
Karla eats a little crow. [disturbin yet found another google meme hu did this 1]
Karla wears super tight shorts! [found a porn star named karla spice xD]
Karla was arrested the same day. [no idea y]
Karla loves you. [honestly i found one that says that xD]


Kai needs help [wat is it with d needs 1s xD :S?]
Kai looks like she belongs in Cuba sipping a Mojito! [i hate mojitos XD note another female kai]
Kai says goodbye. [=(]
Kai wants a popsickle! [youtube vid of a little baby so cute!]
Kai does he love you? [hmmm...i dunno xD]
Kai hates pretentious people who use big words like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [ftw!!! XD i love that word but hate big words xD]
Kai asks, cockily. "Besides, why would she want a fish like you snogging her?" [love it!! XD so it seems kai is a unisex same xD!]
Kai likes ballons [^^ yey]
Kai eats Valentine cupcake. [i want one!]
Kai wears pretty much anything. [cant say d same for me rlly]
Kai loves me. [i found a you aswell but decided to go for d me one]

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Signing out with google search blessings and cuddles! xxxx