Monday, November 29, 2010


So lately I've been learning a lot of small things that i don't want to forget or things I'd like to adapt to my life and I don't want to forget them so i've decided to jot the down here seeing as I doubt anyone reads blogs anymore I think its the best place to write them were they can remain rather personal and at the same time might touch someone (:

so today's lesson:

I became accustomed to looking at the big picture and looking at what God wanted for my future and just seeking out the goal and just preparing for that and I never realized that I need to work for the now not the future so I've decided to take God on a day by day basis by praying for people on the spot, instead of forgetting to do it later and reading the bible because I feel like instead of waiting till I have time to have a whole quiet time session.
Yes, I'm gonna try work on the now. Do everything there and then and stop delaying things.

Wish me luck!