Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Daddy :D

Hehe...u guys probably think im mental..or am craving family..first with friends as siblings then im feeling like a mum and now this xD..well i just wanted to talk bout this rlly cute experience i had yest...well d thing is...only recently hv a started seeing the Lord as my dad, i mean He has always been my best friend and my Saviour but i could never c Him as my dad. but anyhu...ok i wanna tell this as a story cos its prettier! xP..excuse d here we go...

She climbed into her warm soft bed as she started thinking of Him. She thought to herself, "I'm in a romantic mood, i think ill read His love poems be4 i drift off." She opened the drawer and took out the book. She placed it on her quilt and stood up in her bed. She was confused on where to look for a romantic passage in such a book so she looked it up in the index. She looked throught some passages but nothing that she really like and just as she was going to loose hope she found was a pinky section called "daily devo" and its titled was [Prince charming has arrived]. This made her laugh of course since just a few days ago she had given up on the whole marriage scene but to her surprise this wasn't wat she thought it was. She read throught it and something rlly struck her from it;
"Day and night, He pursues you, demonstrating His love for you.
You want flowers? He created them!
Love letters? Read His Word...
To know you're worthy of love? He sent Jesus to die so you could live happily ever after with him! In more ways than you can imagine, God's telling you that He loves you. DON'T MISS OUT!"
She reflected on this and a thought came in her head, "since God is my dad, my best friend and also my lover...y shouldn't He sleep with me?"(side note: pls dont think of it some sick perverted thing cos i didnt) so she moved herself to d side and opened her quilt and whispered, "Jesus time for bed" ^^ she then slowly placed the quilt over her and imagined Him in His robes stood up on d wall of her bed and getting into her bed. She then imagined herself placing her head on his warm soft side as she gently whispered, "Goodnight Jesus" and drifted off to sleep....
That night was the best night ever, she slept so peacefully in God's presence and her dreams {for the first time ever} had God involved in them. She was a happy little penguin ^^
hehe and thats my story...and fyi...the only guy mentioned in this story in Jesus so dont get any thoughts concerning the begining piece. Now u no how im gonna go to slep every night telling u its amazing..u should all try it one day :)
Oh and btw...alot of ppl read my blog ive heard but no1 rlly comments..some feed bk would be only takes 5 mins to takes atleast 30mins to write blogs like i write being honest :P
Wat else i gotta say? hmmm...ah getting my mock far i havent failed anything...n these r mocks so im hppy hehe and oh! i went to uni today xD...with school...saw Cett...lets make a shout out to Cett hehe just for the hell of it made me think...and i rlly dont wanna go to Uni now xD i mean i dont mind 6th form but just doesnt seem right for me yet..i mean ive always wanted to study in a dance academy but i was getting unsed to d fact that that wont happen...but hu knows things change hehe...d 2 videos underneath r rlly nice...d first one is hilarious and fun..i love it :D its rlly jumpy and i love listening to d second one hehe..i love these bands..first is audio adrenaline and the next one is planetshakers...very nice :D hehe btw d first video needs extra volume..n listen to d chorus lyrics well they r so much fun :D hehe

Signing off with daddy cuddles and blessings xxx


Rachie said...

ehh kai this is round two of posting this comment.. *achie not amused*

Bassa u say we went with school and u dnt mention me, who first saw tine and embarassed myself screaming her name in front of ms.elaine, or paws who was with us the whole time! Bassa

Oh, and I think there's a reason you dont feel ready for Uni. It might be cos - maybe - Uni students are a bit older, and ur not mature enough in ur studies! pfft, you're not meant to feel ready :P Step by Step hun xD

Nice story, I know what u mean... exactly what you mean!

*hugs* btw i dnt think im comin tomoz, im feeling crap.

xx ur sis

Rob said...

hey kaila!
So do i find it hard to see God as my dad sometimes, but its cool wen i do >.< nd God always comes to us as the person we need most at that moment.
So God bless nd keep up the amazing posts XD

BeCk said...

hww swt what a lovely story...ill try that tonight actually thnks...i'll tell u hw it goes so thnks for the idea xx Gbu n tc ..o bde i agree with rachie...heh the reason why u dnt wana goo to Uni n stuff is like coz ur still's anthr faze of life that we have to go through uwxx...laqqas i wana go right now taa imma im sure we'll get used to the idea...first conquere 6th form tho ...then start tinkin abt Uni might help XD

BeCk said...

what funn!!! just heard the songs ...the fist song iss soo funky haha big big house...what funn man and the second one is just beautiful ahh planetshakers are soo good man!! they soo amazin i love them XD

H1llz said...

Ahh somebody's got family on the brain =P

Sweet post, especially the story - I don't think I've ever thought of God as /DAD/ myself come to think of it =s Hmmm your post is really making me think, which is a good thing :]
Agree with Achie completely regarding Uni - qas wasalna 6th form yet babe, first think about that - Uni is miiiiles away! And who knows what the future holds ux? :]

God bless, much love x x x x

maria angela said...

how nice kai, u kno, i never knew der wud be someone who did dat coz like i did used to try it..and now uve encouraged me to go talk to Jesus ^^ tnks lots!! ur guys' blogs are bein all of such gr8 help =] God blss yaaaa xxxxx

Simon said...

oy...i always comment, and i know how long a blog takes to write :P

the dad and sleeping thing is vry nice and true, my experiance s slightly different, u know the feeling of getting into bed and for the first 5 minutes its cold against your skin (electric blankets are bad for you boys, dont use them) well, asking for a warm hug from Jesus actually works :)

About your future
i never ever thought art would be my job, and look at me now :)


Charlene said...

Hey Karla!!

First time commenting on your blog..though you know it's not the first time reading it :P About Uni..well I wasn't ready for 6th form at your age let alone Uni so don't worry about it!! hehe it's only about two months ago that I started to feel comfortable with the idea of actually going there so don't worry...God will show you what He wants and He'll help you adjust to it just right!!

Tc Gbu and keep it up with such amazing blogs!