Thursday, March 6, 2008

Black to white to..grey?

Hello my keeping it wether u like it or not :P anyhu...welll to get d record straight, what I'm going to say is not effecting my motherly love! XD no what i'm about to say isn't coming from pms or from something that depressed me..and pls don't ask why...i'm gonna try explain it as best i can ok?
So basically i've made a final decision..I'm not getting married...yes its final. its not a cry wolf...and dont bother convincing me...its not gonna happen, ppl hu normally say it cos they don't think they can keep a commitment or there isn't someone out there for them...and i no that if i had to get married those things wouldnt hv been an issue. i just know guys..i was rlly thinking bout life n how i imagine myself in d yrs to come...i honestly think ill end up like a female "dr.john" if u no wat i mean...for those hu dont...basically remain single for d rest of my life and take care of my youths which to him are his children u no?...ive always thought bout doing that and somehow it just feels so much nicer to me than getting married i odnt no if God is just laughing at me cos he begs to differ or if He is smiling at me and teeling me..she finally understood it.
Now for those hu know me well wont think ill last without a guy or for sex in d future for that matter...but i honestly cant give a crap bout anything at peace and i like being this way...i dont care if in d future i do actaully meet some1 but if i do he is gonna hv alot of convincing to do cos im quite sure d only man out there for me is my future roomie and best friend..Jesus...and no im not becoming a nun! :P xD and id like to say sry to ach for ruining out white dresses plan xD but off...wat a surprise i gave u didnt i? kinda reminds me bout d first she was sure bout God (like i was bout not getting married) then all d sins came and she got confused (like me i got confused thinking i should) and at her last bit she finally got bk to her senses and ran to jesus ( like my post today)
i leave u my loves

Signing off with peaceful blessings and cuddles xxx


Rachie said...

you do not surprise me. I wasnt going to tell u but i nearly jumped when u started going on abt the white dresses! seriously i was like "since when?!" i see right through u, and I knew you'd go back to this... but its better to work it out for urself =] ttyl and Gbu my sis

Simon said...

well...whatever u think God wants for you my dear. If you just follow what He wants i know you'll be happy. It could lead to marriage or not...i still think you're too young to take a decision like this, Hell, I'm still too young, loads of experiances to go through and people to meet in our future. hug

maria angela said...

how swt kai =] lol i was thinkin, u could adopt kids so that you'll use your maternal qualities with them, and help them have an amazing mother like you!! =D

Anonymous said...

I think, what is it excellent idea.

Anonymous said...

J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

- Daniel

Kai said...

vous êtes les bienvenus, heureux d'avoir pu aider et je vous remercie

Anonymous said...

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