Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Streaks...

hello my people!

ok well..i havent blogged in a while but like ive hardly been on d comp as it is...u might think im lying but like even wen im online im hardly ever actually at d comp XD but anyhu....i just wanted to blog about d amazing weekend i had last week =) i was told to blog it not vlog it due to d fact that i havent blogged in a long time hehe..
so here it goes
well it actually started fromt Thurs...due to d fact that i dont hv school/work/anything weekend like...never ends..except on monday and thurs morning xD--its d only time im actually doing something that i dont wanna do but last thurs d community ppl came bk from d famous outreach xD yes i didnt go but im ok with it cos i learnt alot while staying here hehe but anyway..i decided to go to community that night cos i wanted to hear bout all d experiences and stuff =) and it was kick ass and after we went to mc d's (as per usual) were i got to indulge in a doughnut *yum* ^^ and it was tres fun cos i hadnt been to mc d's in quite a while...
On Friday...i decided to go with d community ppl to watch...*drum-role* Wall-E ....d most adorablestestest film in d world!!! go watch it! SO CUTE!..i had seen part of it on d comp but it brings out more cuteness at d cinema xD and and..then we all went to d Mustard Seed...cos im cool like that o=) and after i went with Rache and Achie and Debz to Rache's house..were Bob joined us and we went out again to meet d community ppl once again xD due to our boringness of staying home...well we go home at around 3.30 after that xD and ell...we went to sleep at around...5 xD weeeeeeeeeee
Saturday morning..i was woken up by a very inconsiderate Achie who jumped on me while Rache put her alarm near my ear so i'd hear that blessed noise and wake up xD but anyhu....i stayed a bit on d comp then while Debz went out with her family and Achie and Rache stayed making sandwiches and at 12 some friends came over so we'd watch d EXTENDED version of Lords of The Rings..the 3rd one xD which was hilarious and we ordered from pizza hut and Achie and Rache got offended cos no1 wanted their sandwiches...but anyhu... at around 6 i walked home trying to c how im gonna get to youth mass and beer fest at d same time xD and luckily for me i have friends with cars =D and i gots a lift with matt *tnx* and i gots to go to youh mass and beer fest and spent another amazing night with d community ppls =D teehee...
On Sunday morning..woke up at 8 to be at Valletta at meet my oh so lovable friend Cettina!! =D and we ventured to Tarxien to paint some walls at her Aunts orphanage place hehe and it was very enjoyable =D *tnx Cett* i then began my journey to Valletta and then to San Gwann at around...2 XD and then i came home..did my hw and it was off to my aunt's to c my family cos i hadn't seen them in a rlly long time =/ and wats funny was i hadn't seen my baby cuz in 3 months and i thought she forgot me but she didnt and she gave me a hug and a kiss and stayed loving me =D and as usual..she cried at d glimpse of my brother xD i find it so hilarious xD but anyhu..then me n mig drove off to Wardija to go to Anna's house were Steve n his family are living atm and we had a nice long swim there and i spent yet another evening with d community ppl =D and if i hadnt had pl on monday morning i would hv had an amazing monday too with y4j and buon cafe after xD never been done be4 lol but anyhu..i wrote too much so im off now cos Rache came xD she says hi...<3>
Signing off with cool blessings and cuddles! xxx


Simon said...

We are the cools people.
Fun-ness was had and now i get to film you next weekend :P

rache said...

maybe you should give other reasons as to why you don't blog often.. like the exessive spelling mistakes that have to be corrected or all the pretty colour changes =P
ajma baby, yes yes i love you much and i stole you away cos you are mine *cancelling out the fact of you belonging to only Jesus and Jesus alone for a second* MINE!!!!!!!!!!
God bless sweetie xxxx =)