Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Should I be saying sry?

hey guys..long time no blog xD
well...last update on outreach...tom is outreach xD and im still not allowed to go..seems like this wasd just a lesson in humility but im not giving up till 10 am tom xD but anyhu...i got my results and from the looks of it im off to de la salle if im lucky but if im not its JC xD not gonna bother for SAC cos they dont hv the subjects i want...oh and btw...if uve taken chem A-level or maths or both together...pls leave me a comment on how u found them cos like i want to c if im making the right choice hehe
On a less schoolish season finished last week hehe and i must say i enjoyed mine mostly..obviously..cos like it was mine xD and open bar and cool hehe so some time this wek im gonna try make a vlog full of stuff that went on between end june beginning july cos im cool hehe *btw i still vlog..i just dont put them up herei leave them on my and i also vlog on*
anyway...ull be happy to no that ive finally calmed down xD for those of u hu know wat ive ben up to this summer will no that ive gone a little over d top and ive come bk down to earth and calmed down a bit was needed as it was going way too far...probably most of u dont no wat im talking bout but and nod ppl SMILE-AND-NOD XD
well i think thats its for today..i cant promise u that ill be blogging more frequently but itll be on my msn wen i do! cos like i hv a resit cos i got a 6 and i needed a 5 (for 5 marks more i would hv made it) *tries not to swear* so ye im busy studying and going to pl again bla bla bla but off
Signing out with 5 cuddles and 6 blessings! xxx