Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello beautiful ppl!! :D

Im in a good mood ^^ XD weeeee...ok sorry i haven't blogged or vlogged in a while but as u know i've had exams and stuff..but now i finish in 2days so i hv some time since d last 2weks were my most hectic..blehh xD but anyhu..onto my new addiction :O!! addicted to SHOPPING! XD ive gone shopping like 3 times in d last week xD seriously..and not any shopping...clothes and shoe shopping ^^ seriously..its a rlly gud stress reliever!! and rlly fun :) i bought loadsa stuff ^^ weeeeee hehe oh and i did my nails again..this week red n blk..rlly nice n classy xD and..hmmm...but can i tell u? i never liked shopping xD but i dont no wat happened! XD i mean seriously...i went 2yrs with d same clothes and id go shopping only cos i seriously didnt hv anything nice to wear anymore xD but now its like loving it! XD im a bit mad ta...u can ask brooks or ach or zoe *fish* XD im going rlly mad...i think its cos im so excited that summer is i fel like it already started xD weeeee...oh and and...cos my bday is on sunday im even more excited cos i get my ID weeee i think i dont rlly care about being 16 or getting prezzies or anything..i think my best present will be my ID xD no use in explaining y xD but stilll weeee..oh btw for u community ppl ill be seing u this week :D so yey hehe oh and happy bday to joe n maria angela and fran and steve! <3 color="#33ffff">brooks' mummy puit me in a good mood too xD :P *brooks* XD

ok now im off!

Signing out with shopping cuddles and blessings! xxxx

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello lovelies...ive only got 10mins left be4 i go bk to studying so idecided to blog! cos my last vlog sucked *didnt put it up* so ye..hmmm..i dont think many ppl read this anymore so like killing time co sim bored xD but for those of u hu that im going a bit mental xD till now ive done 3 o-levels in 2 weeks and now starting from tom ill hv 8exams (4 o-levels) in a matter of 5days..but thats matsec for u i guess :S i went out during d week which made me ahppy this week ^^ XD it was fun :) took off alot of stress..ppl do it! XD but i was watching grey's hooked on it atm...and like this song came up and im like..WOW its rlly old..i used to listen to it wen i was young and insomma i looked it up and i found out its of lifehouse (same band hu did "everything"-song ofr d mime i was in) so wat a coincidence is that!?!? XD but anyhu..ill put it up now cos its rlly nice...d words on d video r rlly swt but put more emphesis on d song..its rlly pretty ^^ i missed it and it rlly relaxes me :) oh and d spelling in d video is horrible xD and then they say im bad! pfft!..but anyhu..shouting out to brooks matt pawlu kikka joe mar fran sue benny cos bdays sake xD cant rem. anymore..but those i know had or r having their bdays in may :) so yes xD hehe
ok so ill leave u ^^ and im missing community atm :( and and....if u have godtv go watch it at 11pm (everyday) xD u wont regret it :)

Signing out with madening cuddles and blessings xxx