Monday, April 14, 2008

Wat's up?

Hello my children!!
Well ive decided to post today cos i just CANT study..ive tried 3 diff. mind just WONT work today! n it needs a break jahasra..ive been working it everyday for a yr now xD so..i decided to check out how my studies are going instead..and well im almost done...and im rlly happy cos i feel quite prepared and like im on schedule..but i rlly need to focus more cos im forgeting alot :/ but anyhu...i finally finished school...i officially never hv to go to school again..though im going tom cos i need some help in a chapter of chemistry xD but anyhu..last few days were rlly fun and i got closer to more was fun :) *more pics of end of school on my hi5/facebook but videos only on facebook*
Hmmm..wat else must i say? im dying to go out! hehe im only allowed out once a week now and its sooo not enough wen im being such a loner cos of studies n stuff :/..and im rlly going mental..but im happy its almost over 45days!! wooot!! thats a bit for me ok :P
In other news..ive decided that i want to become a teacher or a psycologist so im happy i hv a goal now :D hehe and btw! im job hunting atm! so if u no of any vacancies pls contact me :) or if u hv a pretty job or no of some1 put in a gud word for me ;) hehe
I've also started drums n bass again..ive found some time to zvoga in them thnx to my rekindling by pete n a shout out to him for always being there ^^ xD now ill talk bout my weekends :) im enjoying my weekends quite a bit meeting a lot of new ppl and making friends quickly *shout out to maria, dee, san anton ppl n ofcourse d spank crew xD* hehe its rlly fun and im actually doing something fun in d weekends not just d same thing over n over offence to *socializing* xD
but baby cuz is now 2 ^^ hehe her bday was this weekend :D she's just d sweetest kuccla ull ever c! but is petrified of my bro so its rlly funny..every time he comes near matter wat an amazing mood she's in shell start crying and pull away form him xD its funny..
Shout out to simon too for his happiness :)

n to all my community friends..i rlly miss u guys n havent seen most of u in ages!! wont be able to make it to outreach cos of a lot of things :/ its become like it shows God doesnt want me there this yr :( but anyhu..atleast im still off to SS so yey hehe oh oh oh!! btw..i sang in mass this weekend ^^ hehe it was fun and i got some rlly encouraging commetns :) hehe tnx u all!! so ye..thats basically wats been up in my life..and also a BIG shout out to my boy Jesus ^^ for giving me amazing talents which i love using for Him :D hehe guys im dying to start dancing again! at y4j last weekend i just fell in love with dancing through worship again! amazing experience! ^^ and then sunday opened my eyes to how much ive always loved singing! hehe and also i was on God tube yest. and i found this guy called Coffey and man..he is just amazing! i fell in love with his style of music!! He rlly inspired me! :D hehe..and below there is a song that i think is sung at both y4j n community so like i wanted to show how he just makes it so much cooler :D hehe obviously no offence..i just think he is rlly cool xD and also there is another song of rihanna..umrella which he makes into a christian song..rlly worth seeing..its pretty :) ok ill leave u now! btw i hv my english oral today and my german listening on friday so prayers r requested!! :D hehe

Signing off with nice cuddles and blessings :)


Maria.x said...

Kaiiii =] Yay ^^ You shouted out to Meeee xD Was great to meet you and you've left an amazing impression on me cause i think you rock my socks xD [aka... you're awesome!] ^^ Sooo... yea!

Keep In Touch Mon SBBF! ;]
Mwaa! x x x x x Maria [ur sbbf]

BeCk said...

hey kai :) i tink u have an amazing voice..told u @ church...but i wanna tell u again :) :) ahh b e a u tiful XD...also love the songs you put up...specially the remix of Umbrella...its amazering :)anywayz ill cu on sat...btw glad to hear that ur doin well in ur studies..n also gud luck for ur exams..course i'll pray for u :) :) :) ...erm i tink thats it...Gbu n tc xx

Zoe said...

pfft you stole my pic silly human xP and im glad your having fun ^^

Amy said...

hey kai!!
I feel d same way...with school finishing last week, i got really close to some school friends...and i feel so much i get u completely!!!Obv never forget the friends God gave u at y4j =) I love you pupa mwa tc gbu x x x x x x

Karl said...

wadap fool dude i want to become a psychologist!!!! we cant have 2 karls being a psychologist :P haha we start competing who gets the most ppl coming to us XD haha Though u being a teacher is a scary thought XD haha ajma karla x'nejk fik :p

Simon said...

woot...teachings fun....u get to mould young minds to your crazy ways. =)

keep up the happiness kai, and ill promise o try doing the same:)


Tom... said...

ZOMG that picture of me is cringeworthy >.>'
Don't i sounds like a blathering homosexual...
Somma... enjoy... and p.s. teaching will be hard as tits if the students are anything like we were -.-'
"Stop brushing your hair while i'm explaining!"
ahhh... the minge times...