Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1yr anniversary

hey guys! well..i missed my 1 yr anniversary with my blog by 3days XD *woopsy* just wantewd to make a quick studying like mad atm cos tom i hv my malt. resit...PRAYERS R GREATLY APPRECIATED!! and i still dont belong to a school yet xD...JC r waiting for me to pass maltese and im on d waiting list for DLS...they hv to fon on thurs..if not..its JC..or well..naxxar if i dont get my maltese...which i think ill get..i got my revision of paper today...they rlly praised my writing but they didnt change my mark :/ cos they r silly XD..apparently my literature was d problem...hence ive been studying loads...err...Y4J live-in coming up in beg. a new email addy...its taken from Job 5:7 if u were wondering *Achie<3* im making an ss video but its taking abit long..still hv to put up my pics XD *facebook<3* oh and btw i was thinking...cos like i decided to read d bible from Genesis to Revelation and like im getting abda qs cos im not understand certain things...wat dop u think if i post my qs here and u ans them for me not getting many comments so i dont actually no hu is reading my blog..hence im asking d little viewers that i hv be4 actually doing it so....comment and tell me watch think :)..btw tnx sara for d notes..ur an angel :) GBU!

Signing out with 1yr cuddles and blessings! xxx


maria angela said...

i read ur blog!! :P if u need anythin ill help u xD but i mean, im not that experienced with religion.. i only have the olevel like u lool xD but im gona study it at intermediate.. maybe i could help u some time or another :) ;)

happy anniversary!! xD today i checked mine lol its in january haha xD

a huge GOOD LUCK!!!! =D i kno u can do it!! :) will be prayin fr ya matie ^^


Brooks said...

Aw kai, I got my revision of paper as well...apparently my spelling is the lit essays were good according to the revision of paper but the spelling screwed me up...So not in the mood for this exam...

Amy said...

we could always try to answer =)

MC said...

aw kai i cld try help frm the little dat i knw. hope exam went well xxx mc

Matti said...

Hope you did well in your Maltese resit - as crap as that subject is, believe me - and that you'll get into JC.

Congrats on blogging for 1 yr, my (online, accessible to all) blog might have been up for around a week now but I've been blogging for er... 3 years lol


Sara =D said...

i read it too =D I'll try answer any questions, and no problem at all RE. the notes! I'm really glad they helped hun! Blessings x x x