Thursday, March 27, 2008


ah...hello my children hehe...well Spring has arrived...doom doom doom....well i love spring cos its like pretty and there is lots of sun but fresh breezes too so u dont get too hot but still get tanned xD but unfortunately my spring will be spent inside cos of my silly exams next month :O ehh but other than d weather i dont rlly like spring close friends now y xD lets just put it this way shall we? its mating season xD and that sounds so wrong! hehe but not gonna be bloggin much unless i rlly hv something to say cos like im getting rlly busy n stuff n im not even having much time for hillary's letters :( ehh...but im excited ta cos like this summer is gonna rock :D hehe this post is so for nothing jahasra but i felt i needed to blog a bit hehe...oh btw i kinda almost broke my toes yest xD cos we went on a hike n i was playing this game n Glenn bashed into me n hit my toe n it was hurting n wen i got home i took off my shoe n there was blood allover my sock n my toe nail chipped from d middle n i cant wear most shoes for now...i hv to stay in flip flops which freeze my toes but anyhu! x'tamel!! anyhu...comments r going down again pfft :P hehe n every1 loves my new hair for any of u that havent seen it yet hehe..its very smexi :D
ill leave u with a pretty comedy now :) in honour of drea hehe

Signing out with spring's warm cuddles n blessings xxx

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What if its Him?

hey guys n i havent been myself...i mean everythings normal ta but i just felt like i wasnt being myself...n insomma i was talking to Jesus bout it and i was telling him no he is there..n i no he loves me...n i no he knows me more than any1...and like i no d basics...but there is still something missing n for these past 2 weeks ive been trying to find this missing something! n its been killing me...n thats y i havent been me...n insomma i called this thing my missing link..thats y on my pm on msn it was *missing link*...and insomma at first i thought i found it was basically d solution of one of my problems atm...but it wasnt working at all...i mean i still hv this problem n i thought that d missing link was d answer to this problem which i thought will soon be coming..n didnt...n today iwas talking to Achie on msn and telling her im confused...cos like she n bob r d only one's i rlly talked bout it to...n she sent me this link of this funny clip on you tube to cheer me up...n i just knew that with this link something was gonna happen..i knw God wouldn't let this opportunity pass...and sure enough he didnt...after i laughed a bit at this clip...d first song on d side struck i clicked on was called..God speaking..and i was like ok?...i no uve been speaking to me lately..but wat this bout?..n like He told me to be silent n c i did..n im telling u by d end of it i was just crying...n calling out to God! it just rlly impressed me guys...n it just clicked...wat i was missing was God's Love...i had d knowledge..but i didnt hv d love!...its like u hv d equation but u also need a solution kinda thing...n hekk it clciked...n its so amazing!...u no tom he is gonna give his only son for us again!!..guys u dont no how happy im feeling atm...i found my missing link but its as if i found God again! God rlly loves me guys...n it rlly makes me smile now..n like u no He rlly nows us? d song it says...
have u ever heard a love song that set ur spirit free?
have u ever watched a sunrise and felt u could not breathe?
What if its Him? wat if it's God speaking?
have u ever cried a tear that u could not explain?
have u ever met a stranger that already knew ur name?
...and hekk it struck me..n later it expalins how he just uses anything to show us that he loves us...and hekk he just uses anything that he nows will strike us to show us that he loves us..and he wouldnt be able to do this unless he rlly knew u would no how to get d attention of ur best to show them that u need them...or a "code" between u 2 cos u no eachother...n God does d same..n d more we get close to him d more he shows us...cos we get to no him so its like more a best friend "code thing" and its so cool!! ah im rlly blabbing!! ill just leave u to d song now hehe...enjoy...

Signing out with lovable cuddles and blessings!! xxx

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


NO I AM NOT BEING VAIN :P..i just want u to remember my long hair^^ i feel so refreshed guys...but i miss playing with my hair!! hehe for u saying wth is she taking meaning i just cut my beautiful long hair and boy did it came didnt come like d pic i sent most of u..cos its much shorter...but its a like how i originally wanted it :D hehe its lighter too hehe...ah i just stayed describing my hair..i was gonna to a be4 n after thing but i decided to leave u in suspence till u all c me so i just did a be4 pic :) cos im a special teaser :P so anyhu...going on wat i wanted to say...well hillary's hair came pretty :) it would hv been prettier but we ran out of time xD well insomma not prettier but straighter...her hair is a monster!!! i swear i think it fought bk a couple of doesnt like being brushed xD well anyhu...going on to meeting of that night...well d thing is i went to d very bk during worship n behind me there was this girl crying...cos i was were no1 can c u like...n i felt God telling me to go talk to her but i chickened out :( but then i saw cett i knew it was God talking cos wen u dont do something and God rlly wants it done He gets some1 else to do it...and insomma then i went near ach n paws...yes i moved alot during d meeting xD and insomma i felt God tell me to go talk to some1 so like i did since i didn't do d first thing and at first i thought it was for nothing but then i realised that d person learnt from wat i told them :) so that made me happy :) but then again...i went somewere else to worship n again..i felt God ask me to do something and im like come on! y me!! i mean God only started to talk to me properly like a mnth ago n sometimes He just doesnt stop..i mean i cant complain..its cute but like wow! hehe..n insomma i felt weird doing wat he asked so i decided it wasnt from Him n left it at that..but i knew i would be d only person hu could rlly do this so it was like eating me inside..u no how? n insomma d talk came n we all sat n d talk was bout how we should always obey wat God asks us to do..n i didnt no d talk was bout this and i was like illa! God has been doing this with me threwout d whole meeting xD..n insomma d talk finished n it was rlly nice! proset sam! n insomma after d talk they said any1 hu never gave there life to God properly get up if u want n d person near u will pray with u...n i just lloked at this person n God sed go now! n i just shot out of my place cos i was all jazzed up botu doing wat God wanted and insomma i prayed with this person n she told me some things n we prayed together n it felt so good working for God n i love listening to Him its so cool!! i mean ive been waiting for Him to speak to me for 2 n a half yrs! n boy was it worth d wait!! oh n d next day i met d person that i had to do something to but didnt hv d guts to..n i did it hehe :D so i felt better :) hehe..its so cool guys :D anyhu..i talked anough xD so ill leave u put a pic of my new hair style..or not to put a pic :S..hmmm...maybe tom :P
Signing out with hairy cuddles n blessings!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Saloon xD

hey guys n girlies...well today i want to talk bout last weekend cos i forgot to xD actually my past 3 weekends :O including this one hehe...well 2weekends ago Zoe decided to come to my house cos she is pretty hehe :) n insomma i did her hair n we hd some good girl talk :D nd we got all dressed up at went to y4j..last weekend...i ended up with Zoe Mina and Hillary at my door xD and we decided to call my room d saloon xD so last sat. i did mina's hair and adjusted hillary's ^^ and Zoe did their make was fun yes..very fun...we hd lots of laughs which Hillary wasn't a part of cos i gave her my letter so she went into her own bubble on my bed and just heard random words from wat we were talking bout like "CONSTIPATION" XD cos d thing is Mina was reading my bio notes on my desk n i was doing digestion n stuff and it was on d page of constipation so i told them wats it is...and at d end i sed "and thats d definition of constipation" and that was all hillary heard..and we all ended up in fits obviously xD..wat else...ah yes...poor Zoe was trying to tell us bout her dream...but me n hillary were talking bout d letter so u could imagine how alone Zoe felt with only Mina hearing her xD but was fun :D...n now this weekend im gonna hv Hillary behind my door to do her hair XD so yes..ive become a hairdresser xD..i should start charging *evil grin* hehe..well its better than studying be4 going out so i cant rlly complain xD this was such a random and completely diff. post from all my others..but anyhu xD..wat else do i hv to say?

im feeling like a real loner hardly going out...n i rlly dont feel like actually...ill honestly be happy with just a close friend being on msn and i talk to them a bit xD..i think all d studying is making me mental..or im just a weirdo xD...but im missing cuddles atm...i need AFFECTION!!! hehe ma..this post is hillarious ta! xD...btw i need ur prayers guys!...i need patience like rlly badly!! and kalmanti xD...seriously! thank God for Jesus hu is making shut my mouth im being random..ahjar i go! XD
Signing out with random cuddles and blessings!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Daddy :D

Hehe...u guys probably think im mental..or am craving family..first with friends as siblings then im feeling like a mum and now this xD..well i just wanted to talk bout this rlly cute experience i had yest...well d thing is...only recently hv a started seeing the Lord as my dad, i mean He has always been my best friend and my Saviour but i could never c Him as my dad. but anyhu...ok i wanna tell this as a story cos its prettier! xP..excuse d here we go...

She climbed into her warm soft bed as she started thinking of Him. She thought to herself, "I'm in a romantic mood, i think ill read His love poems be4 i drift off." She opened the drawer and took out the book. She placed it on her quilt and stood up in her bed. She was confused on where to look for a romantic passage in such a book so she looked it up in the index. She looked throught some passages but nothing that she really like and just as she was going to loose hope she found was a pinky section called "daily devo" and its titled was [Prince charming has arrived]. This made her laugh of course since just a few days ago she had given up on the whole marriage scene but to her surprise this wasn't wat she thought it was. She read throught it and something rlly struck her from it;
"Day and night, He pursues you, demonstrating His love for you.
You want flowers? He created them!
Love letters? Read His Word...
To know you're worthy of love? He sent Jesus to die so you could live happily ever after with him! In more ways than you can imagine, God's telling you that He loves you. DON'T MISS OUT!"
She reflected on this and a thought came in her head, "since God is my dad, my best friend and also my lover...y shouldn't He sleep with me?"(side note: pls dont think of it some sick perverted thing cos i didnt) so she moved herself to d side and opened her quilt and whispered, "Jesus time for bed" ^^ she then slowly placed the quilt over her and imagined Him in His robes stood up on d wall of her bed and getting into her bed. She then imagined herself placing her head on his warm soft side as she gently whispered, "Goodnight Jesus" and drifted off to sleep....
That night was the best night ever, she slept so peacefully in God's presence and her dreams {for the first time ever} had God involved in them. She was a happy little penguin ^^
hehe and thats my story...and fyi...the only guy mentioned in this story in Jesus so dont get any thoughts concerning the begining piece. Now u no how im gonna go to slep every night telling u its amazing..u should all try it one day :)
Oh and btw...alot of ppl read my blog ive heard but no1 rlly comments..some feed bk would be only takes 5 mins to takes atleast 30mins to write blogs like i write being honest :P
Wat else i gotta say? hmmm...ah getting my mock far i havent failed anything...n these r mocks so im hppy hehe and oh! i went to uni today xD...with school...saw Cett...lets make a shout out to Cett hehe just for the hell of it made me think...and i rlly dont wanna go to Uni now xD i mean i dont mind 6th form but just doesnt seem right for me yet..i mean ive always wanted to study in a dance academy but i was getting unsed to d fact that that wont happen...but hu knows things change hehe...d 2 videos underneath r rlly nice...d first one is hilarious and fun..i love it :D its rlly jumpy and i love listening to d second one hehe..i love these bands..first is audio adrenaline and the next one is planetshakers...very nice :D hehe btw d first video needs extra volume..n listen to d chorus lyrics well they r so much fun :D hehe

Signing off with daddy cuddles and blessings xxx

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Black to white to..grey?

Hello my keeping it wether u like it or not :P anyhu...welll to get d record straight, what I'm going to say is not effecting my motherly love! XD no what i'm about to say isn't coming from pms or from something that depressed me..and pls don't ask why...i'm gonna try explain it as best i can ok?
So basically i've made a final decision..I'm not getting married...yes its final. its not a cry wolf...and dont bother convincing me...its not gonna happen, ppl hu normally say it cos they don't think they can keep a commitment or there isn't someone out there for them...and i no that if i had to get married those things wouldnt hv been an issue. i just know guys..i was rlly thinking bout life n how i imagine myself in d yrs to come...i honestly think ill end up like a female "dr.john" if u no wat i mean...for those hu dont...basically remain single for d rest of my life and take care of my youths which to him are his children u no?...ive always thought bout doing that and somehow it just feels so much nicer to me than getting married i odnt no if God is just laughing at me cos he begs to differ or if He is smiling at me and teeling me..she finally understood it.
Now for those hu know me well wont think ill last without a guy or for sex in d future for that matter...but i honestly cant give a crap bout anything at peace and i like being this way...i dont care if in d future i do actaully meet some1 but if i do he is gonna hv alot of convincing to do cos im quite sure d only man out there for me is my future roomie and best friend..Jesus...and no im not becoming a nun! :P xD and id like to say sry to ach for ruining out white dresses plan xD but off...wat a surprise i gave u didnt i? kinda reminds me bout d first she was sure bout God (like i was bout not getting married) then all d sins came and she got confused (like me i got confused thinking i should) and at her last bit she finally got bk to her senses and ran to jesus ( like my post today)
i leave u my loves

Signing off with peaceful blessings and cuddles xxx

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Hello children!! im hving to post from my dad's comp cos my internet connection is being lazy today and doesnt want to love d conection downstairs..miskin i wore him out xD....well for those wondering y i put a pick of spinola bay on my post...u can continue wondering..that pic is for one person XD they no hu they going diving!! :D hehe well i want to go diving...there! at that bay!!! how random i must sound xD
but basically i wanted to talk bout something that happened to me at d lenten one of d days i was in praise upstairs..and at one point i felt like readin d bible...but i didnt hv one so i borrowed bob's...n i love his bible cos normally it gives me pretty readings! but it didnt want to give me pretty reading so i got all annoyed but suddenly like i just felt something saying david...n im like david...then i realised no! daniel!! im looking up daniel in d index....and im like daniel..daniel...daniel..and it hit..daniel 6! im like..but i never read daniel...wat could possibly be in a book i never read?..but i opened it on daniel 6 and im looking at it...and d title hits.... DANIEL IN D LIONS DEN!! but ive never actaully read it..i just heard bout i read it..and im like wat on earth does this hv to do with me?? and insomma its been racking my brain lately and i told hillary bout it..n somthing she sed just made it all click!! shes like its bout trusting God and letting him do wat He needs to do..or something like that..cant rem. xD n it totally made sense guys!! it rlly did!! u c lately some thigns hv been really ruining my singleness and my mission for d moment...and i didnt no how to get rid of them and it just clicked..i hv to leave them with God and just let him take them and let Him do wat He gotta do u no? hehe i feel smart now that i figured it out XD..well i think thats all i had to write..
no its not XD guys..i realised something..i love writing!! as in stories!! i just love it..i wrote a story to hillary today and i jst fell in love with writing it...i mean i got so into it that i just zoned out into d was sooooo cool!!! i wanna be a writer guys!!! i love it so much!!! one day ill write a story just for my bloggers to enjoy :) hehe...C!!! another motherly feature!...making stories for her kids ;) XD i rlly wanna no y God is making me such a mother XD...probably showing me how i do hv to get married xD which im starting to think might not be suck a bad idea :D hehe gbu u all my children!!
Signing out with lion cuddles and blessings