Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Hello children!! im hving to post from my dad's comp cos my internet connection is being lazy today and doesnt want to love d conection downstairs..miskin i wore him out xD....well for those wondering y i put a pick of spinola bay on my post...u can continue wondering..that pic is for one person XD they no hu they going diving!! :D hehe well i want to go diving...there! at that bay!!! how random i must sound xD
but basically i wanted to talk bout something that happened to me at d lenten one of d days i was in praise upstairs..and at one point i felt like readin d bible...but i didnt hv one so i borrowed bob's...n i love his bible cos normally it gives me pretty readings! but it didnt want to give me pretty reading so i got all annoyed but suddenly like i just felt something saying david...n im like david...then i realised no! daniel!! im looking up daniel in d index....and im like daniel..daniel...daniel..and it hit..daniel 6! im like..but i never read daniel...wat could possibly be in a book i never read?..but i opened it on daniel 6 and im looking at it...and d title hits.... DANIEL IN D LIONS DEN!! but ive never actaully read it..i just heard bout i read it..and im like wat on earth does this hv to do with me?? and insomma its been racking my brain lately and i told hillary bout it..n somthing she sed just made it all click!! shes like its bout trusting God and letting him do wat He needs to do..or something like that..cant rem. xD n it totally made sense guys!! it rlly did!! u c lately some thigns hv been really ruining my singleness and my mission for d moment...and i didnt no how to get rid of them and it just clicked..i hv to leave them with God and just let him take them and let Him do wat He gotta do u no? hehe i feel smart now that i figured it out XD..well i think thats all i had to write..
no its not XD guys..i realised something..i love writing!! as in stories!! i just love it..i wrote a story to hillary today and i jst fell in love with writing it...i mean i got so into it that i just zoned out into d was sooooo cool!!! i wanna be a writer guys!!! i love it so much!!! one day ill write a story just for my bloggers to enjoy :) hehe...C!!! another motherly feature!...making stories for her kids ;) XD i rlly wanna no y God is making me such a mother XD...probably showing me how i do hv to get married xD which im starting to think might not be suck a bad idea :D hehe gbu u all my children!!
Signing out with lion cuddles and blessings


Simon said... really impressed with your blogs lately, my kai is growing up...(no sorry, I will not accept being your child :P) and i know u love writing and know you're good at it, come day u might write the script for one of my cartoons :)

H1llz said...

Haha I ditto Simon for everything except the cartoons xD I refuse to be your child too, even though it's so sweet that you've been feeling so motherly!! :]

And I'm glad I indirectly came up with your Daniel solution!! xD I want that story nowwww! Aaaah make my curiosity worse why don't you?! =P

Mwa gbu xxxxx

Rachie said...

(8) Oh no what we gna do? The king likes daniel more than me n u! (8)

U amuse me my darling sister =P