Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bitter Batter Better

Good, Better, Best. May you never rest, till you're Good gets Better and your Better gets Best (:

I dunno about you guys but at St.Michael's we used to sing that a lot in Jr.5 and I remembered it today ^^
Ok so, I've decided to be that little more positive in my life and try do a random act of kindness everyday. Not just hekk but like to better myself and to be nicer to people in general 'cause I noticed I'm tending to the more agressive angry side of life atm.
Also, I've created a book where, each night before I go to bed, I am going to write 3 positive things that happened to me during that day. I have to come up with 3, even on a really horrible day I am not going to let myself skip a day! BUT! I can only write 3 to keep myself humble and to balance things out. Whoever wants to take my idea is more than welcome and that is, after all, why I am blogging about it!

Also, I'd really appreciate it if u visit this site. The girl has been a friend of mine for 6yrs and I'm sure you can spare 2 euros of your credit to help her walk again (: so yes, let that be your random act of kindness for today ^^

Signing out with ARK cuddles and Blessings xxx

Monday, July 6, 2009


The love He has for me is strong,

yet I know I love Him too.
Atleast, in the way only a human can love.
For His love is eternal.
His love is pure.

I lift my hands and worship,
think of my past sins.
Think of what I have to give up.
I want to live for Him.

The feelings I have are true.
The feelings I have are strong,
in You alone Lord.
Me and Him walking on our journey...

Lord, I want to be your servant.
I pray,
I want to be your best friend.
You are my Salvation.

So I lift my hands and say,
"I'm ready for you."
With hands burning, tears falling, a blank mind and willing heart,
I give it up to God.

No need for tears.
No need for screams.
No need for laughs.
He's here, within me.

Where He was.
Where He' always been.
Where He always will be.
Renewed in my life, always and forever!