Thursday, December 27, 2007


Praise God guys!!! i managed to get into my blogger account!!!!!!! i've really missed it!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so lets talk a bit shall we??? so first of all a very merry christmas to all !! and happy new year!! so u want to hear d story about nye?? OF COURSE U DO!!! hehe so d original plan was to go to bettina and spend it there cos like i didnt want to go to the dolmen cos like no offence guys but like i was feeling mega left out and like i didnt want last yr to repeat itself if u no wat i mean but anyway no ive decided to go dolmenating as tutzi put it xD also wat else is new? hmmm...well today i had dgrp lunch with our dgrp and steve's..very fun and we have established that i cant gurgle xD..ah gud times gud stuff
also in news(feeling like a journalist) on sat. 15thdecember 2007 i started my new book...its coming so gud guys...i just love it!!!ive already hit 3000 words and im on d 3rd chapter but i didnt write this week and im not even close to the middle so like its gonna be long!! pray it comes like to thank bet for her inspiration and a very special person hu is a character in the book..the person knows hu she/he is hehe...also next week i get internet in my room so ill be able to write more of my book yey!! hehe
A big congrats to the new fiances so happy to hear about it..and thanks sarah for such an amazing christmas breakfast i rlly enjoyed it was so much fun!!!!! so u probably want the reason to y i havent blogged in over 2 mnths...well anything that has my email addy with it isnt working atm cos well my comp is a paperclip and it deserves to be bent..hence im using buddy and not d proper msn and i have 100 emails and abda pending and i cant open them!! grr!!! so guys dont send me emails till im bk on proper msn...and i managed to use blogger due to google hehe...
anyhu i leave u with this pretty song and p.s tnx sim ....

Signing off with christmass cuddles and blessings!! xxx

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Casting Crowns..

a pretty song..d best video i found..wish there were nicer ones...hehe

Signing out with frezzing cuddles and blessings...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Growing up...

hey guys n girlies..

sry i havent been posting lately but ive either had nothing to say or didnt no wat to write xD but parents r going abroad this weekend so its just gonna be me n mig at home hehe..they r going to paris to watch benny hinn lucky parents!! but today i had rehersals 4 Kristu Re...d dance is called Free by hillsongs and its rlly nice :D i love it...its coming rly gud!! Also today i had parent's day at school..i thought its my last one but apparently its not xD but it brings us to the pic of d day cos i had to pick which papers im taking 4 my o' anyway...those shoes that u c ontop r my first pair of shoes :) aint i cute :P?? hehe but anyhu...just stating that im rlly growing up quickly and its so weird..ill soon have a job and my school life will be over but my studying wont xD ah!! its just insane...i had all my little memories coming bk to me all d laughs i had in school and some little hws that i used to find rlly difficult in jr school xD and wen we used to play during we just sit and relax and my first crushes hehe and d first time i went out without was like im free xD but anyhu...A LOT has changed since then..A LOT...then i realised how im rlly growing up!!! i mean its already been practically 2 n a half yrs since i converted and it feels like just yest...i feel like im on a boat thats going rlly fast and ur in one place and suddenly ur already in a different place and it just flashed be4 ur eyes..ah sry 4 d depressingness but im just like that today..but off

Signing out with growing cuddles and blessings

Friday, November 2, 2007


i miss it guys..i rlly miss it...ach produced a very nice video..just wanted to put it here :) hehe proset rixu!! mwa

Signing out with achie's producing cuddles and blessings :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


hey guys
crap week at school this week...though school was only 2 days THANK GOD!!! :D ah my wife is leaving me for a week to go on the german exchange tom. hehe..ENJOY IT WIFE!!! and scerri caught me fondeling with her xD no not actual fondeling..but something to get scerri suspicious...and stop him from thinking im going out with a friend from school!!!!
anyhu...the end of d ur all probably wondering y i have a pic of a red moon..well the thing is d more i read d bible the more i realise that God is showing me about the end of the world..u c last week i read Mark 13 and i interpreted it as Jesus said that until every1 knows about the word of God the world will not end...and hence the fact the world has still not ended!!! so, now all you christians out there...reading this is wat u gotta do...go spread the word of God so that the world will end and we can go c jesus :) hehe..look at it this way...if we tell one person a day about god and another person hu we know can help by telling others will have malta covered in no time ;)....but anyhu..on to wat i read today...well i was reading Acts 2 today...and welll the end of the world came up again and it sed that wen the world will end the moon will turn blood red and there will be darkness....and every1 hu calls on jesus will be saved....or well something like that..but the blood red moon im sure about xD and well im guessing that will be the day that we r judged for heaven hehe so guys...we will no wen our job is done wen the moon turns blood red ok?? untill then we r not done so keep working..and tell ur friends abroad ok?! :D:D:D ah wat fun!!?!!

anyhu..i leave u to finish off my rlly good smoothie that i made as a memory of soul survivor :D

Signing off with blood red cuddles and blessings!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Short Posts...

hey guys...
don't rlly have a life anymore hehe...last time i went on d comp. was wed. and like its sunday..and normally i go on like u can imagine how busy i am..well i just wanted to say a big thank u for all ur rlly nice encouraging comments!!!! and i am gonna go talk to my school conceller about my future..and c wat she has to say..and well take it from there...and fyi...its not the spelling thats d real problem but the actually mis-interpruting of qs cos im readin diff. off to continue working..prayers are very much apreciated!! :D

Signing out with short blessings and cuddles!! xxx

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Big Dig

hey guys..just came back from the y4j live-in...the big dig...really amazing...d clip above is from one of d talks...rlly struck me..hope it will do d same to u :)..anyhu...i have decided to go talk to my conceller at school about my career problem...she wrote me down be4 i even told her...she knew i had that problem hehe..anyhu..dont think i have much to just rlly busy..hope d hw decreases cos i need to start studying xD...and im looking for a gud maltese pl teacher..if any1 knows a gud 1 pls tell me..and im at navaro right like he has to be better than him xD....i leave u to go do chemistry past papers hehe...and guys pray 4 me...cos like for u guys hu dont know..i have some signs of im like parcially dislexic..hence extra spelling mistakes..and like its getting worse...and like its effect my comprehensions and my answers nd decreasing my marks n pray that it gets better!!!!
ok now im rlly off...

Signing out with misread cuddles and blessings...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sad Lions

hey guys....well the only sad cartoon i found on d net was this lion so i decided im a sad little lion right now...welll actually i was fine this not sick was funny..had a water fight and well everything was fine..but like then i was discussing my o-level time table with my mum..which totally sucks btw! d only gud thing is i finish 2days be4 my 16th bday :D hehe..but like then she sat me down with my bro and was like "karla...wat do u wanna become in life?" and im answer kinda thing....and like all 3 of us were coming up with ideas and like...either i didnt have d qualifications...or i wasnt gud with that kinda thing...or its too long in uni for that course..or its under paid..or most ppl in malta r unemployed cs there is so much of it or i dont like it..and insomma it goes on like that..i mean we spent a gud hr guys...i finish my o-levels in 7mnths and i have no idea wat to do after that..its like...wat am i suppost to do now?!??!!! i feel so uh!!!! like y am i here? is these no use for me?!?!?!! i seriusly do feel like just another pretty face at this moment....ah! :(

Signing off with needed cuddles and blessing and PRAYERS!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Can u lend a nigga a pencil?!?!!?! xD

hey guys...
sry i haven't blogged in ages but i started school..last yr!! AH!!! and like i had lots of work to i decided not to work yest. so i had to catch up on everything..its so irritating! all u hear at school is o-levels..prize day...last this and last that..paper A and paper B...bla bla bla!! ah!! i just had to take yest. off..and id like to say *eqhem*...*clear throat* *shouts!* thank u!!! to all hu made saturday so fun :D! with hilariously fun rehersals at bet in d morning to ach coming me going over to simon for d lift to d beach..and every1 hu came to d was just hilarious!!! "dont make me laugh i need to pee!!!" and she continues laughing xD and telefon! and thanks also to matt hu brought his guitar along..rlly relaxing! and to mig hu organised it!! lol and just an amazing sat...then sunday comes along and i had to wake up at 10.30 :'( ah!! and for those of u hu dont no..i got home at like 2.45 so like u can imagine how i woke up hehe..but dead tired now so i will go..and blog is a month old!! :D yey!!! happy b'day dear blog :D...d video is funny...its there as a sign of school begining...just for d guys hehe...

Signing off with 1month anniversary cuddles and blessing...

Sunday, September 23, 2007


hey ppl...well today its my fave video up here..well not fave video cos thats charlieissocoollike..but my fave song..i just fell in love with this song..nd there is me in d video :D look out for d girl in wings!!! for u guys hu dont know d story of me and my wings..well here it picture it...well there is nothing to picture...ever since i found out there is a saint hu grew wings and i want wings and i was suppost to get them a s.s (well i dreamt i would :P)but im guessing jesus didnt want it that way...yes i no 4 u hu aren't believers it sounds strange but i believe that if u have enough faith miracles will happen! so guys pray for me cos im still waiting for my wings!!! hehe

but mum had a rlly funny vision today that she told me about picture...Jesus in his robe...waking up in d tomb...all yawning nd stuff and he gets up with a smile and finds d tomb door open...nd he gets out of d tomb and screams "YESSSSS!!!" lol i laughed so much!!! hehe ok very strange but anyhu...bk to today...actually last night..last night i went to john's bday gala...was fun..hehe..though i heard others had more fun :P ay nik ;P but anyhu...i should leav u cos i dont got anything else to say school :( y?!?!?!?!!!?!??!?!!?!??!?!!?!?? but hey 7mnths n it will be all over! and no more st.mikes :D hehe

btw... a BIG HAPPY BDAY shout out to Zoe...a gr8 friend! she is just amazing! sweet! and special and pretty!!!!!! mwa luv ye hun!!!! xxxxxx

Signing out with new school term blessings and cuddles...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just a little yeast can make d whole batch of dough rise...

Hey guys

sorry its been so long but like a lot of things cropped got sick..and i was busy!! as in never home xD
But was quite a gud week..i pierced my second ear holes :D and i finished something for d y4j talent show with some friends :) its a surprise :P hehe and i went out with Hillary for lunch (pastizzi xD) and a walk in d shade..a very long walk in d shade hehe with a lovely chat :) thanks hill..amazing morning. Also i went to community..gr8 fun..d guys got lots of new songs in and that was just amazing!!!!!! i was so happy and it felt so gr8!! and then d talk was rlly nice...thou i was mega hyper and was having a few laughs with Dezz and Sarah hehe "DISTRACTED!!" xD but anyhu..then it was off to mc dezzy's gorgeous car..i want one just like it :) hehe yes..its tru i do! mc d's was gud...i was just dying for that burger!! ah!!! *melting* then i went home with Kristie..thanks Kris :) hehe oh and guys..that was just u no how busy i was ok :P..thou friday wasnt as busy..i had d-grp in d morning :) very fun!! and then me bet and max walked it downt to st.gorges dropping off ang and illy on d say hi to zoe cos its her bday tom :)!!! hehe then i went home and got mage bored so i asked pete was he was doing and he had nothing to do so wat did i do? go to pete :D hehe and cos he didnt want to wash untill 7! we were late for adoration which was nic...thou i prefared d other 2 times...then i came home to stay with d community ppl and watch a dvd there :) hehe and now its sat morning and im listening to mig matt and mike playing (cos they r in d room underneath me :) ) atleast they didnt wake me up!! :D hehe btw sorry for all d old pics and no new ones but like its 12.30 in d morning..just got up..rlly dont feel like uploading my fotos from my camera which is all d way upstairs!! hehe excuse me hehe
anyhu...d title is wat it is cos i was reading 1 cor 5 and like apparently(i realised) it was about sex..and that verse just rlly hit me as just rlly tru but yet so hilarious :) enjoy working it out :P

Signing off with lazy blessings and cuddles!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack!!:D

hello readers...
u missed me?? hehe
well let me tell u some fun things that i did this week while u were all in malta or some even abroad xD
well for those of u hu dont know my dad has a sailing boat so we like lived on it in d gozo port...n me n my mum got d car from malta so d boat was like our flat nd we would go round with d was rlly fun..i had a doghnut for breakfast everyday...just amazing!!!! we went to d monti of gozo xD and i saw an adorable chiwawa for sale guys it was so CUUUUUUUTTTTEEEE!!!!! i wanted it but no my dad doesnt like them..just cos 1 almost bit off a piece of his leg he doesnt like them!! pff!
but anyhu...on 1 of our nights out i had a crepe that was on fire!! so cool!!! i did alot of sunbathing :D (for those of u hu need a laugh) i burnt my ass and like i cant sit in certain positions till it stops hurting xD and on d last day we went to blue lagoon with d boat and it was so nice!! i felt like i was on a totally diff. place!! i felt so tropical xD!!! hehe
but im bk! and i feel diff...dunno y..but i talked to my bro alot this week and he made me realise some things n like im changing :D i need a lot of construction to be done so STAND BK...THERE'S A NEW KAI IN TOWN ;P r some fotos of gozo :)

miggy nd his funky hat xD


do u find this sign kinda disturbing cos i kinda do :S lol me through a wine glass :)
miggy looking quite funny in d morning xDd gorgeous sea!!!

and posing(as usual:P) while sunbathing..burning my ass...but lloking gud in my cowboy hat :D hehe

Signing off with new n improved blessings and cuddles :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gozo and Gozitans xD

Hello to all my precious readers :)

Well I want to start off by telling you bye! cos im going to Gozo tonight until Sunday on me daddy's boat hehe so im not gonna be posting for quite a while so it gives u time to catch up on my posts xD cos well i tend to write alot :) hehe

But weekend spent at mellieha was just gr8! though it did take 2hrs to get home..y u ask? well cos we satyed 30mins waiting 4 d bus...30mins on d bus from mellieha to luxol...35 mins walking to Krissy...23mins at Krissys house having a break from d long ride home and 2mins to walk to my house xD hehe ah!! all d walking!! and then monday morning i had to walk more!!! man those ppl hu say i dont walk r lying!!! so ha!!!! :P hehe

Insomma i better go pack my things for this week...enjoy ur lives without me this week!! :P hehe

to remember me n my insaneness throughout d week :D hehe

Signing out with traveling blessings and cuddles...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

hey readers :) hehe
well for those hu dont know hu on earth is in that pic...thats me and achie...a friend of mine that i've known for like 11yrs now..we go to school toegether and r almost always in d same class and if we arent we r bound to have a few lessons together xD hehe...well d reason i have a pic of me and achie is cos im spending d weekend at her house :D yes im in mellieha(her house) as we speak...she is also d person i sed i left my mob at on a previous blog hehe...well anyhu...i'm off to d mellieha festa tonight with some buds then im sleeping here again and Krissy-my y4j mimmy-is coming too hehe..should be fun :D
i just wanna add a big thanks to mig and simon..they should know y :)

signing out with achie's blessings and cuddles xxx

Friday, September 7, 2007


Whatever your cross,
whatever your pain,
There will always be sunshine,
after the rain ....

Perhaps you may stumble,
perhaps even fall,
But God's always ready,
To answer your call ...

He knows every heartache,
sees every tear,
A word from His lips,
can calm every fear ...

Your sorrows may linger,
throughout the night,
But suddenly vanish,
dawn's early light ...

The Savior is waiting,
somewhere above,
To give you His grace,
and send you His love ..

Whatever your cross,
whatever your pain,
'God always sends rainbows ....
after the rain ... '

Poem found by Cettina :)
Signing out with raining cuddles and blessings xxx

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Houses n brooms n mouses n rooms!!

Hey guys n girlies :)
well yest. i went to Bettina's for our voluntary work...and our assignment was cleaning their San Gwann house. i know this sounds strange but our leadership team decided to do something 4 each person on youth team and Tutzi n Stefan requested that and it was quite fun though tiring. A big tnx to Amy for helping out even though she wasnt on our team mwa! We needed it since only 3 out of 5 of d girls could come...but anyhu...
Ah ppl...i don't have a mobile right now cos i left it Rachel's bag at y4j and she went home with it..and she lives in mellieha and for any1 hu doesn't no i live practically on d other side of d island lol xD so i have to wait till she decided to come meet her friends in Sliema or something be4 i get my mobile...its rlly weird cos u dont rlly realise how much u use ur mobile till u dont have it around...i was thinking like i would have died if i didnt know were it was!! decided to go mad with my camera and took some pics hehe luv ye bet ;) and so ill post them up :) hehe

bet and danelle
this is bets driveway..all u know how bet cleaned it?? by throwing d dirty water of d buckets onto d driveway xD >>

Bettina cleaning! :D

me cleaning d windows :) >>

Danelle sweeping outside

D buckets!! xD

Danelle on d fon

look how clean!!

ME!! hehe

Signing off with missed: texts, blessings and cuddles!! xxx

Monday, September 3, 2007

What was done was done...

She sat there all alone,
her fingers running through her hair,
tears falling down as she realised
exactly what she'd done.

People spat at her,
others pointed and giggled...
And yet those she called friends,
were there gossiping in the middle...

No where to go.

No where to run.
All she could do was,just sit there, thinking...
What was done was done.

The people disappeared

after a few days,
but the hurts were still there,
those were the things that actually remained.

Thinking back

on what she'd done...
She realised
what a slut person she'd become...

No where to go.

No where to run.
All she could do wasjust sit there, thinking...
What was done was done...

She asked people to help,
but they would just look away,
until that oh so loving boy,
came and swooped her away.

She was afraid she'd fall in love and make the same mistake...
but little did she know this guy was no fake.
He told her about a man,who wouldn't be like the rest,
he actually told her he was the best!

She seemed confused,
as the boy told her about this amazing man he met,
the boy told her the man loved her...
But that she just couldn't get.

She asked him more questions
as she didn't believe this man was real.
The boy answered them all.
You could imagine how she'd feel.

She got all frustrated

wanting to know who the man was.
He said the man was Jesus,
the son of God.

She felt peace in her heart
and started to cry.
She didn't have the feeling anymore...
No more longing to die.

He prayed on her.
Doubts came into her mind...
What was done was done...
you can't just hide!

Could Jesus really love her,
after all that?
Little did she know,
He had already taken care of that.

What was done was done!
That's what she'd always claim...
Now she was healed,
and she'd never be the same...

a big thanks to Simon 4 d amazing pic!!!!

signing out with hugs and blessings from ^KaI^ productions...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Poffertjes and Koekjestaart!!

hello ppl...

well today was fun! :D
met up with my leadership group 4 mass then we went down to mac d for lunch and then we went to bet's house to cook for our fundraising thats tom :O lol...hence d title...we wanted to do something we made dutch sweets...poffertjes are like little tiny pancakes and koekjestaart is like a cake :) rlly good!! as in DELICIOUS!!! so y4j-ins get money with u tom. cos we'll be selling some tastey treats 4 u guys ;)

insomma...went to d chapel today and spent like an hr there..just chilling with jesus :) and now im off to do my pl hw for tom...wish me luck...4hrs maltese then 2hrs maths!! :(

at mac d's

buzu enjoying himself with d hammer

ach cooking :)

bet and danelle


the poffertjes :)

signing out with baked blessings and hugs!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Adoration, Beggars and Boredom

hello my lovely friends... day today..hmm...
well lets start of with yest. shall we?
so..didn't do anything ALL day! and then in d evening decided to go on d comp. and i went on d y4j website and realised...omg there is adoration tonight and ok i was half an hr late but im like uwijja ill go..nothing else to do tonight seeing i had no lift to bidnija for d fundraising thing..hope it went well btw!! :) and anyhu i went and it was so amazing :) something big always happens to me at d adorations of y4j..dunno y..hehe..and so anyway after that went out with pete and val to beggars...really relaxed and then went to pizza hut and stayed talking to pete and then went home to watch last comic standing..just love that show!!! and then went on god tv and there was soul survivor and there was tim and mike and ali!!!!! :( i miss it soooooo much and mike sed d story about d condoms/drugs xD hehe and they got our wave guys!!! :D ah!! missing it!!! :(

anyhu today...well today i spent a long time on d fon with sim..while clearing my room...then went out with pete...very interesting convo bout bitchyness xD and now im here..doing nothing on a sat. incredible am i?!?!?! hehe anyhu...on d whole a very plain day...

tom..if i get down to it ill have something interesting for my BEWARE!! xD hehe

oh and btw...posted this video cos like at d end piece of d sand really struck u no how just bring ur burdens to Jesus and he will just take them away... liked it insomma...

signing off with plain cuddles and blessings...

Friday, August 31, 2007

Push and push and push!!!

gm my lovely friends :)

well...yest. we had community and for any of u hu were wondering y i was with my i-pod during worship..well its cos i got sick of complaining about d music and i decided to somethinhg bout it for me personally...and man did it feel good...d music was gr8 and d vibe from d ppl around me was felt a little like soul do i miss it!! :( yest. there also was d fundraising retro party..sry i missed it guys :( just felt i need to come to community..hope it was gr8 :)

anyhu...on to d weirdness of my yest. i was talking to a friend of mine...and like they were telling me about how they cant get out of their spiritual deserts and i was expalining how i thought i was getting into 1 and thanks to yest. i kinda got myself out of thinking it and all d hekkness i was feeling left and i told this person "u gotta push and push and push till d baby comes out!!!" and in a way its tru u no..cos some ppl wen they think they r in 1 they tend to not realise that they r putting themselves in one...even like sicknesses..some ppl would think that they have a sickness which they dont have and they end up kinda getting it cos they rlly r convinced they have it..u no?? its a psychological thingy...and like i sed that cos u kinda gotta push ur way out of a spiritual desert..kinda stand up and say no i dont want to be in it! and push urself out of it :) hehe..hope u understood...

anyhu...mig just left for Gozo for d weekend...already missing him :( and his lift :P i jk i jk hehe but i do actually miss him..its weird how close we became thanks to him finding jesus hehe :)

anyhu..loving this pic..just had to post it :)

signing off with missed cuddles and blessings...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Official Blog :D

HI!!! Ah how fun a new blog blog was born and 1 p.m on d 30th of August 2007 so proud *sigh of proudness* *tear rolling down cheek*
so anyhu, d reason i created this blog was..well...erm..i don't no i was in a mood today and decided ok im creating a blog :) very me-like actually
so im suppost to talk bout me ay? how fun :D hehe...yes i no i talk to myself...GET USED TO IT :P
anyhu..on to me...well yest. there was matt's party and it was quite gud...met alot of ppl i hadnt seen in a while had a few laughs..enjoyed dancing...on d whole gud :) but has been very plain actaully..well except my morning alarm...ok so let me tell u...i woke eyes still closed my body still on shut down but like my mind kinda woke watta mean? and i decided to stretch my hand to get my mob...thinking ill probably get an sms from a friend telling me if i enjoyed last night or something..well i was right...only problem is wen i switched on my mobile d person got a delivery report so d person decided to call while i was still all comfy in bed about to go bk to sleep my mum calls from downstairs...KARLA FON!!! and im like oh come on! so thanks to this person i had to get off my ass and get up!!! but d convo was ok so i dont mind it anymore xD hehe
ma i really write..xD oh and btw for u guys hu don't no..i write a bit of poetry so some of my blogs might start off with a poem or a drawing :)

signing off with morning blessings and hugs...