Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Good Times

A few months ago I caroled my way though the horrid things that happened just in summer. Some things actually got worse and the summer literally dragged on till the last week of December. BUT! I promised myself that in order to keep my positive side alive I would write 10 good things that happened to me through out the whole year. This was so unbelievably hard I was shocked...but I managed =) so here it goes..

1.) I made some really great friends & got closer to some older ones.
2.) I got so much closer to God.
3.) I gave a talk [something I've wanted to do for a really long time]
4.) My baby cousin was born - Bettina <3
5.) I had a great time at Soul Survivor.
6.) Zoe came back to Malta (:
7.) My true friends were really there for me when I needed them.
8.) I had 3 amazing live-ins [G.G, Approaching The Throne, I <3>
9.) God used me in ways I never thought could be done.
10.) I finally made friends with my father.

So yes these are my 10..not in any particular order but looking at them makes me think that the disaster of the year I had was not that bad just because I gained those 10 things. So I thank you all for being my friends and being there for me.
I promise I try hard to truly and really love you all =)

Signing out with 10 positive cuddles and blessings xxx

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I did this Christmas...

Wow this feels weird..haven't blogged here in a while. To be fair my computer has been living on it's last string for a long time and I'm literally waiting for it to implode now.

So yesterday was CLISTMAS! =D ^^ For those of you that have been around me during this festive season should have heard me singing my Christmas anthem of this year - if you haven't, it means you haven't paid attention to me so SHAME ON YOU! - and the song is..
"Last Christmas I gave you my heart
and the very next day you gave it away.
This year, to save me from tears
I gave it to someone specialer!" ^^
Let me explain to you why this was this years anthem.
Well for the last few years I haven't exactly been single for Christmas and even if I was, the mentality of my mind was to find a guy a.s.a.p and I thank God so much that this year is different. If you know me well, you'd know I've really been trying to break out of my mentality that I need a guy in my life to be happy and I'm trying to focus on just being single and just enjoying leaning on God because after all, He is the only guy who won't break my heart. Which is the point of the song. Last year I willingly gave my heart to a boy and this year I gave my heart to God. Every year that I've been a christian I've always tried to give my heart to God but there was always the chaos of Christmas and stuff but this year was totally different.
This Christmas eve I went home after mass and I was there from 11pm-1am just me alone in my house and I finally managed to really and truly offer my heart up to God [and tell Him happy birthday in peace and quiet :P]. It felt really weird because I felt that my heart was so broken so dirty so not pure that God really deserved such a more epic present, but guys, that's all He wants. Our heart is who we are. It's what motivates us, it's what makes our purest decisions. Without it we are not ourselves.
So yes...the point of this is to encourage you to do the same. Christmas is over now but the new year is still to come.
I've shared my experience.
I hope you can have a similar one =)

Signing out with heartful cuddles and blessings xxx