Sunday, May 31, 2009

i mean SERIOUSLY?!? can my bday GET any worse?!

bleh..this is a rant so if your not in the mood of hearing me being emo then im warning u to just shut the window from now >< ok so I knew my bday wasnt gonna be anything special but i didnt think it was gonna be BAD! so..lets start shall we?
Sunday Lunch
my mum being d sweetherat that she is tried to organise something for my bday with the family and stuff but no1 could we sed uwijja well just go c my nanna instead and well get some sushi take away..wat happens? the sushi place doesnt open for sunday we sed ok lets try chinese..same we ended up with a pizza..ok np..until the pizza isnt rlly gud and its given me a bloody tummy ache >< so im not gonna enjoy any cake for the rest of the day

Let's Talk about Cake
So my mum wanted to make me a prety cake...once she starts making it the mixer explodes so bought cake it is >< i mean come u believe it?! XD

Saturday Before
This was the day wen everyone was telling my mum that they couldnt come for sunday lunch so my moral was already low. once the evening came along I had my uncle's retirement party so i knew i wouldnt be going out so i sed ok..lets just dress up and hv some free alcohol. At the party my mum tells me i can leave a bit to go c my friends..ok sounds gud..enjoy some of my bday weekend with my friends...that should be gud right?! WRONG! i hardly even spoke to some of my friends..some ppl just pissed me off so much that i just left. So i went off with Matt...what happens? i get the most crushing news in the ye my night is fucked..cant be salvagged.

Friday Night
so the plan is to go out with my friends and have a night out...but wats this?! whats been invented..SAC FEST! perfect..all my friends are there and im stuck at home perfect..atleast Hillary came for an hour and we talked..i admit..that was nice :) - 1 good thing *woot*

So tom. the actual day which is suppost to be all perfect...i hv to spend my day in my room studying pure maths for my exam the next day. But wait! thats not the only part of it! I cant even celebrate my bday next u know y?
Beer olympics on friday..also..youthful worship..and of course Sat and Sunday i hv two whole days of yes ofcourse..i hv so much time to actually meet with my friends and get a little extra love...IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!?!

So besides all this i find out one of my relatives might not make it to next week.
They found cancer in 2 of my friends relatives.
I lost some1 i really love.
MY cousin went missing this morning.
My wellies arent coming for yet another month ><
I have so much to think about that i cant even study anymore so im gonna fail!
Oh ye..and i cant take the course i want cos of the screwed up maltese future now either?!
pls note there is more..but cant be mentioned cos its personal.. not signing out with any cuddles or blessings...just a quick NOT mention anything to me this week unless its positive..i dont want to hear it..i cant take it anymore!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


As everyone seems to be oging insane...I think its the best time to take advantage of this this o=) know you want to =P

Today Ive written 3 letters
And i think that's the only thing that matters.
Ive got knowledge coming out of my ears
But i think i'd like to stick it up some1's rear.
Im feeling sick and tired
and i've officially decided that its time to be retired.

Bubblesticks and candyfloss,
Angels wings are never a loss.
Yellow doves and Blue shot glasses
Are things that should not go up ur asses.

John mayer is taking his toll on me
And im very worried that im gonna get stung by a bee.
Im in dire need of some awesome wellies
but all i keep seeing are my teachers bellies ><
Cutting my hair this weekend
Not sure on were to let the length end.

Bubblesticks and candyfloss,
Angels wings are never a loss.
Yellow doves and Blue shot glasses
Are things that should not go up ur asses

I think its time to say goodbye.
But my skirt is stuck and i can't unzip my fly ><
So i'll wave and sign off.
Another awesome update? *cough*
I Think my creative side is getting the better of me.
It's definately time to hv some tea!

Signing off with Poetic blessings and cuddles xxx

Sunday, May 17, 2009


ok so yes...i'm dying from all these studies!

But Kai there rlly isn't all that much, you just have to actually study and not do other things.
THERE IS ALOT OK?!?! we're talking A-LEVEL here! xP
Fine. OK. Whatever you say...but seriously...this isn't what we want to blog about is it?
No -.-' i dont think so...
Good girl =) now...
What >< ?
I want my new yellow hoodie first o=)
Fine! Come on, hurry it up
OK I'm done^^
*sigh* As I was saying, stress...exa-
Do you mind!?!? I'm trying to Blog here?!?
But ranting about these things isn't entertaining. Can we talk about something else like...i dont know...missing Krissie...or buying those gorgeous yellow wellies?!?!
We are trying to express our feelings here not update the readers, it my time to rant. Let me!
NO! I have as much say in this as you do and I think we should talk about how awesome Y4J was last night ^^ or how hilarious the Eurovision was XD
Stop it! I know what you're doing! I'm the smart one here! ACCESS DENIED!
I'm merely stating that I think that the dress I bought yest. for the wedding is completely gorgeous that's all...I didn't mean anythign by it i promise...i want olives =(
IIII am merely stating that YOU are a peasant. Now shut up! As I was trying to say before I was RUDELY interupted, exams start in 8 days but it's not really the point.
Then get to the point! ma! you take forever to say something!
*rolls eyes* Exams aren't really the main thing that are stressing me out at the moment.
Is it the fact that you start work at Hilton the day after you finish exams?
Or is because your family is driving you insane?
Well kinda..but no!
Is it cos you've been with Matt for 5months and your still not sick of him?
Goh! No!
UH! It's cos you're Ipod imploded isn't it?
Really? not that? How about the fact that you started private lesson last week and you were 30mins late to your first lesson and you gave off a horrible impression?
No =) not until I hit the, is it because you finally realised what Jesus wants you to do and it's kinda freaking you out?
Yes! Now let me explain.
OK I'll shut up now. But I must say the blue and yellow make the blog look green =(
You are so trying my patience here! So, yes...erm...basically what she said but I'd like to add a "please pray for me" and a "if you feel God telling you ANYTHING that concerns me, I want to know, even if its insane ok?"
OK ^^
Sorry =(
*rolls eyes*
Are we done yet?
Yes =) Anythign you want to add before we sign out?
Ermmm...*looks around the room* I want yellow shoes? o=)
*shakes head in disapproval* OK so we're signing off wit-
I wanna say it =(
Signing off with blue and yellow cuddles! xxxx

P.S THAT's how you update a Blog =] XD