Sunday, June 27, 2010


YEY my laptop finally arrived and she is an utter beaut ^^

This is just a little intro about her...
I've been waiting for almost a year to finally get a laptop and infact I've been waiting for her for so long that I feel like I've had her for years when infact we've only been together for 3 days now
I've decided to name her Ellie because my computer broke down around the time the film UP! came out and I fell in love with the character "Ellie" and decided what better way to make a tribute to her than by naming my laptop after her ^^
so yes...say hello to Ellie!!
she'll hopefully be bringing you more blog posts and much more of my thoughts out in the open...don't hate her for it ok?!?

Signing off with pro blessings and cuddles xxx

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Minute Blogs

Just informing anyone who reads that I will not be blogging until I have a new computer due to the fact that this computer is crashing and blogs pain it for some poor Sasha is taking her last breaths it seems :(

Yes I know I said I'll try harder to blog more often but I can't do much about this sorry =/

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday beginnings

With 192 facebook birthday wishes,

15 birthday messages,
14 birthday cards,
5 birthday calls,
3 birthday visits,
2 birthday cakes and
1 awesome birthday outing and birthday shopping spree, my 18th is finally over (:
I wanted my 18th to be the launch of my blog- renewed.
Compared to last year my birthday week has been great! I just want to make a shout out to all of you who made my birthday so special ^^ every single text/wall post/visit/call/outing/present made me feel so loved. A week ago I was sad because I honestly thought that my birthday would just be another day to me and I would have wasted my 18th but seriously...i feel so cared about and thought of ^^ so yey!
My birthday celebrations started off on Sunday morning with a family bbq for lunch. I was honestly so touched when my aunt told me that my 4 year old cousin woke up and told her that that day was my special day and that they had to do everything to make me feel special on that day. And boy did she make me feel special ^^
By the end of the evening I was up in Bidnija having an awesome all girls sleepover ^^ which was awesome but was kinda interrupted by the guys...I'll write a story about that in my next blog.
Anyway, coming morning/afternoon I found myself back home catching up on sleep with an evening spent bonding with my new friend Vass XD till I got a surprise visit from the Xmun.
My actual birthday was spent almost always out. My morning was spent in Valletta with the mother on a shopping spree ^^ while after recuperating, my early afternoon was spending driving :D followed by a visit from Zoe and a visit to the Z.E's house. My evening began with a walk on the front with Zoe, a photo shoot at the LOVE sign and a joining of the Zinga (:
My night ended with photo shoots all over the Bay street area and a chat with several girlies on the bay street roof. I kinda felt like i was 13 again xD
So that's it for today. Hopefully I'll be coming here more often, especially once I get a new laptop ^^ and with this I leave you! *sorry*

Signing off with 18 cuddles and blessings