Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Have You Ever?

Hello my lovely readers...
ok so yes...i blogged twice in a week =o! yes im starting to blog more =D so yey but i got no time for vlogs cos my windows movie maker is being rlly slow and wont let me edit =/ but this blog isnt about the game "have u ever..." its actaully a response to amy's blog "A Ramble...?"
basically ive been reflecting alot on d things i wanna change and i was reading amy's blog and some of the qs rlly struck me...

  1. ever felt that you wanted to be normal? and not reach some high standards that everyone expects you to?
  2. ever wanted to be just you, no questions asked?
  3. ever felt that time was flying by too fast...that days were going by without you knowing what was said?
ok so basically ive been rlly thinking bout these things how like time is rlly passing quickly! how like i cant even remember the Y4J live-in and it was only 2mnths ago and it rlly seems far away but wen i look at it in school time it feels like nothing...i mean i still feel like i just started school and that we r stil in d beginning chapters of the sylabii but in actual fact the 1st term is almost over and christmas is literally round the corner!!! i think i need to take things slower ppl...cos im being too fast..i need to calm down and reflect on my days rather then counting down the end of agrees :P XD?
ok also...qs 1 rllllly struck me cos like i realised that some ppl expect us to be like these rlly holy ppl and if not all holy atleast like hv these rlly high standards and stuff..and ok its d right thing to gonna start confusing u here...but tbh i dont think we can just be wat ppl want us to has to come from us....let me give an example...
peppina is a christian with a drinking problem...u cant just tell peppina stop drinking cos thats not wat jesus thought us..ok u can tell her but i doubt shell listen...u hv to help her cut down and to do it in prayer and if peppina's prayer life isnt rlly grand its gonna be harder for her to stop cos she's not rlly relying on God is she?
whilst giving another example....
if roberto prays constantly and is at a constant with God than its less likely for him to end up with a drinking problem like peppina did
speaking for myself...i believe my standards reflect my relationship with God...i tend not to show my standards but yet conscience that im keeping dont judge a person u cant judge by cover xP
so yes i believe...that wat we do is all a reflection of our prayer i might sound like hypocrite but yes i no i am...we all are....no1 keeps to everything they say...u r a hypocrite as much as i am(i might be more of one thou) xD im sry..if u dont like it-dont read anymore :P
so going on to amy's 2nd qs...i believe that u should always be yourself...and dont be wat others try tell u is urself and if you dont like that...then start listening to wat ppl say is right...and pray...prayer=relationship with God=defines your christian character =)
Thats me for the day!

Signing out with everlasting cuddles and blessings! xxx

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Extreme Make Over 2

Ello loved ones!
ok so lets get down to it shall we =P till now d decision is that im most probably not going abroad this summer cos d prices of d dance trip went up so ive decided that God just rlly doesnt want me to do it this yr for ye that im buying a gud fon ^^ which makes me a happy panda and ill be actually getting christmas prezzies this yr and not jsut money to save up..cos like for d last yr ive saved everything to go up to ss or like this yr im taking a yr off and jsut staying in sunny malta and saving up some money but livign life with d rest and not jsut saving everythin..decided i need a break =)
Other news...ive decided this is new yr is gonna be a yr of change..halli my changes started yset but still....2009 is gonna be my random yr were if i wanna do something im jsut gonna up and do it...being a silly teen ftw ^^ meanign gud crazy hairstyles and piercings and like things God asks me to do lfet right n centre...this yr kai is gonna be a fool..any1 wants to join :P?
this leads ur to our lovely hair...i changed my hair yest...ill put a pic up at the end..tis very sexy and grand =D it was kinda random...ive wanted to do it for a long time but never got down to do it and one day i jsut sed "wat d single...i dont care about my appearance atm..lets go for it" and wat do u no? it turned out quite gorgeous ^^ so yey =D
also...i went bk to st.mikes...was rlly fun and hilarious..i had a marriage concelling session with karl and ms.C...and wat struck me is my teachers told me ive become quiet =S it seems ive become more concervative and im not sure i liked wat i haerd =/ so ye im debating and wracking my brain on that statement a bit now =)
other than that i think things r fine...all my other appliances are healthy-ish xD and my grades r fine...execpt pure maths..but thats cos my teacher is a joke and im soon starting pl so ill be fine =) but i think thats it!

yes that is blue ur seeing in my hair :P

Signing off with blue cuddles and blessings! xxx