Tuesday, March 18, 2008


NO I AM NOT BEING VAIN :P..i just want u to remember my long hair^^ i feel so refreshed guys...but i miss playing with my hair!! hehe for u saying wth is she taking meaning i just cut my beautiful long hair and boy did it came didnt come like d pic i sent most of u..cos its much shorter...but its a like how i originally wanted it :D hehe its lighter too hehe...ah i just stayed describing my hair..i was gonna to a be4 n after thing but i decided to leave u in suspence till u all c me so i just did a be4 pic :) cos im a special teaser :P so anyhu...going on wat i wanted to say...well hillary's hair came pretty :) it would hv been prettier but we ran out of time xD well insomma not prettier but straighter...her hair is a monster!!! i swear i think it fought bk a couple of doesnt like being brushed xD well anyhu...going on to meeting of that night...well d thing is i went to d very bk during worship n behind me there was this girl crying...cos i was were no1 can c u like...n i felt God telling me to go talk to her but i chickened out :( but then i saw cett i knew it was God talking cos wen u dont do something and God rlly wants it done He gets some1 else to do it...and insomma then i went near ach n paws...yes i moved alot during d meeting xD and insomma i felt God tell me to go talk to some1 so like i did since i didn't do d first thing and at first i thought it was for nothing but then i realised that d person learnt from wat i told them :) so that made me happy :) but then again...i went somewere else to worship n again..i felt God ask me to do something and im like come on! y me!! i mean God only started to talk to me properly like a mnth ago n sometimes He just doesnt stop..i mean i cant complain..its cute but like wow! hehe..n insomma i felt weird doing wat he asked so i decided it wasnt from Him n left it at that..but i knew i would be d only person hu could rlly do this so it was like eating me inside..u no how? n insomma d talk came n we all sat n d talk was bout how we should always obey wat God asks us to do..n i didnt no d talk was bout this and i was like illa! God has been doing this with me threwout d whole meeting xD..n insomma d talk finished n it was rlly nice! proset sam! n insomma after d talk they said any1 hu never gave there life to God properly get up if u want n d person near u will pray with u...n i just lloked at this person n God sed go now! n i just shot out of my place cos i was all jazzed up botu doing wat God wanted and insomma i prayed with this person n she told me some things n we prayed together n it felt so good working for God n i love listening to Him its so cool!! i mean ive been waiting for Him to speak to me for 2 n a half yrs! n boy was it worth d wait!! oh n d next day i met d person that i had to do something to but didnt hv d guts to..n i did it hehe :D so i felt better :) hehe..its so cool guys :D anyhu..i talked anough xD so ill leave u put a pic of my new hair style..or not to put a pic :S..hmmm...maybe tom :P
Signing out with hairy cuddles n blessings!!


maria angela said...

waaaaw surely GOD IS AMAZING!!! =D love ya kai!!! and keep servin d Lord wid all ur heart mate!! xxxxx

Matt said...

Just want to say when i read the title this tune popped into my head:
"Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I posess..."
lol, dunno why

Keep digging kai, and cant wait to see the new hairstyle ;P


Rachie said...


Once upon a time in a land of goldenbabies and mooing cows, two girls laughed so loudly that it made the rooster next door jealous.

Kai-ur storytelling is very... original

see I commented =P