Friday, February 29, 2008

Minus or plus? :S

Hello my children!! hehe..yes im gonna start saying that on my blog too :P guys im having my first not-so-happy single moment which im happy that i didnt come early but 2mnths later..well almost 3 mnths but anyhu xD
so im not missing a guy or am feeling alone...thats not me anymore..i dont do that cos i find it offence..but hekk i dont not feeling like "me" atm..i dont think it has anything to do with my single life but hekk i dont feel like im myself feeling quite left out cos i dont no were i shuld be..i mean thats been coming to me for a while now but hekk...i dont no my place and were God wants me to work..and i no he wants me to work cos he keeps sending ppl at me..and i love i honestly love it...i just love helping ppl so much!!! but hekk i dont no...there is something so not right with me atm...i think i no wat it is but cant rlly say it cos i dont no how :S hehe all i ask from u is ur prayers...just pray for me to focus and concentrate pls :D...
On a nicer note..hehe..i finished my mocs :D WOOOT!! hehe and and D MIME CAME AMAZING!!!!!!!! it was so weird...for d first time ever...all i did during d mime was PRAY and it was so cool...d only thing i remember i was doing was tearing Zoe's t-shirt cos it wouldnt come off xD otherwise..i dont think it was me...i dont remember walking..i dont no how i did! cos my shoe was sliding off but hekk it just went it to place somehow...i feel like some1 was totally guiding me :D hehe so cool..guys we hv to work for God cos He really wants us to and its so cooooooooool!!!! :D hehe
anyhu i leave u children!!...i post pretty video for u to enjoy..
p.s...d drummer looks like gruppetta over here xD

for d lyrics...which i never read...but ill read now ...

Signing out with working cuddles and blessings!!


Simon said...

loool...u worte woot...i did effect u in some way after all...
dnt wry kai, everyoine goes through the feeling of not knowing exactly what He wants...I'm going through one right mean,,, im going to do an...ill write a blog...not to fill your comments with my rants. :)
ill pray for u.

Rachie said...

ok look I commented, happy now? I like the vid.
Yes, the mime was rly gd, yes we finished mocks *w00t* (did u know that was voted the word of 2007), and yes I know what you mean.