Sunday, February 17, 2008

To mission or not to mission??

Hey guys...Slum survivors over and all the slummers r either asleep or having a nice wanted warm shower d time which i spent with them it occured to me that all i wanted to do was help out. i mean i went everyday and made it a point to stay for a while and hekk i rly enjoyed just being with the slummers hehe....and d thing is at night i couldn't help but think bout how they r doing and if they r ok..infact im dead tired cos i didnt sleep well these past 2 nights, i was actually thinking of staying with them last night cos Cara had suggested it XD...and insomma it occured to me like if i enjoyed helping them and stuff like that y have i never considered any form of missionary work and stuff like that?.well probably cos i cant live without so much food..not cos like omg i cant live..but cos i hv a low blood pressure and if i dont hv a swt or something every so often ill faint or feel horrible basically..and probably another reason would be that i get sick rlly quickly..and i dont think ill survive w/o a proper bathroom xD hehe i pee too much xD ask my school friends and theyll tell u how much i pee XD guys pray 4 me...God knows wats gonna happen ta..its just i havent recieved and sms' from Him telling me wat gonna happen XD hehe
Well i think im off to sleep now cos im dead tired and im falling asleep on d keyboard xD...well sleep until my baby cousin comes over and starts screaming in my ear xD hehe

Signing out with tired cuddles and blessings


Rachie said...

Kai, u pee :P
Yeah I get wat u mean, totally sucked when that guy was filming us doing nothing cos i really wanted to help xD

re:low blood pressure, God can fix anything, so its not a problem =P annd wat was I gna say... personally I couldnt be a missionary for other reasons, and I'd rather work from home and branch out. There are all those sayings "such-and-such begins in the home". With so many of them circulating the world, they must have some truth in them xP

Back to the rlly good religion notes I borrowed =P... (ps I have a clue ttyt)

xxx achie

p.s. My dreams this weekend revolved around waking up in a slum, ur not alone.

Rachie said...

cheese that was a long one =O

Ben said...

kai... that is ur cross so dont worry abt blood pressure if you look around many people who impact the world have something bad.. jim yost partial blind xeba malaria go gismu, brotehr andrew back pains, someone you know has diabetes , another missionary i know has the same.. the guy of palnet shakers is on the verge of dying... the pint is its not what we suffer from but who our God is... he is God of the impossible and if you believe la il blood pressure u lanqas jekk jaqtawlek idejk saqajk u rasee bara and hell do mircales trough you

Zoe said...

I feeel the same Kai i couldnt eat all wkend i just felt guilty when i did! and i still do coz i guess i finally realised what its like to live like that i mean seeing them talking to the slummers and all... and as rache says "thank God 4 your bed" coz we rly take these things for granted = S
i want to do missionary work...but im just too scared that something will happen if i do.
i guess it's something else we have to work on together...and maybe we'll be rdy to go to soul survivor Africa one day ><
God bless xx