Thursday, March 20, 2008

What if its Him?

hey guys n i havent been myself...i mean everythings normal ta but i just felt like i wasnt being myself...n insomma i was talking to Jesus bout it and i was telling him no he is there..n i no he loves me...n i no he knows me more than any1...and like i no d basics...but there is still something missing n for these past 2 weeks ive been trying to find this missing something! n its been killing me...n thats y i havent been me...n insomma i called this thing my missing link..thats y on my pm on msn it was *missing link*...and insomma at first i thought i found it was basically d solution of one of my problems atm...but it wasnt working at all...i mean i still hv this problem n i thought that d missing link was d answer to this problem which i thought will soon be coming..n didnt...n today iwas talking to Achie on msn and telling her im confused...cos like she n bob r d only one's i rlly talked bout it to...n she sent me this link of this funny clip on you tube to cheer me up...n i just knew that with this link something was gonna happen..i knw God wouldn't let this opportunity pass...and sure enough he didnt...after i laughed a bit at this clip...d first song on d side struck i clicked on was called..God speaking..and i was like ok?...i no uve been speaking to me lately..but wat this bout?..n like He told me to be silent n c i did..n im telling u by d end of it i was just crying...n calling out to God! it just rlly impressed me guys...n it just clicked...wat i was missing was God's Love...i had d knowledge..but i didnt hv d love!...its like u hv d equation but u also need a solution kinda thing...n hekk it clciked...n its so amazing!...u no tom he is gonna give his only son for us again!!..guys u dont no how happy im feeling atm...i found my missing link but its as if i found God again! God rlly loves me guys...n it rlly makes me smile now..n like u no He rlly nows us? d song it says...
have u ever heard a love song that set ur spirit free?
have u ever watched a sunrise and felt u could not breathe?
What if its Him? wat if it's God speaking?
have u ever cried a tear that u could not explain?
have u ever met a stranger that already knew ur name?
...and hekk it struck me..n later it expalins how he just uses anything to show us that he loves us...and hekk he just uses anything that he nows will strike us to show us that he loves us..and he wouldnt be able to do this unless he rlly knew u would no how to get d attention of ur best to show them that u need them...or a "code" between u 2 cos u no eachother...n God does d same..n d more we get close to him d more he shows us...cos we get to no him so its like more a best friend "code thing" and its so cool!! ah im rlly blabbing!! ill just leave u to d song now hehe...enjoy...

Signing out with lovable cuddles and blessings!! xxx


Rachie said...

I'm talking abt this on msn.. why do u make me comment?? pfft the things i do.. *sigh*

rache said...

How cute kai, He really does speak to us in funny ways =/

BeCk said...

its amazin isnt it how many wayz God will use to tell us that He loves us heh...sometimes strange but alwayz amazing ye... :D

Anonymous said...

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