Sunday, June 22, 2008

a week later...

hey guys...a week has passed since my last outreach thing and i just wanted to update u xD...ok so if i want i hv d moeny for outreach...praise God d moeny has turned up but unfortunately i m still stuck in malta due to d fact that my parents concent is out d window atm and unless they let me i can forget yes....God isnt making this any easier for me xD and i dont blame him hehe...taking a step in faith requires yes...

prayers are requested :D hehe
on a easier season has begun and i've attended my first social this yr..which was of st.aloy...brilliant i must say..and i must admit...y4j ppl r taking over every social this yr xD its hilarious...there r atleast 5 y4j ppl going to almost every social :D heeh cos we rock ^^ but that aside...i rlly enjoyed it :) so lets c if the other social will beat this one xD

oh and also i finally no wat God wants me to do in life..its hard..and im keeping it to myself for now..but id like to be kept in ur prayers pls cos its quite hard for me to do hehe..ill leave u now :P

Signing off with hard cuddles and blessings xxxx

Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Outreach or not to Outreach?

That is the qs xD hehe
hi guys! sry i havent blogged in ages but im lazy so leave me alone xP so basically yest. i went to community right? and i rlly enjoyed myself but like wen John was saying like wats happening next week and he talked abuot rehersals i was like, "i should be there" and like its weird cos i always had it in mind to come to outreach but i never rlly concidered it cos of money issues...then mike started bugging me about it :P XD and like telling me to stop being negative..and then on d way home i saw this billboard saying, "expect the unexpected" xD so im like "ok God...its up to u-u want me to having faith that u will provide" so ok guys..i need ur prayers! cos im thinking i hv to go xD and nothing will stop me cos im being positive :D hehe weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so prayers! and any donations will be greatly appreciated but i doubt there will be XD but hey...cant a girl dream :P o=)
in other news...the 747 videos began last week...for any1 hu wishes to go and also im addicted to gossip girl XD im watching d last episode and next week i think ill either start lost or heros...not sure....any comments :P XD and summers gr8 btw for any of u hu r still studying :P HANG IN THERE XD ur in me prayers ;)
oh! and also...this week i was going through my sms' cos like i need to delete alot xD cos i hv absolutely no space and i was reading through d messages and there were some rlly sweet ones and i rlly wanna thank u all for u sms cos they r rlly swt :) and it reminded me of how gr8 my friends are =) and also i had some sms from troubled friends and stuff and i realised how things rlly hv changed and hekk it makes me think how God has such an effect on our take a minute to look bk on how God has rlly changed u just in this past yr :) *minute of thinking* off hunnies xD
Signing out with Blessing blessings and cuddles xD xxxx