Sunday, October 19, 2008

10 Things I Hate About You

Ello ello ello
welll nothing going on rlly in my life atm....lots of time to think though. Loving JC its like im on a learning holiday xD d only think i hate r d stairs cos i hv to stay going from d basement to d 4th floor and by d second floor i get tired xD my fav. classes are language of philosophy simply cos he lets me take my coffee during d lesson <3 color="#ff0000">logic of philosophy cos its so much fun to work d stuff out xD but anyhu...d purpose of d blog today is cos ive been reflecting on little things ive found out bout myself over d yrs...i came up with 40 constant things that are part of me and how i react to things or wat i like or dont...bla bla bla but im only gonna write 10 cos it reminded me of d film "10 thing i hate bout u" which ive loved since it came out (in 1999) and it was my first to many heath ledger films that i grew to love xD but anyhu...some might no all these points and to others it might be lets get to no kai XD and if u like them i might add some more later xD... *drum role*

  1. I love dancing ---if u dont no that boy u rlly dont no me xD
  2. I constantly change my mind
  3. I trust a lot of ppl with small secrets yet only 1 or 2 with big secrets (if 1 or 2)
  4. I dislike show offs and ppl hu over exacerate/ dramatise things
  5. When I write I always try to put a bit of truth from my life into the story
  6. I'm scared of the dark, bees & cats, yet i love kitten but i wont bring any of them close to my face
  7. I don't really wear make-up, its more like if i feel like ill wear
  8. I hate it when ppl mess up my hair when its up...when its down i dont mind but if its pulled back it honestly frustrates me
  9. I'm alergic to tuna and skimmed milk xD
  10. I constantly look at them time --cant stay without knowing d time

So there u hv it 10 random things bout me xD hate them or love them-there is more were that came from, but anyhu i leave u now with my motto ;

"never regret anything cos everything happens for a reason =)"

Signing out with 10 cuddles and 10 blessings xxx


Rachie said...

who knew all those po-oints? Achie diiid.
Is it true? Uh-huh, I knew i knew i knew-ewwww! :P

Simon said...

one new thing only...
didnt know u wer afraid of the dark...
now i know

rache said...

i think you need to arrange number 6.. GEORGE!! everyone loves him ^^ teehee

^KaI^ said...

i love george but i still wont put him close to my face or carry him so its technically fine