Sunday, November 18, 2007

Casting Crowns..

a pretty song..d best video i found..wish there were nicer ones...hehe

Signing out with frezzing cuddles and blessings...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Growing up...

hey guys n girlies..

sry i havent been posting lately but ive either had nothing to say or didnt no wat to write xD but parents r going abroad this weekend so its just gonna be me n mig at home hehe..they r going to paris to watch benny hinn lucky parents!! but today i had rehersals 4 Kristu Re...d dance is called Free by hillsongs and its rlly nice :D i love it...its coming rly gud!! Also today i had parent's day at school..i thought its my last one but apparently its not xD but it brings us to the pic of d day cos i had to pick which papers im taking 4 my o' anyway...those shoes that u c ontop r my first pair of shoes :) aint i cute :P?? hehe but anyhu...just stating that im rlly growing up quickly and its so weird..ill soon have a job and my school life will be over but my studying wont xD ah!! its just insane...i had all my little memories coming bk to me all d laughs i had in school and some little hws that i used to find rlly difficult in jr school xD and wen we used to play during we just sit and relax and my first crushes hehe and d first time i went out without was like im free xD but anyhu...A LOT has changed since then..A LOT...then i realised how im rlly growing up!!! i mean its already been practically 2 n a half yrs since i converted and it feels like just yest...i feel like im on a boat thats going rlly fast and ur in one place and suddenly ur already in a different place and it just flashed be4 ur eyes..ah sry 4 d depressingness but im just like that today..but off

Signing out with growing cuddles and blessings

Friday, November 2, 2007


i miss it guys..i rlly miss it...ach produced a very nice video..just wanted to put it here :) hehe proset rixu!! mwa

Signing out with achie's producing cuddles and blessings :)