Monday, April 13, 2009


hey guys
so basically...having had my life shaken yest. ive gained a kinda "new perspective" on things. but anyhu...
ok so yest. my doctor told me the strangest of the things he sed is wat ill be focusing on today. He told me that my mind i naturally worrying about something but my reasoning [being so relaxed] isn't letting it. And this litle scenario is causing conflict in my brain and giving me loads of headaches and a rlly bad time.
So basically my head is gonna remain being weird till my mind and reason come to an agreement and settle their little fight. Thing is, it's either gonna end in my finally figuring out what is worrying me so much or d opposite, being immune to my worries.
Yes, this is probably rlly confusing but w/e it is im scared.
Im scared of never finding out wat im worrying bout.
Im scared cos i dont want to be immune to worries.
Im scared that this conflict will never leave and just get worse.
Im scared to no wat im worrying about.
Im scared that watever is in my mind is gonna effect me badly.
Im scared to worry about anything cos it will only make things worse.
Im scared that there is nothing to worry about and its all in mind.
But most of alll im scared cos....

Im scared.

Prayers r asked for pls

Monday, April 6, 2009


ok so ive decided to give u all an update cos i no ur all so interested in my life =) XD and i wanted u to all notice my new sexy template xD
ok so these r things ive discovered about myself and ive adapted to my we go...
*look out for confusion*

  1. reading is fun =o!
  2. it's ok to wear more than 3 colours xD
  3. if u don't like what i say, wear or do...don't complain..just walk away =P
  4. pv= OVER RATED!
  5. which group do i belong to? XD
  6. yellow <3
  7. short hair :'(
  8. financialness = MINUS!
  9. DANCE!! =D
  10. having a big social life does not leave enough time for nerdifying be4 exams!
  11. y4j + community= confusion XD
  12. skirts n legging r d best thing to wear during worship =)
  13. its ok to remain in a relationship beyond 4mnths xD
  14. it seems achie is never going to get out of my life!
  15. yellow ford ka, where art thou?!?!
  16. SUN <3
  17. most of d blogs i want to write end up on d Y4J blog xD
  18. need to start carring a dictionary with me
  19. havent done anything on my to-do list for 2009!!?!
  20. i want my 4th driving lesson pls!!

ok so thats it...sry for confusing u xD

Signing out with 20 updated cuddles and blessings! xxx