Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Good Times

A few months ago I caroled my way though the horrid things that happened just in summer. Some things actually got worse and the summer literally dragged on till the last week of December. BUT! I promised myself that in order to keep my positive side alive I would write 10 good things that happened to me through out the whole year. This was so unbelievably hard I was shocked...but I managed =) so here it goes..

1.) I made some really great friends & got closer to some older ones.
2.) I got so much closer to God.
3.) I gave a talk [something I've wanted to do for a really long time]
4.) My baby cousin was born - Bettina <3
5.) I had a great time at Soul Survivor.
6.) Zoe came back to Malta (:
7.) My true friends were really there for me when I needed them.
8.) I had 3 amazing live-ins [G.G, Approaching The Throne, I <3>
9.) God used me in ways I never thought could be done.
10.) I finally made friends with my father.

So yes these are my 10..not in any particular order but looking at them makes me think that the disaster of the year I had was not that bad just because I gained those 10 things. So I thank you all for being my friends and being there for me.
I promise I try hard to truly and really love you all =)

Signing out with 10 positive cuddles and blessings xxx

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I did this Christmas...

Wow this feels weird..haven't blogged here in a while. To be fair my computer has been living on it's last string for a long time and I'm literally waiting for it to implode now.

So yesterday was CLISTMAS! =D ^^ For those of you that have been around me during this festive season should have heard me singing my Christmas anthem of this year - if you haven't, it means you haven't paid attention to me so SHAME ON YOU! - and the song is..
"Last Christmas I gave you my heart
and the very next day you gave it away.
This year, to save me from tears
I gave it to someone specialer!" ^^
Let me explain to you why this was this years anthem.
Well for the last few years I haven't exactly been single for Christmas and even if I was, the mentality of my mind was to find a guy a.s.a.p and I thank God so much that this year is different. If you know me well, you'd know I've really been trying to break out of my mentality that I need a guy in my life to be happy and I'm trying to focus on just being single and just enjoying leaning on God because after all, He is the only guy who won't break my heart. Which is the point of the song. Last year I willingly gave my heart to a boy and this year I gave my heart to God. Every year that I've been a christian I've always tried to give my heart to God but there was always the chaos of Christmas and stuff but this year was totally different.
This Christmas eve I went home after mass and I was there from 11pm-1am just me alone in my house and I finally managed to really and truly offer my heart up to God [and tell Him happy birthday in peace and quiet :P]. It felt really weird because I felt that my heart was so broken so dirty so not pure that God really deserved such a more epic present, but guys, that's all He wants. Our heart is who we are. It's what motivates us, it's what makes our purest decisions. Without it we are not ourselves.
So yes...the point of this is to encourage you to do the same. Christmas is over now but the new year is still to come.
I've shared my experience.
I hope you can have a similar one =)

Signing out with heartful cuddles and blessings xxx

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Did we really have summer?

ok so school's back in and its really weird cos I honestly feel like I never left. Kinda like summer just never happened ><>ok so let me explain...i just wanted u all to know how weird i found out my body basically after lots of tests and stuff my doctors finally figured out that most of my illnesses/allergies/random weird reactions come from stress ><

So apparently since I'm such a relaxed person on the outside my stress and emotions don't really come out and I don't really have a stress reliever so my body reacts to stress by mentally and physically killing me. So yes, my body's logic is to cause me pain to get rid of stress which evidentally causes more brain sucks ><
Recently I've been figuring out that because my summer was so horrible and because I haven't really expressed how I truly felt about everything that's happened, my body is hiding my memories of this's really anything that I try remember that would hurt me to remember this summer is not coming up! It's taking me forever to remember anything about this summer!
And also, another thing I figured out my body is doing is, that it's controlling my character like I'm naturally clinging onto random people so that I won't have to think about anything and just be happy because I feel safe with them...or I'm automatically turning my head and ignoring people out of pure fear that they might remind me of summer and it's scary because my mind will literally NOT let me talk to them(but in cases were I've had to its just been horribly awkward and frightening)...or...and this is the scariest one...if my mind isn't sure if the person is good or bad for just immediately goes blank for those 5 looong seconds and then I either jump on the person or look away- just till my mind decides - and i rlly think im scaring ppl...and I promise I don't mean to...but it's how my body is reacting till everything cools this blog is a pure apology to anyone I'm ignoring or annoying or clinging to at the moment =)

P.S: I have a CT scan and a signed certificate from a Neurologist stating that I'm not clinically insane by saying all that I've said in this blog xD good night...

Signing out with jumping cuddles and blessings xxx

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

12 Days of Summer

Taken from the famous "The 12 Days Of Christmas" I have summed up my summer...

1 Funeral
2 Break-ups
3 Nights in a hospital bed
4 Hospital visits
5 Mourning people in my house
6 Sunny days spent at the beach out of all summer
7 Working days at Hilton
8 Day vacation - cancelled
9 Weeks of recovery from an operation
10 Approximate full days that I've seen my brother all summer
11 Weeks of studying for a resit
12 Sick visits from the doctor

I write this list out of psycotic humour...go with it

Signing off with 12 cuddles and blessings xxx

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The List

ok so today i was looking at my list of things to do in '09, and realised that a lot of things change. Basically in January I write a list of things that i want to do throughout the year, I do this because otherwise I'll do nothing xD Insomma, today I was looking at it and after ticking off a lot of things I realised that a lot of things I actually don't want to do anymore or found out I can't do this year anyway. Through all this I realised how easily things change and how you just have to seize the moment 'cos so much changes so fast its incredible!So yes, I'm determined on finishing my list as soon as possible and keep my septemebr extremely full xD Oh and I'm employed xD with yellow pages <3> end this blog i just want to ask...
Anyone want to go canoe-ing with me o=)?

Signing off with lists full of cuddles and blessings!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Books that are of real.

So, after some time of messing up and just rummaging through old scripts, by the grace of God I've started a new one.

I'm only in the first chapter here but to be honest till now it looks quite nice (:
Very curious to just skip to the end and see what happens but hey thats just in my nature.
All I know is that I've put the romance novels away for a while and this seems to be quite the adventure story.
Who knows? Maybe they'll be a little bit of romance at the end.
But to be honest, I'm happy, I couldn't care less about that stuff at the moment, living everyday as it comes in the freedom of Christ.
I've handed over the pen to a new author.
He's name is Jesus.
I hope you like He's writing, 'cause I know I'm sure as hell enjoying it (:

Signing out with cheering cuddles and blessings xxx

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bitter Batter Better

Good, Better, Best. May you never rest, till you're Good gets Better and your Better gets Best (:

I dunno about you guys but at St.Michael's we used to sing that a lot in Jr.5 and I remembered it today ^^
Ok so, I've decided to be that little more positive in my life and try do a random act of kindness everyday. Not just hekk but like to better myself and to be nicer to people in general 'cause I noticed I'm tending to the more agressive angry side of life atm.
Also, I've created a book where, each night before I go to bed, I am going to write 3 positive things that happened to me during that day. I have to come up with 3, even on a really horrible day I am not going to let myself skip a day! BUT! I can only write 3 to keep myself humble and to balance things out. Whoever wants to take my idea is more than welcome and that is, after all, why I am blogging about it!

Also, I'd really appreciate it if u visit this site. The girl has been a friend of mine for 6yrs and I'm sure you can spare 2 euros of your credit to help her walk again (: so yes, let that be your random act of kindness for today ^^

Signing out with ARK cuddles and Blessings xxx

Monday, July 6, 2009


The love He has for me is strong,

yet I know I love Him too.
Atleast, in the way only a human can love.
For His love is eternal.
His love is pure.

I lift my hands and worship,
think of my past sins.
Think of what I have to give up.
I want to live for Him.

The feelings I have are true.
The feelings I have are strong,
in You alone Lord.
Me and Him walking on our journey...

Lord, I want to be your servant.
I pray,
I want to be your best friend.
You are my Salvation.

So I lift my hands and say,
"I'm ready for you."
With hands burning, tears falling, a blank mind and willing heart,
I give it up to God.

No need for tears.
No need for screams.
No need for laughs.
He's here, within me.

Where He was.
Where He' always been.
Where He always will be.
Renewed in my life, always and forever!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chapters, Books and Screen Plays turning into Scripts

I'm trying to close a chapter in my life but hv no idea how to write the ending;
tbh im not even sure if i should end the chapter or just plainly end the book, to just let everything go. Start a new book and just play a new character.
All I know is - i want to start a fresh.
I want the excitement of life to come back to me.
I want to take off that old dirty mask and just leave it on the table and pile the new pretty yellow costumes ontop of it.
I want to leave the drama of the old book in the old book and never have to bring it up again.
I want the bring new friendship through the characters and dust off some of the old ones.
I want to project my best features and leave the horrible ones to be eaten by the mice backstage.
I want to go out there and show everyone the best that I can be.
But most of all I want to reflect the Son.
The main character in my script.
I pray He'll always be the main and never in the wings (unless he has a quick change XD)

and yes...i no my book has turned into a script but what can i say...I'm a performer ><

Signing out with theatrical blessings and cuddles xxx

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

20 things I learnt under the knife...

1. Ultrasounds are cooool!
2. It can be really hard to find a surgeon on a Friday night ><
3. "O.k you're going to feel a bit sleepy soon"
"how long will it take for me to feel...woooooo zzzzzzz"
4. Morphine is my friend ^^
5. I shiver frantically for an hr after surgery.
6. I realised why they ask so many questions before surgery.
7. Anestesia is not my friend ><
8. Learnt how it really feels to actually really throw up water xD
9. The gown they give you is actually quite comfy.
10. Drip = Bessie <3
11. 2 injections + 1 arm = MASSIVE YELLOW,GREEN & RED BRUISE ><
12. Pissing the food that Bessie gave me gives a smooth feeling.
13. We really use our abs more than we think.
14. I do not sleep well unless I'm on my side.
15. If you don't eat and keep your food, the hospital will not discharge you 0.o
16. My friends have officially seen me at my worst.
17. When something internally touches your abdominal area, your intestine's shut down.
18. They encourage you to fart after surgery xD
19. When you look dead and beaten up, your baby cousin will be scared of you ><
20. All that pain for a 5CM appendix ><

oh and...when they see free fluid running aorund in you abdomen...your screwed xD

Signing off with surgical cuddles and blessings!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yellow flowers and Blue rainbows

I'm sitting here,crouched.
NO! what did we say...postive things only...dont mention your pain ><
Fineeee, sitting here, listening to disney songs and realising that i have asolutely nothing to do.
What did i just say?
I have decided to try get my positiveness back and be me finding it kinda hard cos im used to d negativity..and feelign sorry for myself. *and zip-a-dee-doo-dah just came on xD*
But like I've realised that the more negative you are about the negative things going on in your life the worse your gonna make it you no?

-ve + -ve = double -vitiy
+ve + -ve= neautral action
so in actual fact its always better to try make soemthign positive even if you feel its impossible.
Now I started reading a book Steve gave me its bout positive thinking and I know that will get me back on track =) and look I'm already getting there..
I really wanna genuinely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me in your prayers and wishing me better and coming to visit me and sending me sms or fb messages or phoning...anything and everything helped so much =) I am honestly truly grateful for my friends..and I must admit that even though my whole bday was a friends still managed to make it special and i am eternally grateful for ALL OF YOU!

Next blog will be all about my freaky experience in a hospital...i might just vlog it =P XD
IF..your lucky ;)

Signing out with massive individual cuddles, blessings and smushes! <3

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


No..I don't need special hugs. Tbh I don't really want hugs at all at the moment.
Wow, my Blog has completely turned pessimistic.
Hmph.. I think I've lost Kai.
Incedible, how since my Bday nothings really gone my way. the word I'd use to describe how I feel atm.
Interesting, is what you feel when you realise that you've put on a mask.
Sigh..there isn't much to undersatnd here.
Happiness, hasn't been in my vocab for a while now.

I don't really know what's wrong tbh I'm still trying to figure it out..

But till then...

I'm out

Sunday, May 31, 2009

i mean SERIOUSLY?!? can my bday GET any worse?!

bleh..this is a rant so if your not in the mood of hearing me being emo then im warning u to just shut the window from now >< ok so I knew my bday wasnt gonna be anything special but i didnt think it was gonna be BAD! so..lets start shall we?
Sunday Lunch
my mum being d sweetherat that she is tried to organise something for my bday with the family and stuff but no1 could we sed uwijja well just go c my nanna instead and well get some sushi take away..wat happens? the sushi place doesnt open for sunday we sed ok lets try chinese..same we ended up with a pizza..ok np..until the pizza isnt rlly gud and its given me a bloody tummy ache >< so im not gonna enjoy any cake for the rest of the day

Let's Talk about Cake
So my mum wanted to make me a prety cake...once she starts making it the mixer explodes so bought cake it is >< i mean come u believe it?! XD

Saturday Before
This was the day wen everyone was telling my mum that they couldnt come for sunday lunch so my moral was already low. once the evening came along I had my uncle's retirement party so i knew i wouldnt be going out so i sed ok..lets just dress up and hv some free alcohol. At the party my mum tells me i can leave a bit to go c my friends..ok sounds gud..enjoy some of my bday weekend with my friends...that should be gud right?! WRONG! i hardly even spoke to some of my friends..some ppl just pissed me off so much that i just left. So i went off with Matt...what happens? i get the most crushing news in the ye my night is fucked..cant be salvagged.

Friday Night
so the plan is to go out with my friends and have a night out...but wats this?! whats been invented..SAC FEST! perfect..all my friends are there and im stuck at home perfect..atleast Hillary came for an hour and we talked..i admit..that was nice :) - 1 good thing *woot*

So tom. the actual day which is suppost to be all perfect...i hv to spend my day in my room studying pure maths for my exam the next day. But wait! thats not the only part of it! I cant even celebrate my bday next u know y?
Beer olympics on friday..also..youthful worship..and of course Sat and Sunday i hv two whole days of yes ofcourse..i hv so much time to actually meet with my friends and get a little extra love...IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!?!

So besides all this i find out one of my relatives might not make it to next week.
They found cancer in 2 of my friends relatives.
I lost some1 i really love.
MY cousin went missing this morning.
My wellies arent coming for yet another month ><
I have so much to think about that i cant even study anymore so im gonna fail!
Oh ye..and i cant take the course i want cos of the screwed up maltese future now either?!
pls note there is more..but cant be mentioned cos its personal.. not signing out with any cuddles or blessings...just a quick NOT mention anything to me this week unless its positive..i dont want to hear it..i cant take it anymore!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


As everyone seems to be oging insane...I think its the best time to take advantage of this this o=) know you want to =P

Today Ive written 3 letters
And i think that's the only thing that matters.
Ive got knowledge coming out of my ears
But i think i'd like to stick it up some1's rear.
Im feeling sick and tired
and i've officially decided that its time to be retired.

Bubblesticks and candyfloss,
Angels wings are never a loss.
Yellow doves and Blue shot glasses
Are things that should not go up ur asses.

John mayer is taking his toll on me
And im very worried that im gonna get stung by a bee.
Im in dire need of some awesome wellies
but all i keep seeing are my teachers bellies ><
Cutting my hair this weekend
Not sure on were to let the length end.

Bubblesticks and candyfloss,
Angels wings are never a loss.
Yellow doves and Blue shot glasses
Are things that should not go up ur asses

I think its time to say goodbye.
But my skirt is stuck and i can't unzip my fly ><
So i'll wave and sign off.
Another awesome update? *cough*
I Think my creative side is getting the better of me.
It's definately time to hv some tea!

Signing off with Poetic blessings and cuddles xxx

Sunday, May 17, 2009


ok so yes...i'm dying from all these studies!

But Kai there rlly isn't all that much, you just have to actually study and not do other things.
THERE IS ALOT OK?!?! we're talking A-LEVEL here! xP
Fine. OK. Whatever you say...but seriously...this isn't what we want to blog about is it?
No -.-' i dont think so...
Good girl =) now...
What >< ?
I want my new yellow hoodie first o=)
Fine! Come on, hurry it up
OK I'm done^^
*sigh* As I was saying, stress...exa-
Do you mind!?!? I'm trying to Blog here?!?
But ranting about these things isn't entertaining. Can we talk about something else like...i dont know...missing Krissie...or buying those gorgeous yellow wellies?!?!
We are trying to express our feelings here not update the readers, it my time to rant. Let me!
NO! I have as much say in this as you do and I think we should talk about how awesome Y4J was last night ^^ or how hilarious the Eurovision was XD
Stop it! I know what you're doing! I'm the smart one here! ACCESS DENIED!
I'm merely stating that I think that the dress I bought yest. for the wedding is completely gorgeous that's all...I didn't mean anythign by it i promise...i want olives =(
IIII am merely stating that YOU are a peasant. Now shut up! As I was trying to say before I was RUDELY interupted, exams start in 8 days but it's not really the point.
Then get to the point! ma! you take forever to say something!
*rolls eyes* Exams aren't really the main thing that are stressing me out at the moment.
Is it the fact that you start work at Hilton the day after you finish exams?
Or is because your family is driving you insane?
Well kinda..but no!
Is it cos you've been with Matt for 5months and your still not sick of him?
Goh! No!
UH! It's cos you're Ipod imploded isn't it?
Really? not that? How about the fact that you started private lesson last week and you were 30mins late to your first lesson and you gave off a horrible impression?
No =) not until I hit the, is it because you finally realised what Jesus wants you to do and it's kinda freaking you out?
Yes! Now let me explain.
OK I'll shut up now. But I must say the blue and yellow make the blog look green =(
You are so trying my patience here! So, yes...erm...basically what she said but I'd like to add a "please pray for me" and a "if you feel God telling you ANYTHING that concerns me, I want to know, even if its insane ok?"
OK ^^
Sorry =(
*rolls eyes*
Are we done yet?
Yes =) Anythign you want to add before we sign out?
Ermmm...*looks around the room* I want yellow shoes? o=)
*shakes head in disapproval* OK so we're signing off wit-
I wanna say it =(
Signing off with blue and yellow cuddles! xxxx

P.S THAT's how you update a Blog =] XD

Monday, April 13, 2009


hey guys
so basically...having had my life shaken yest. ive gained a kinda "new perspective" on things. but anyhu...
ok so yest. my doctor told me the strangest of the things he sed is wat ill be focusing on today. He told me that my mind i naturally worrying about something but my reasoning [being so relaxed] isn't letting it. And this litle scenario is causing conflict in my brain and giving me loads of headaches and a rlly bad time.
So basically my head is gonna remain being weird till my mind and reason come to an agreement and settle their little fight. Thing is, it's either gonna end in my finally figuring out what is worrying me so much or d opposite, being immune to my worries.
Yes, this is probably rlly confusing but w/e it is im scared.
Im scared of never finding out wat im worrying bout.
Im scared cos i dont want to be immune to worries.
Im scared that this conflict will never leave and just get worse.
Im scared to no wat im worrying about.
Im scared that watever is in my mind is gonna effect me badly.
Im scared to worry about anything cos it will only make things worse.
Im scared that there is nothing to worry about and its all in mind.
But most of alll im scared cos....

Im scared.

Prayers r asked for pls

Monday, April 6, 2009


ok so ive decided to give u all an update cos i no ur all so interested in my life =) XD and i wanted u to all notice my new sexy template xD
ok so these r things ive discovered about myself and ive adapted to my we go...
*look out for confusion*

  1. reading is fun =o!
  2. it's ok to wear more than 3 colours xD
  3. if u don't like what i say, wear or do...don't complain..just walk away =P
  4. pv= OVER RATED!
  5. which group do i belong to? XD
  6. yellow <3
  7. short hair :'(
  8. financialness = MINUS!
  9. DANCE!! =D
  10. having a big social life does not leave enough time for nerdifying be4 exams!
  11. y4j + community= confusion XD
  12. skirts n legging r d best thing to wear during worship =)
  13. its ok to remain in a relationship beyond 4mnths xD
  14. it seems achie is never going to get out of my life!
  15. yellow ford ka, where art thou?!?!
  16. SUN <3
  17. most of d blogs i want to write end up on d Y4J blog xD
  18. need to start carring a dictionary with me
  19. havent done anything on my to-do list for 2009!!?!
  20. i want my 4th driving lesson pls!!

ok so thats it...sry for confusing u xD

Signing out with 20 updated cuddles and blessings! xxx

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Bell...

ok guys...since u were all mushed out by my last one..i hv to redeem myself...even though ppl did like it :P and some of u just dont no how to do anything but moan xP...since exams are round d corner...i decided to put this one in...wrote it after my physics o-level..enjoy...

The Bell

The tension in the room was high and could even be felt by the only person there that didn’t need to be tense. She was talking softly and clearly - making sure she was being heard well so no one could get her into trouble. She clearly stated the instructions as a roar of sound went over the room as each girl put her bag on her lap, opened it and got her stationary and bottle out. They all switched off their mobiles.
Each desk looked cloned. A girl sitting behind the desk with a bottle on the right end corner with two biros next to it.Two sharpened pencils near the biros.
A pencil.
A rubber.
A long ruler.
A short ruler.
And either one or two calculators stacked on each other.
To the left was the white paper indicating her index number as well as her ID card ontop.
She looked at the girls making sure there weren’t any bags opened or any pencil boxes on the desks. She then switched on the fans and asked them if everything was fine. She held the stack of papers up, which were lying on her desk, and started informing the girls that it was ceiled. She then opened it in front of them. All eyes were on the papers, everyone wondering what they had written on them. She held them and put her back on the wall and waited…
The bell went.
It meant that every classroom in that building at that point had a person running around handing the papers out to each and every girl there. Without that bell the exam wouldn’t have commenced. If the bell rang late, the exam would start late. If it rang early, the exam would have finished early. Their time all depended on the efficiency of that bell. Most wondered…wouldn’t it have been better if the bell never went?
The last paper in her hand was down. The woman looked at one of the girls as she didn’t move and devour her paper to start working it. She thought this was weird but went back to her desk to start taking attendance and going round the room to check the ID cards and index numbers.

The girl looked down at her paper, looked out of the window and placed her hands on the paper. She said a little prayer and opened the front page of the examination leaflet. The pictures indicated the things she knew as well as those she didn’t know. She realized that whatever it was she had to answer everything…even if she didn’t know it. Everything she learnt and studied in those three years had to go down on that paper.
She slowly started working, skipping questions she couldn’t understand as well as re-reading questions to make sure she was answering properly. Re-checking calculations as well as her grammar. She went through each question, page, slowly and carefully. She took small breaks to stretch her arms and legs and take a sip of her drink to keep her energy level up. She’d look up in front of her to the blank blue wall and remind herself that she had to finish the paper.
She looked at her watch and calculated the amount of time she had left and checked if she was in time. She realized she was a bit late and went into slight panic but still, she looked at the paper and continued working it out. An hour and a half passed and she was going back to the beginning of the paper to start answering those hard questions that she couldn’t answer in the beginning. She could tell it was just stress as she now found those questions much easier as she read through them more and more.
“5minutes left”, said the woman as she was receiving one of the exam papers from a girl leaving. The girl went into a slightly higher panic but tried remaining calm as she started going over her paper, making sure she didn’t leave anything out. She read over each question and re-read her answers.
The bell rang…it was over…her last chance to try prove herself in that paper was gone as the invigilator said, “Pens down.” All because of the bell…
Signing out with Grade 3 cuddles and blessings xxx

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This post is not as long as it looks! XD

Wow....i havent been on this thing is so long that I actually forgot my password for a few minutes xD but anyhu...i was organising my files on my comp..yes...that bored...and I found the beginning of one of the chapters of the book I was writing...and since I've decided to stop writing it [for personal reasons] I thought I'd i post some of it here.
Basically...remember when I asked all of you to write down what your dream date would be? well basically this is what I used some of them for...
Pls note...that it's not like some amazing thing....its just a piece of a really gossipy book xD plus I started writing this over a yr ago and this it take from the end of chapter 5....i would put all chapter 5 in but its 13pgs long and it will confuse u cos u dont no d whole this is it...

Chapter 5 - Time
This dance went on and on for some time, Rachel wanted Kyle to step up and ask her out but he never got down to doing it. She thought it was because he was scared but in fact Kyle was just waiting for the opportune moment. He really liked her and wanted it to be special. He wanted Rachel to be different to all his other girlfriends so he decided to ask her out in a special way.
The plan was for him to pick her up in his car (he had to include it, he had just started driving) so that they can go meet their friends at their normal café to celebrate Christmas eve together as they normally did. But what was really going to happen was that he was going to ‘accidentally’ miss the road and keep on driving to the beach and take her for a walk. At the beach they would find a few blankets and a thermos with hot chocolate and he’d explain how he wanted to spend the night as just them.

* * *

Christmas Eve finally came around and Kyle picked up Rachel as planned. He was so nervous, he was normally never nervous when asking out a girl but it was different this time. As he was driving, he remained silent as Rachel was doing all the talking. He just kept nodding and in his mind he kept thinking how beautiful she looked. At one point she realized that he missed the turning to the street were the café was.
“Kyle…Kyle snap out of it you just missed the turning for the café’”
He remained stiff and suddenly pulled the breaks and turned the car around. After the noise died down from all the hooting of cars, Rachel looked at Kyle with disappointment.
“Well, if you’re going to drive, then concentrate! You could have killed us! You’re so in the moon sometimes, you know that don’t you?”
“Sorry, I’m not myself today. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again. I promise”
For all time they spent at the café Kyle was silent and all that kept running through his mind was;
Why did I get cold feet?
I ruined everything.
I’m such an idiot.
I’m never going to get the chance again.
On the other side, Rachel had really enjoyed herself but she was worried about Kyle because he wasn’t being himself. On the ride home Kyle was extremely snappy, not in a good mood at all. Rachel just couldn’t understand what was wrong with him. When they came to her house Kyle didn’t switch off the engine so they could spend sometime talking. Rachel just thanked him and left the car. She heard the screeching of the brakes behind her as Kyle’s car rushed off.
She just didn’t know what to do about him. She prayed for around an hour in her room and then decided to put on her robe and start getting ready for bed. She looked out of her window as she thought she heard a car pull up. She couldn’t tell whose car it was because it was raining. Surely enough, less than a minute later, she heard her mobile ring. It was Kyle.
Kyle was outside her door with his mobile in his hand in hopes that she would answer and he would get a second chance to ask her out. She wasn’t answering her mobile and Kyle was thinking about leaving and forgetting the whole thing. But then he heard her door unlocking. When she looked up to see if it was really him she was terribly confused. She saw Kyle drench on her porch with a thermos in his hand. She came out of the house hesitantly to see Kyle’s worried face turn into a smile.
“Can’t believe you still look as pretty as you did this evening, in your robe.”
“Cut the flirting, you mind telling me what on earth happened and what you're doing here?”
Kyle took a long deep breathe and smoke came out of his mouth through the coldness of the air.
“Ok, so the thing is, I prepared the perfect evening just for the two of us. Instead of the café we were suppose to end up on the beach and we’d walk and have a nice chat and at the end of the beach we’d find a blanket with some candles and some hot chocolate in a thermos and at the opportune moment I’d ask you out. But being the idiot that I am, I got cold feet and ruined everything and I came to apologize and I’m wet because after I dropped you off I went to the beach to get my stuff but the only thing I found was this empty thermos.”
“Well at least it still went to good use,” Rachel said as she giggled.
“Very good use, because I also found a used condom...Anyway, as I was walking back it started to pour and I ran to the car but I still got soaked and I decided to come here to ask you out properly. So, Rachel…”
Rachel started moving closer to him, “Will…” and closer, ”you go-“ she put her finger on his mouth to indicate that she wanted him to stop talking. She looked up into those eyes that she loved so much and whispered,
She then leant in for a kiss which Kyle gladly accepted though he was surprised so he took a while to ease himself into the kiss and close his eyes but when he did he just wrapped his arms around her and jumped for joy inside.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Google searches!!

ok so i decided to get down to this googley thing uber busy today but a mood of working so here it goes!

Karla needs medication. [dont u dare laugh xP]
Karla looks like barbie. [other karlas r sexy awesome :P]
Karla says, "Ooooh, pretty!" [omc so me xD]
Karla wants to getcha some lovin' [believe me, that was 1 of d least rude xD...go check 4urself]
Karla does some floor excersizes. [there is a karla on d show hi-5 XD]
Karla hates cameras. [i find that so contradictory to me]
Karla asks Gravitation what he wants to do with their planet. [ok..all karlas r weird]
Karla likes to sleep in d nude. [hilarious XD]
Karla eats a little crow. [disturbin yet found another google meme hu did this 1]
Karla wears super tight shorts! [found a porn star named karla spice xD]
Karla was arrested the same day. [no idea y]
Karla loves you. [honestly i found one that says that xD]


Kai needs help [wat is it with d needs 1s xD :S?]
Kai looks like she belongs in Cuba sipping a Mojito! [i hate mojitos XD note another female kai]
Kai says goodbye. [=(]
Kai wants a popsickle! [youtube vid of a little baby so cute!]
Kai does he love you? [hmmm...i dunno xD]
Kai hates pretentious people who use big words like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [ftw!!! XD i love that word but hate big words xD]
Kai asks, cockily. "Besides, why would she want a fish like you snogging her?" [love it!! XD so it seems kai is a unisex same xD!]
Kai likes ballons [^^ yey]
Kai eats Valentine cupcake. [i want one!]
Kai wears pretty much anything. [cant say d same for me rlly]
Kai loves me. [i found a you aswell but decided to go for d me one]

I Tag :


Signing out with google search blessings and cuddles! xxxx

Saturday, January 3, 2009


XD im soooo sry guys but i just had to put it up! its d sequel and it deserves to be on my blog just as much as d first one did...presenting...Charlie The Unicorn 2! =D...go on u no u want to watch it =P

Signing off with unicorn cuddles and blessings!!