Tuesday, February 19, 2008

King of Hearts??

Hey i no d pic is sucky but i dont got a scanner so bear with it...i drew it hehe...dont tell me how gud it is pls...i dont wanna hear it cos ill get all proud n i dont want that..i did it to explain something and to thank God for doing something for me :) hehe so...d reason for this pic is cos this weekend i gave my hrt to Jesus it all started on Friday night at after a little time of worship n reflection i decided i need to open my bible but i was like im not gonna just randomly open it im gonna look for something and then find something i find first i looked up giving then surrendering and then im like wait no! im having problems with affairs of d hrt atm so ill look up hrt..and i found giving ur hrt to Jesus and i was like cool ill read it...and basically it sed how we shuold give our hrt up and stuff and i was like ye cool i need to do so sick of all this confusion i need a fresh start i was there look at d Eucharist and im thinking..ok..hrm.."God i wanna do this but i kinda dont no how" and i stayed looking in d bible to try n find a clue and im like ok..i cant figure it out...and i got frustrated so i went outside for some fresh air cos i was also hungry so then i decided to go eat with a few others...i wanted to get some help on this one so like i asked Achie then Zoe n then Bob...n like ach sed to just say it and Zoe sed like imagine ur giving it and Bob sed just do it xD
so insomma sat. night came and d plan was to go to d slum at 6 spend time with them and then at 6.30 make my way up to y4j with some others...but d thing is at 7 d archbishop was coming n like i wanted to c Him and so i did hehe..n then Bex gave us a lift up to y4j and i was worried that they would hv finished worship n i wouldnt be able to give my hrt on Sat...but luckily worship was extra long that day..n like i went to d bk and i sat down a bit and just started talking to God and stuff and like then im like i wanna get up and WORSHIP cos God is i got up and i started worshiping and then i just started imagining a bit...and i imagined my hrt like all dirty n blkened and bruised and i imagined myself taking it out and giving it up and like then i imagine God hugging me...and hekk at that moment i got a rush of tinglyness in my hands and hekk it went up my arms and i just couldnt help but spread my hand as far as possible in praise and it was just amazing..i cnt even describe it! just so amazing i truly felt God's Love....and thats how i gave my hrt to Jesus hehe....n they say God isnt real?!?! PFFT!! XD off

Signing out with heartful cuddles n blessings! xxx


Rachie said...

Pretty =)

its all I have to say, ur school leaving bk is draining me =P

btw i think it depends on what kinda person u r.. and wat mood ur in, how its best for u at that moment to truly mean it.

Gbu tc huggz

Matt said...


Simon said...

loool, i laughed like anything seeing matts comment, but its all i have to say too...

Zoe said...

so proud ><

Rachie said...

kai ur such a loser u know =P Think a little and try remember the million times I told you "I love Desperation Band I love Desperation Band!" Dude, I even dedicated a whole blogpost to one of their songs!!!

LOSER!!! pfft, sometimes I wonder how much you actually listen to me =P I do say some interesting stuff every so often! xP

Anonymous said...

hehe...i no i heard of of them but ever got down to listening to them cos im lazy xD and yes sometimes i dont listen..u no me xD u can tell wen im not listening..u no i get quite distracted xD

Maxi said...

:) awww kai .. i really admire u ! i love how u like expressed ur whole experience through ur drawing..cos like that ull never forget it which is awesome !! CONRGRATS!!