Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yellow flowers and Blue rainbows

I'm sitting here,crouched.
NO! what did we say...postive things only...dont mention your pain ><
Fineeee, sitting here, listening to disney songs and realising that i have asolutely nothing to do.
What did i just say?
I have decided to try get my positiveness back and be me finding it kinda hard cos im used to d negativity..and feelign sorry for myself. *and zip-a-dee-doo-dah just came on xD*
But like I've realised that the more negative you are about the negative things going on in your life the worse your gonna make it you no?

-ve + -ve = double -vitiy
+ve + -ve= neautral action
so in actual fact its always better to try make soemthign positive even if you feel its impossible.
Now I started reading a book Steve gave me its bout positive thinking and I know that will get me back on track =) and look I'm already getting there..
I really wanna genuinely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me in your prayers and wishing me better and coming to visit me and sending me sms or fb messages or phoning...anything and everything helped so much =) I am honestly truly grateful for my friends..and I must admit that even though my whole bday was a friends still managed to make it special and i am eternally grateful for ALL OF YOU!

Next blog will be all about my freaky experience in a hospital...i might just vlog it =P XD
IF..your lucky ;)

Signing out with massive individual cuddles, blessings and smushes! <3


MINA said...

any time!
yay for positivity
at least electricity is back today

need anything I'm only 7 minutes away ;)

Steve Diacono said...

I am glad u enjoy the book I gave you luv. I noticed you read chapter one from the 1st few lines of ur blog XD.

keep smiling kai =)

God bless u loads


Rachie said...

Jaq no, don't vlog it. I don't like vlogs anymore.
I'll be singing that all day now, thankies. :P

Simon said...

blog it kai...please..
keep the smiling my dear...

Matt said...

your face is happy :P

Bettina said...

kai's alive!!!=D
nd listening to disney songs yeeeee..dats d way forward!! haha Tc luv gws and we'll keep praying for u! btw r u gna be able to slp on floor at the girly live-in =O??!!

nessa said...

I read it, amazing! Dont just read it it! If u ever want to positive chat, I'm here :D Wen u heal completely we will go pony riding:P

Chrissy said...

Hope you're feeling betterrr =]