Monday, April 6, 2009


ok so ive decided to give u all an update cos i no ur all so interested in my life =) XD and i wanted u to all notice my new sexy template xD
ok so these r things ive discovered about myself and ive adapted to my we go...
*look out for confusion*

  1. reading is fun =o!
  2. it's ok to wear more than 3 colours xD
  3. if u don't like what i say, wear or do...don't complain..just walk away =P
  4. pv= OVER RATED!
  5. which group do i belong to? XD
  6. yellow <3
  7. short hair :'(
  8. financialness = MINUS!
  9. DANCE!! =D
  10. having a big social life does not leave enough time for nerdifying be4 exams!
  11. y4j + community= confusion XD
  12. skirts n legging r d best thing to wear during worship =)
  13. its ok to remain in a relationship beyond 4mnths xD
  14. it seems achie is never going to get out of my life!
  15. yellow ford ka, where art thou?!?!
  16. SUN <3
  17. most of d blogs i want to write end up on d Y4J blog xD
  18. need to start carring a dictionary with me
  19. havent done anything on my to-do list for 2009!!?!
  20. i want my 4th driving lesson pls!!

ok so thats it...sry for confusing u xD

Signing out with 20 updated cuddles and blessings! xxx


Rachie said...

"it seems achie is never going to get out of my life!"

you make it sound like a bad thing :P

^KaI^ said...

i like to tease :P

Zoe said...

Ma woman if people ever say we'r a-like they seriously don't know us..yellow xD we should try wearing each others clothes for a day, I think I'd laugh xD

Simon said...

it says a lot about how my brain works...i didn't get confused.
sun ^^
driving lesson from me will have to wait i'm my car back to my uncle today :(
not sure what u mean exactly with no. 11...but I'm praying for you

Matt said...

The background is sexy indeed. Sexy sexy sexy. XD

nessa said...

10 + 11 =im with you sister :) You should have put a 21 = i heart vanny :D xx