Sunday, May 17, 2009


ok so yes...i'm dying from all these studies!

But Kai there rlly isn't all that much, you just have to actually study and not do other things.
THERE IS ALOT OK?!?! we're talking A-LEVEL here! xP
Fine. OK. Whatever you say...but seriously...this isn't what we want to blog about is it?
No -.-' i dont think so...
Good girl =) now...
What >< ?
I want my new yellow hoodie first o=)
Fine! Come on, hurry it up
OK I'm done^^
*sigh* As I was saying, stress...exa-
Do you mind!?!? I'm trying to Blog here?!?
But ranting about these things isn't entertaining. Can we talk about something else like...i dont know...missing Krissie...or buying those gorgeous yellow wellies?!?!
We are trying to express our feelings here not update the readers, it my time to rant. Let me!
NO! I have as much say in this as you do and I think we should talk about how awesome Y4J was last night ^^ or how hilarious the Eurovision was XD
Stop it! I know what you're doing! I'm the smart one here! ACCESS DENIED!
I'm merely stating that I think that the dress I bought yest. for the wedding is completely gorgeous that's all...I didn't mean anythign by it i promise...i want olives =(
IIII am merely stating that YOU are a peasant. Now shut up! As I was trying to say before I was RUDELY interupted, exams start in 8 days but it's not really the point.
Then get to the point! ma! you take forever to say something!
*rolls eyes* Exams aren't really the main thing that are stressing me out at the moment.
Is it the fact that you start work at Hilton the day after you finish exams?
Or is because your family is driving you insane?
Well kinda..but no!
Is it cos you've been with Matt for 5months and your still not sick of him?
Goh! No!
UH! It's cos you're Ipod imploded isn't it?
Really? not that? How about the fact that you started private lesson last week and you were 30mins late to your first lesson and you gave off a horrible impression?
No =) not until I hit the, is it because you finally realised what Jesus wants you to do and it's kinda freaking you out?
Yes! Now let me explain.
OK I'll shut up now. But I must say the blue and yellow make the blog look green =(
You are so trying my patience here! So, yes...erm...basically what she said but I'd like to add a "please pray for me" and a "if you feel God telling you ANYTHING that concerns me, I want to know, even if its insane ok?"
OK ^^
Sorry =(
*rolls eyes*
Are we done yet?
Yes =) Anythign you want to add before we sign out?
Ermmm...*looks around the room* I want yellow shoes? o=)
*shakes head in disapproval* OK so we're signing off wit-
I wanna say it =(
Signing off with blue and yellow cuddles! xxxx

P.S THAT's how you update a Blog =] XD


Simon said...

very original blog post, my creativity rubbing off on you :P
seriously im impressed.
praying for you

Rachie said...

I identify with the blue one. Mostly cause I don't like yellow.
*huggles* you amuse me xD

Anonymous said...

the blue one was actually d side of me thats kinda like u in a way so ye..i c y u identify with her :P


Krissie said...

*wipes a touched tear away* I miss you too! Sorry I failed you. If God nudges, I'll let you know. And I triiiieeed to buy you yellow UGGs but you wouldn't let me :)
I like the Schiz-ness btw.

Chrissy said...

hahaha best update ever =)

MINA said...

that was thoroughly amazing!!!!!!!!

Matt said...

this is what it's like isn't it... in your head.... :P

Nessa said...

Love it! I want to sit and chat with u for hours on end...xxxx

karla said...

thanks for d awesome comments xD..tnx love to sit and chat with u for hours too :P and yes matt..that is wat goes on insdie... yellow wellies will come in time..God is faithful ^^