Thursday, March 19, 2009

This post is not as long as it looks! XD

Wow....i havent been on this thing is so long that I actually forgot my password for a few minutes xD but anyhu...i was organising my files on my comp..yes...that bored...and I found the beginning of one of the chapters of the book I was writing...and since I've decided to stop writing it [for personal reasons] I thought I'd i post some of it here.
Basically...remember when I asked all of you to write down what your dream date would be? well basically this is what I used some of them for...
Pls note...that it's not like some amazing thing....its just a piece of a really gossipy book xD plus I started writing this over a yr ago and this it take from the end of chapter 5....i would put all chapter 5 in but its 13pgs long and it will confuse u cos u dont no d whole this is it...

Chapter 5 - Time
This dance went on and on for some time, Rachel wanted Kyle to step up and ask her out but he never got down to doing it. She thought it was because he was scared but in fact Kyle was just waiting for the opportune moment. He really liked her and wanted it to be special. He wanted Rachel to be different to all his other girlfriends so he decided to ask her out in a special way.
The plan was for him to pick her up in his car (he had to include it, he had just started driving) so that they can go meet their friends at their normal café to celebrate Christmas eve together as they normally did. But what was really going to happen was that he was going to ‘accidentally’ miss the road and keep on driving to the beach and take her for a walk. At the beach they would find a few blankets and a thermos with hot chocolate and he’d explain how he wanted to spend the night as just them.

* * *

Christmas Eve finally came around and Kyle picked up Rachel as planned. He was so nervous, he was normally never nervous when asking out a girl but it was different this time. As he was driving, he remained silent as Rachel was doing all the talking. He just kept nodding and in his mind he kept thinking how beautiful she looked. At one point she realized that he missed the turning to the street were the café was.
“Kyle…Kyle snap out of it you just missed the turning for the café’”
He remained stiff and suddenly pulled the breaks and turned the car around. After the noise died down from all the hooting of cars, Rachel looked at Kyle with disappointment.
“Well, if you’re going to drive, then concentrate! You could have killed us! You’re so in the moon sometimes, you know that don’t you?”
“Sorry, I’m not myself today. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again. I promise”
For all time they spent at the café Kyle was silent and all that kept running through his mind was;
Why did I get cold feet?
I ruined everything.
I’m such an idiot.
I’m never going to get the chance again.
On the other side, Rachel had really enjoyed herself but she was worried about Kyle because he wasn’t being himself. On the ride home Kyle was extremely snappy, not in a good mood at all. Rachel just couldn’t understand what was wrong with him. When they came to her house Kyle didn’t switch off the engine so they could spend sometime talking. Rachel just thanked him and left the car. She heard the screeching of the brakes behind her as Kyle’s car rushed off.
She just didn’t know what to do about him. She prayed for around an hour in her room and then decided to put on her robe and start getting ready for bed. She looked out of her window as she thought she heard a car pull up. She couldn’t tell whose car it was because it was raining. Surely enough, less than a minute later, she heard her mobile ring. It was Kyle.
Kyle was outside her door with his mobile in his hand in hopes that she would answer and he would get a second chance to ask her out. She wasn’t answering her mobile and Kyle was thinking about leaving and forgetting the whole thing. But then he heard her door unlocking. When she looked up to see if it was really him she was terribly confused. She saw Kyle drench on her porch with a thermos in his hand. She came out of the house hesitantly to see Kyle’s worried face turn into a smile.
“Can’t believe you still look as pretty as you did this evening, in your robe.”
“Cut the flirting, you mind telling me what on earth happened and what you're doing here?”
Kyle took a long deep breathe and smoke came out of his mouth through the coldness of the air.
“Ok, so the thing is, I prepared the perfect evening just for the two of us. Instead of the café we were suppose to end up on the beach and we’d walk and have a nice chat and at the end of the beach we’d find a blanket with some candles and some hot chocolate in a thermos and at the opportune moment I’d ask you out. But being the idiot that I am, I got cold feet and ruined everything and I came to apologize and I’m wet because after I dropped you off I went to the beach to get my stuff but the only thing I found was this empty thermos.”
“Well at least it still went to good use,” Rachel said as she giggled.
“Very good use, because I also found a used condom...Anyway, as I was walking back it started to pour and I ran to the car but I still got soaked and I decided to come here to ask you out properly. So, Rachel…”
Rachel started moving closer to him, “Will…” and closer, ”you go-“ she put her finger on his mouth to indicate that she wanted him to stop talking. She looked up into those eyes that she loved so much and whispered,
She then leant in for a kiss which Kyle gladly accepted though he was surprised so he took a while to ease himself into the kiss and close his eyes but when he did he just wrapped his arms around her and jumped for joy inside.


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Rachie said...

Haven't i read this before? Hmm.. it's very predictable, but then again you wrote it a while ago. Start writing again! (i should too)
(: <3

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that was so lame... :)
like mainstream teenage stuff...
very nice very nice because besides the lameness it kept me reading.. hahahaha

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It oozes with girlyness XD

wonder what you would call this book lol

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kai dnt take note to what they're saying i loved it well done duda =)

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haha me too i luved it kai..u actually made me stop doing hw to read to d end..haha i luv d cheesy ending and the karlaness of it all haha xxxx

Bettina said...

nd admit it guys u all enjoyed reading it deeeep down lol....