Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chapters, Books and Screen Plays turning into Scripts

I'm trying to close a chapter in my life but hv no idea how to write the ending;
tbh im not even sure if i should end the chapter or just plainly end the book, to just let everything go. Start a new book and just play a new character.
All I know is - i want to start a fresh.
I want the excitement of life to come back to me.
I want to take off that old dirty mask and just leave it on the table and pile the new pretty yellow costumes ontop of it.
I want to leave the drama of the old book in the old book and never have to bring it up again.
I want the bring new friendship through the characters and dust off some of the old ones.
I want to project my best features and leave the horrible ones to be eaten by the mice backstage.
I want to go out there and show everyone the best that I can be.
But most of all I want to reflect the Son.
The main character in my script.
I pray He'll always be the main and never in the wings (unless he has a quick change XD)

and yes...i no my book has turned into a script but what can i say...I'm a performer ><

Signing out with theatrical blessings and cuddles xxx


Simon said...

you know my thoughts, but i have a new insight, what if one day, you can only bring someone to the son by reading your old stories to them and showing them how much can change with Him by your side?

nessa said...


MINA said...


your comment on my blog made me feel well loved


from rome

Rachie said...

Not yellow. Please not yellow. If you turn more yellow I'll start walking on the other side of the street.

much love :P

Matt said...

This came to mind: