Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Good Times

A few months ago I caroled my way though the horrid things that happened just in summer. Some things actually got worse and the summer literally dragged on till the last week of December. BUT! I promised myself that in order to keep my positive side alive I would write 10 good things that happened to me through out the whole year. This was so unbelievably hard I was shocked...but I managed =) so here it goes..

1.) I made some really great friends & got closer to some older ones.
2.) I got so much closer to God.
3.) I gave a talk [something I've wanted to do for a really long time]
4.) My baby cousin was born - Bettina <3
5.) I had a great time at Soul Survivor.
6.) Zoe came back to Malta (:
7.) My true friends were really there for me when I needed them.
8.) I had 3 amazing live-ins [G.G, Approaching The Throne, I <3>
9.) God used me in ways I never thought could be done.
10.) I finally made friends with my father.

So yes these are my 10..not in any particular order but looking at them makes me think that the disaster of the year I had was not that bad just because I gained those 10 things. So I thank you all for being my friends and being there for me.
I promise I try hard to truly and really love you all =)

Signing out with 10 positive cuddles and blessings xxx


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MINA said...

you may start loving us by perhaps helping us not be blinded every time we read this blog :P

Gypsy girl said...

Coming back was the best thing ever, I love you more then ever face! x

Simon said...

dearest kai,
a year always has it's ups and downs, our goal should be to look at the overall average and go into next year knowing its going to improve.
im lucky enough to say that i will be with you as we enter 2010, and i know it's going to be a good one, where, if it's possible, i'm going to get to know u better.