Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bitter Batter Better

Good, Better, Best. May you never rest, till you're Good gets Better and your Better gets Best (:

I dunno about you guys but at St.Michael's we used to sing that a lot in Jr.5 and I remembered it today ^^
Ok so, I've decided to be that little more positive in my life and try do a random act of kindness everyday. Not just hekk but like to better myself and to be nicer to people in general 'cause I noticed I'm tending to the more agressive angry side of life atm.
Also, I've created a book where, each night before I go to bed, I am going to write 3 positive things that happened to me during that day. I have to come up with 3, even on a really horrible day I am not going to let myself skip a day! BUT! I can only write 3 to keep myself humble and to balance things out. Whoever wants to take my idea is more than welcome and that is, after all, why I am blogging about it!

Also, I'd really appreciate it if u visit this site. The girl has been a friend of mine for 6yrs and I'm sure you can spare 2 euros of your credit to help her walk again (: so yes, let that be your random act of kindness for today ^^

Signing out with ARK cuddles and Blessings xxx


Simon said...

i like the poem...and dont wry, we can cope with your agressive you better or best

Achie said...

That's actually proven to bring grades up, no joke (: