Tuesday, June 23, 2009

20 things I learnt under the knife...

1. Ultrasounds are cooool!
2. It can be really hard to find a surgeon on a Friday night ><
3. "O.k you're going to feel a bit sleepy soon"
"how long will it take for me to feel...woooooo zzzzzzz"
4. Morphine is my friend ^^
5. I shiver frantically for an hr after surgery.
6. I realised why they ask so many questions before surgery.
7. Anestesia is not my friend ><
8. Learnt how it really feels to actually really throw up water xD
9. The gown they give you is actually quite comfy.
10. Drip = Bessie <3
11. 2 injections + 1 arm = MASSIVE YELLOW,GREEN & RED BRUISE ><
12. Pissing the food that Bessie gave me gives a smooth feeling.
13. We really use our abs more than we think.
14. I do not sleep well unless I'm on my side.
15. If you don't eat and keep your food, the hospital will not discharge you 0.o
16. My friends have officially seen me at my worst.
17. When something internally touches your abdominal area, your intestine's shut down.
18. They encourage you to fart after surgery xD
19. When you look dead and beaten up, your baby cousin will be scared of you ><
20. All that pain for a 5CM appendix ><

oh and...when they see free fluid running aorund in you abdomen...your screwed xD

Signing off with surgical cuddles and blessings!


Drea said...

:) love it kaii xD

Simon said...

cant sleep on my back either

Matt said...

I lolled at 18, just cause i'm used to asking that question myself XD

nessa said...

missed you xD

H1llz said...

And that your friends love you to bits no matter how crappy you look ajma <3