Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hey guys..well im suppost to be studying German atm but i rlly dont feel like!! grr...i start MOCS tom...bleh!!..anyhu...well...lets talk bout my weekend shall we?...fri was rlly boring..d only fun thing was talking to Zoe on d fon for like a long time hehe..luv u pupa...sat sucked big hairy was suppost to be a rlly gud day and every plan made backfired, well another lesson learned from:

"we make plans but the Lord determines our steps..."

it happens to me quite alot actually...i got that quote a few weeks after i converted and i always use it..its quite not in d best of moods at all guys...i actually think im going out a bit for some fresh air..maybe go meet jean and joe on their date xD this is how i felt last night hehe... but interpret it cos its not so easy to realise hehe

something struck me yest at. y4j..u no d talk of GO FISH...d dude said that...eventually everything there isnt a point in caring bout anything of d world...and that can be taken in such a depressing way hehe but it makes sense..we should b constantly praying to get close to God and not ask God for things u no? i think sometimes we can all be pretty selfish..and im d first person to be this way believe me..guys we rlly need to focus on God and he will just move us we r a baby in d trolley and God is our dad pushing d trolley hehe..just enjoy d ride guys and dont get off and push d trolley ur self cos a young child always finds it hard to stir d trolley in d right direction...hope u understood me..hehe..sry that just came to mind know hehe...anyhu..i wanted to leave u with this video..its from d community weekend..its bout this guy hu spent 23 minuted in hell..enjoy... this is d second part..if ur interested go search for d rest on youtube


Simon said...

hey girl...sry u had a bad weekend, mine was ok..but look at me now, i can only speak in squeeks. hoarse

Rob said...

hey kaila, listen...
Jesus loves you ok? dnt ever 4get it! Nd dw He knows what Hes doing in ur life, and i can see Him doing it, ok so dw, Hes not some wacko, coz dats my job =P
God bless you, nd ur in my prayers
Your Bro in Christ

Rachie said...

haha no stress ux, exam went well =)