Friday, February 1, 2008


*relief* i can write this post as long as i want on achie's comp :D hehe
well i want to start off with a HAPPY BDAY to achie,bob nd mig(my bro)..too many bday today...
also i want to add that life has been so hectic these last few days!! AHHHHH!!! mocs coming up soon on d 11th...but this weekennd is all about relaxing and having going to d MARANATHA COMMUNITY WEEKEND...ill be bunking with lara, angie and ester...should be fun ^^ hehe although i promised my mum id still study so im getting some past pprs and my physics file along xD was such A finished at 12 cos d younger forms have mid-yearlies....our classes went as usual..d only diff. was that instead of 9 lessons we had 4 lessons...d first to 2HR long and d other 2 were 50 mins...not so bad...during d science lessons we did our practicals..guys i have 14 marks in d bag for chemie and 13 for bio xD be proud :P lol

well i put this video cos it was d next best thing..i actually wanted devotion but i didnt find it on youtube so i put this ^^ hehe hope u enjoy...
so today i was making achie's card and i was thinking of like how long ive known her and looking bk at life and much time has passed...and till now i still dont regret anything ive done which is awesome...cos d thing is my 2 motos of life or combined..and they go like this
"dont regret anything in life because everything happens for a reason"
and ive always thought and wondered about d day wen i actually say i regret has to be something rlly regretable for me to regret it and thank God till now nothing that bad has happened yet :D
hehe..anyway i should go now...get last things ready for d party tonight
:D hehe

Signing off with devotional cuddles n blessings xxx


Rachel [aka achie] said...

see Im first, cos Im cool :P haha thanks for the card i love it x)

Amy said...

I love u Karlala!!Im always here 4 u!love you lotsss xxx
God Bless xXx

P.S : And im second Ach =P